WBB Postgamers, Ark.-PB turned back, 74-56

Indiana’s shooting was much more effective in Tuesday’s win, boosted by a 60.7 percent mark in the first half. And the team won the rebound advantage, a source of pride even if it doesn’t always determine the winner.

The Hoosiers led by 29 twice in the second half, but suffered a lapse in high energy at about the midway point of the period. A 21-9 APB run in about a 10-minute span saw the lead get cut to 17, but there was only 4 minutes to go by then. In that stretch of play, Indiana missed 13 shots, some of them layups, and turned the ball over eight times.

Said IU coach Felisha Leggete-Jack of the second-half lull: “We saw youth. We put our rooks out there and it’s really difficult when they don’t know how I coach. They don’t know really the system per se yet and they’re out there by themselves.”

“We found our way back into our focus…I’m just glad that we’re still in November so that we’ve got a lot of time to improve this team.”

In all, the Hoosiers committed 22 turnovers, and point guard Jamie Braun, afflicted with the shooting woes this time around, was responsible for eight of them. This number is highly uncharacteristic for the sophomore.

I’m not sure of the extent of Kim Roberson’s injury or how long it will have her out. Hopefully, she’ll be back soon enough for Saturday’s road tilt with Ball State, but if she’s not, Coach Jack has got to be pleased to see the performance of Jori Davis in the starter’s role. She said all along her freshmen would play and have an impact, but this kid looks like she’s good to go right now.

Davis seems intent on making something happen every time she touches the ball, gets pumped when something goes well, and even smiled and joshed around with an official that whistled her for a foul on Tuesday when she tried to take a charge at midcourt. She’s acting like a regular fixture on the Big Ten scene, not a rookie, and while eager to answer Coach’s call for her services, takes it in stride, knowing her time to earn her scholarship is rapidly approaching.