Xavier vs. Indiana, in-game analysis

This about sums it up for the Hoosiers in the first half.

XAVIER 40, INDIANA 29 (Half)

  • White fouls Lavender as he out on the perimeter and Bassett can’t contain.
  • Bassett comes back with a 3-pointer. That’s the shot Xavier is giving up now.
  • Lavender’s shot doesn’t fall, but he gets the rebound and an assist on the ensuing bucket.
  • Bassett holds for the last shot, then gives to Crawford. With two seconds left, D.J. White is called for his third foul. Sampson probably wishes he had just not done anything.
  • Especially now that Xavier just did that to take an 11-point lead in half time.

XAVIER 31, INDIANA 26 (3:09)

  • Bassett gets space with a fake, then spins to hit the jumper.
  • Ellis follows that play well and scores.
  • Burrell negates the turnover with a tough play along his own baseline.
  • See what Lavender does? He cuts past two defenders, who both turn to look at him and miss the guy who’s going to score.
  • Ellis hits a jumper. He’s a streaky scorer.
  • Thomas moves to the rim, misses.
  • Lavender with the floater he’s known for.
  • Raymond scores in transition.

XAVIER 25, INDIANA 20 (6:24)

  • Gordon picks up his third foul at 7:09 while trying to prevent Burrell from getting to the rim.
  • Lavender steps in to steal the ball from Bassett.
  • Thomas steals it back from the 5-7 guard.
  • Stemler alertly calls time out.

XAVIER 24, INDIANA 20 (7:25)

  • Xavier is so quick. He’s leaving Indiana with no idea where the ball is going to go.
  • IU fans are livid about that charge call.

INDIANA 20, XAVIER 19 (8:47)

  • The Hoosiers get out in transition, as D.J. White stays with the play and gets the rebound of a failed put back. Jordan Crawford — watch him, he’s always pushing up the court — gets the ball and flies in for a dunk.

INDIANA 18, XAVIER 17 (9:45)

  • Gordon misses an open 3, though.
  • Then Xavier is able to work inside-outside, setting up B.J. Raymond with an open 3-pointer, which he hits.
  • Gordon gets to the line on a 1-and-1. First points come at 10:35.
  • Gordon with incredible touch near the net, curling it up underhand and in.
  • Indiana just can’t seal the lane well. Raymond gets through for a dunk.
  • White ducks in back door for a monster dunk of his own. Chants of “IU” start.

INDIANA 12, XAVIER 12 (11:31)

  • Just as I mention Gordon’s scoreless streak, he swoops around the right side of the arc and charges toward the net. The foul is called

XAVIER 12, INDIANA 12 (12:20)

  • Stemler’s left alone, but misses the three. D.J. White, playing his best basketball of the young seasons, grabs the rebounds and scores while being fouled. And one.
  • No Duncan drives on White, can’t get past. So he posts him up and is fouled. Sampson is using the play to demonstrate something to DeAndre Thomas on the bench.
  • Gordon’s swarmed in the middle and turns it over.
  • A brief scuffle ensues after the pile up, with D.J. White in the middle.
  • Stemler scores on a floater. We’ve rarely seen that shot from him.
  • Then Stemler gets a rebound.
  • Gordon has yet to score. He’s 0-for-4.

XAVIER 10, INDIANA 7 (14:37)

  • Ellis shot clanks off the back of the rim, and Indiana can’t get to the rebound.
  • Lavender beats Bassett left, then feeds into the paint when help moves his way. That leaves DeAndre Thomas in perfect position to . . . foul.
  • Lance Stemler replaces Thomas.
  • Gordon spins through the lane and misses his shot. Burrell doing well on him.
  • Lavender drive son Bassett, then pulls up and hits a shot over him.
  • Bassett gets room on a screen, finds White, who hits.
  • Crawford, into the game for Ellis, goes baseline. His shot is blocked but goes to White, who scores.
  • Stemler fouls Anderson, who hits a lay-in.


So the guy finishes the net, and raises his hands triumphantly.

God Bless America.

There’s now a five-minute re-warm-up period for each team. Have I mentioned yet that it’s probably about 65 degrees in here? There’s an ice hockey rink under the floor, as there are at many other dual-use arenas. For whatever reason this place is freezing.


Now they’re showing the work on the rim up on the big screen, and people are cheering for each successful move by the repairman. He yanks a thread out, the fans scream.


We’re sitting here literally waiting for someone to figure out how to put a net on the rim.

XAVIER 4, INDIANA 3 (17:01)

  • Lavender gets in trouble as Thomas comes out to double him on the baseline.
  • Duncan gets open with his athleticism.
  • Gordon can pass, too.
  • Thomas draws a foul underneath, Xavier’s third.
  • Xavier can run, too. Derrick Brown just dunked on Ellis so hard that one of the strings of the nets snapped. I guess that’s not really indicative of a hard slam as much as it is a weak net, but I just thought I’d mention it anyway.

INDIANA 1, XAVIER 0 (18:57)

  • Good atmosphere here to begin, as there’s a full section of Xavier fans and about six sections of IU fans. The Xavier folks feel that they are outnumbered and are therefore outscreaming the IU people.
  • Gordon is not on Lavender. Bassett is. Gordon’s up against Stanley Burrell, who he probably played against in high school (Burrell played at Ben Davis).
  • White gets into the game early, grabbing a rebound on an Eric Gordon runner and drawing the foul. He’ll shoot, and makes one out of two.


Starting for the Hoosiers, the same lineup: DeAndre Thomas, D.J. White, Jamarcus Ellis, Eric Gordon, and Armon Bassett.


Let me introduce a new segment. Which may in fact not be a segment because I don’t know if I’ll continue to do it. Which would make it just a one-time thing and not a segment.

Anyway, it’s called “How will they ….. ?”

1. How will Indiana try to contain Drew Lavender?

He’s quicker than anyone the Hoosiers have. That being said, Eric Gordon is Eric Gordon. I think there’s a good chance he’ll draw the assignment.

2. How will Xavier try to contain Eric Gordon?

It’s quite possible that Lavender will handle Gordon. You’re not going to stop Gordon once he gets that first step. So the only way to slow him is by being close enough and quick enough to prevent it or by simply stopping him from getting the ball. If that’s the case, look for Gordon to shoot more pull-up jumpers out of set plays (the Hoosiers must have one or two, right?)

3. How will the power vs. finesse battle play out this time?

DeAndre Thomas and D.J. White are players best-suited for helping Indiana handle the physical challenge of the Big Ten Conference. Josh Duncan and Derrick Brown are tall but likely to look for shots away from the paint, not an unusual trait for an Atlantic-10 forward.

Here’s an interesting tidbit that relates to this question: two of the officials that worked last night’s game — and let the teams play through many possible calls — are working tonight.


Kent State just closed out its win against Illinois State, meaning the Hoosiers are about to take the floor.

Here’s Bassett. He looks to be fine, although he’s not running hard at all. He does appear to have a new pair of shoes, which may mean there’s some thought that his injury stems from a poor fit.