Xavier vs. Indiana, in-game analysis (second half)

XAVIER 76, INDIANA 63 (55.4)

  • Ellis uses a foul to send Anderson to the line. Anderson misses the first, makes the second.
  • Lavender’s guarding Gordon. Gordon dishes to Crawford. He misses a 3.
  • Raymond knocks down a 3. It’s over.

XAVIER 72, INDIANA 61 (2:05)

  • Bassett makes a jump shot from the left side, and again Sampson calls a time out. Can Indiana get a stop?

XAVIER 70, INDIANA 59 (2:26)

  • Gordon lofts a shot through the lane and it falls. Sampson calls a time out.

XAVIER 70, INDIANA 57 (3:22)

  • Gordon gets to the line. He’s tied for a team-high with 16 points.
  • I think that sequence might quash any comeback attempt. Indiana had a chance to follow-up on Gordon’s free throws, as Xavier missed at the other end. But White forced a deep shot that missed. He then fouled Duncan, who was already in the process of making the lay in.

XAVIER 68, INDIANA 55 (4:36)

  • Raymond and Anderson, both 6-6, continue to own the offensive glass.
  • Gordon is very frustrated with himself right now for missing that lay-in. Crawford clanked that 3-pointer badly. The freshmen are tightening up a bit.
  • Burrell with a heads up play to just send that lightly off the glass.
  • Gordon to the line for a 1-and-1.
  • If Indiana is going to make a run, it needs to start pronto.

XAVIER 62, INDIANA 49 (6:41)

  • Bassett’s ankle is fine. Or he’s displaying incredible toughness.

XAVIER 60, INDIANA 47 (8:43)

  • Jamarcus Ellis drives and sends a left-handed running hook off the glass and in.
  • Then he gets beat on the other end.
  • C.J. Anderson has been terrific off the bench for Xavier. The 6-6 guard is owning the paint.
  • Now a little bit more of the rough stuff, as both coaches run onto the floor to settle things down. Anderson got into it with Gordon, which prompted the rest of the Hoosiers to come to his aid.
  • White blocks Duncan.
  • But Indiana can’t score in transition.
  • The teams are just going at each other now. Up and down. To the rim hard ever time.
  • Ellis slips a good pass to Crawford, who exploits weak side.

XAVIER 56, INDIANA 43 (11:38)

  • White scores on the inbounds play.
  • But then he is beaten by Love on the other end.
  • Stemler’s fourth comes under the net.
  • That brings Eli Holman into the game. Yet Duncan still gets the rebound and scores.

XAVIER 41, INDIANA 39 (13:48)

  • Lance Stemler picks up his second and third fouls on the same possession, sending Duncan to the line.
  • Indiana gets time out during the scrum for the second time this game.

XAVIER 49, INDIANA 39 (15:27)

  • Gordon hits. Good sign for Indiana.
  • The Hoosiers lose Anderson in transition. Bad sign.
  • Gordon draws the foul.
  • White with a great hook. His arm extended way out and up and got the ball to the glass.
  • But then Xavier has a fortuitous roll after Stemler got beaten.

XAVIER 43, INDIANA 33 (18:23)

  • The Chicago duo teams up, with Ellis taking it to the hole and Thomas scoring on the rebound.
  • That progress erased by Lavender getting to the hole and forcing Thomas into his third foul.


Indiana’s top two players — D.J. White and Eric Gordon — both have three fouls as this half begins. White has been superb (10 points, 7 rebounds) while Gordon has struggled (1-for-6, four points, two turnovers).


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