Sampson and White met with reporters after the game.

Though I don’t think Sampson was surprised by the outcome, he may have been dismayed at how easily Xavier out-played the Hoosiers. The more veteran team should be more poised, more efficient, more savvy. But youthful exuberance should have allowed Indiana to at least make a serious push after half time. It never got closer than eight points, though.

White’s performance is obviously the biggest positive for the Hoosiers. He said earlier this week that his rebounding troubles weren’t bothering him, and Sampson also downplayed them. Privately, though, I’m sure there was some discussion of how to get White more involved at both ends of the floor. That took some of his focus away from his role as the leader of this young team. The other senior captain, Lance Stemler, had his struggles early in the year, too. He appears to be back to himself, though, and the next two weeks — which include games with Georgia Tech, Southern Illinois and Kentucky — are so important for this team. White and Stemler will show what type of leadership abilities they have.


  1. I am hearing that IU is going to get hammered by NCAA possibly by tomorrow. Also hearing that Sampson is done at IU. Can you respond to this?

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