What worries you the most for Saturday night?

The Hoosiers face not only their first road test Saturday night, they face a very tough one in Southern Illinois. The Carbondale faithful should be up for this one and it should be a stiff test for the Hoosiers. But after the past week, some notable flaws in the IU armor have been exposed. Which one worries you the most heading into the matchup against the Salukis?

1. IU’s defense: maybe their biggest weakness this season

2. The Hoosiers’ past road woes: Last season, it seemed like IU couldn’t buy a win on the road. Will that trend continue in Kelvin Sampson’s second year?

3. Eric Gordon having an off night: If Gordon’s cold from the perimeter, can the role player’s step up like they did Tuesday?

4. The absence of Jordan Crawford: the spark off the bench will be serving his second of a two-game suspension. Like against Georgia Tech, his play will be missed.

5. Any others?

I’m curious to see what you all think. Should be a great game tomorrow night.


  1. 1 – After attending the two games up here in Chi-town, what concerns me most is the defense. It seems that any team that wants to, can set a high ball screen with DJ’s man and either – a) get a foul on DJ, b) pass to DJ’s man for a dunk, c) penetrate past DJ and score or dish for easy lay-up, or d) pass to DJ’s man who is fouled by the help defender.
    I will be traveling waaaaay down to southern Illinois (literally and figuratively) and hoping that DJ doesn’t hedge the ball screen 5 feet past where he needs to.

    2 – Past road woes are different teams, and this team has no history with which to dwell on that – yet. Let’s hope they play better than they did up north here.

    3 – EJ’s ‘cold’ games of 20-25 pts are just fine

    4 – Crawford’s one-on-five mentality won’t be missed against a disciplined SIU defense.

    5 – In my PS 2K8 college basketball game, Eli Holman is developing nicely. Why isn’t he allowed to play in real life to allow further development there?

  2. What should concern everyone the most is our lack of players.

    This will be a PHYSICAL game which means likely foul trouble. That means a walkon will be playing big minutes I think.

    Maybe Sampson feels different about using all 13 schollys now? He has always said there is no need to fill them all. Well what happens in a situation like this?

    Bassett has the nagging ankle injury as well. What happens if he goes down? Do we play 2 walkons big minutes?

  3. Obviously, and as already mentioned, the defense is questionable. If coach is teaching it, are they just not getting it? The “it’s still early” excuse is slowly fading. I was more impressed with the coaching and defense transitions during the game (i.e. Georgia Tech game) We seemed to recognize and react pretty quickly. If our players could do this on their own, instead of waiting for time outs, then we might be more successful defensively. I agree with Mike P on Crawford’s one on five, McDonald’s all star play. He can be good but needs to realize that there are five on a team. When Eric/Armon and DJ learn to connect on that no look pass we could improve immensely. Mike White was a great addition to our rebounding presence. Hopefully, DJ and Lance take heart with the young guys comments about heart and enthusiasm. This team needs an Eric Suhr to surface. To fire up the troops and play hard. Every opponent always seems to bring their A game and we must hold serve. The B effort will not survive against quality opponents.

  4. Perimiter defense, foul trouble and fatigue.

    The guards ahve to figure out how to stay in front of their man or DJ and company will be riding the pine most of the night trying to protect the rim.

    Somehow DT and MW have to play without fouling every other trip down the court. It will be physical. IU will not get the calls.

    If AJ and Crawford were smart enough to stay eligible I think IU would be playing a three guard lineup this game. They still might play a three guard lineup and somebody will have to play a lot of minutes. Down the stretch it could be ugly.

  5. 1.
    Our defense has been a trouble spot. Our number of guys eligible to suit up could hurt.
    I just hope I don’t get killed by their fans down there.

  6. I’ve said this before, but why not try a zone? As long as we can get back on d, it seems like a zone would be perfect. I learned how to play a 2-3 zone in 6th grade, so it’s obviously not that hard. And with the bigs that southern ill. has, it seems like it would be a pretty good idea. I wonder if KS has given it any thought.


  8. KS has a bunch of film to look at with the team. He also has had time this week to fix what we all agree is a concern, TEAM DEFENSE. After throwing their butts out of practice Sunday, along with suspending JC, I would imagine KS has the teams undivided attention.

  9. Talented team. Getting them to play team ball worries. Mike P said “1 on 5 mentality” & we are. EJ can pull it off, but if playing that we should bring Davis back. Might work if we get offensive rebound/putback. Big men cant handle hot passes down low. Bounce off his head/chest. Need to learn each others style & be alert/confident. Set screens/spread offense/move the ball. Bad defense. Yuk! Offensive kids look to score not guard in high school. KS is trying to get stiff. New team needs to gel in December. Should be fine come January big ten. Go IU.

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