UNC-Wilmington at Indiana, in-game analysis


  • Seahawks went five minutes between field goals.
  • Crawford through the lane for two.
  • Crawford answers a strong post move from Kulijanin by hitting a long 3.
  • Holman will get a chance to challenge Kulijanin, who is 6-10 and 250 pounds. How ready is the freshman for a physical battle?
  • Eventually, there will be a team with the talent to slow down Eric Gordon. Until then, he’ll produce points most of the time he touches the ball.
  • With that 3, Bassett and Gordon both have 16 heading into the half.

INDIANA 39, UNCW 26 (3:42)

  • Bassett hits a 3 to put Indiana’s lead at nine.
  • Last time these teams met, it was in the NCAA Tournament. This has all the feelings of an NCAA Tournament game, with the lower seeded team coming out energized but eventually being overwhelmed.
  • Sure looked like Gordon initiated that contact, but he’s a star player. He’ll get away with it.
  • Sampson having a long talk with Ellis as Gordon shoots his free throws.
  • Now the Hoosiers are pressing a little bit. D.J. White was up pressuring the ball.
  • Gordon scores another basket off a turnover. He’s got 11. Just like that, he’s got 11.

INDIANA 32, UNCW 26 (5:16)

  • Thomas picks up his second foul of the game. He doesn’t agree. Here’s one thing about Dre: I’m sure if you asked him, he’d say he’s never ever fouled anyone. Ever.
  • The Seahawks have backed off on the full-court pressure.
  • Ellis with a nice look inside to White. He’s a better passer than he’s shown so far this season.

INDIANA 26, UNCW 24 (7:42)

  • The Hoosiers get the lead on an Armon Bassett basket in transition. Eric Gordon’s defense toward the end of the shot clock caused the turnover.
  • Now Lynch, Porter and Sears are at mid-court, and the fans are standing. Porter has the Old Oaken Bucket with him.

UNCW 24, INDIANA 24 (8:18)

  • Lance Stemler playing well, as he’s been able to get his hand in on a few passes and basically handle Hendley a little bit. Hendley started his career at Wake Forest and is now a senior. He’s a nice player.
  • Sampson about as angry with these officials as he has been with an officials during his IU career. Not happy with the calls under the net.
  • Gordon, to the hoop in transition. Lays it in ever so gently.
  • Crawford gets lost behind a scree and Tomko, a freshman, hits a 3.
  • Gordon hits a 3 of his own.
  • Hendley gets away from Stemler that time.
  • Stemler battles hard for the rebound of the Bassett miss, then beats his chest running down the floor to get the crowd in it. This causes him to completely lose Hendley, who misses an open 3 and then isn’t blocked out at all by Stemler and gets his own rebound.
  • Gordon now having his way with the Seahawks’ pressure.

UNCW 18, INDIANA 13 (12:30)

  • Gordon picks up his second foul on a push under the basket away from the ball.
  • Crawford drives and dishes to White for a baseline try, but White’s shot is off.
  • Ellis finds Gordon with a cross-court pass but Gordon misses the 3.
  • Indiana earns a shot-clock violation, thought mostly because Sikes missed the open jumper he had with five seconds left.
  • Bassett knocks down a 3 to pull within five.
  • Bassett with good footwork, draws the charge from Carter.

UNCW 18, INDIANA 8 (14:54)

  • The battle between Thomas and Kulijanin is spirited. Thomas muscles through on one end, Kulijanin works around at the other. Both have been effective, though.
  • Gordon gets to the hole but can’t finish, and the Seahawks buzz up in transition. They’re not afraid to push the ball against these athletic Hoosiers.
  • The Seahawks are having some success with a zone press. Indiana isn’t getting the ball up the court the way it wants to, and the offense is not flowing as it should.

UNCW 9, INDIANA 4 (17:10)

  • Bassett tries a pick and roll with Thomas on the first possession of the game, but his pass is knocked away.
  • On the other end, the Seahawks run an alley-oop play that leads to an easy basket for Todd Hendley.
  • White comes back with a jumper at the other end.
  • Jamarcus Ellis has drawn the duty of guarding UNC-Wilmington’s top scorer, Daniel Foutain.
  • And suddenly the Hoosiers are down 7-2 after a 3-pointer and an easy board and put back for Hendley.
  • Thomas at the other end muscles in for a basket.
  • But the Seahawks keep coming, with Hendley lobbing for center Vladimir Kulijanin. He’s got position and scores.


As the lineups are announced Assembly Hall is about half full.

As expected, the starters for Indiana are: Armon Bassett, Eric Gordon, Jamarcus Ellis, DeAndre Thomas and D.J. White.


Indiana (interim?) football coach Bill Lynch and team captains Tracy Porter and Josiah Sears are here right now, sitting right behind the scorers table.


  1. DeAndre Thomas just missed his first shot of the game, but he’s the lone bright spot right now through five minutes. Eric Gordon hasn’t shot yet, and D.J. White has two.

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