Coppin State at Indiana, in-game analysis

Jamarcus Ellis fights for the ball.


McKee just hit a 3-pointer right over Indiana’s defense. Have to say I’m glad he did, because the band was doing that thing where they yell as if the shot clock is going down toward zero even though it isn’t. And McKee hit the shot right when they got to 1. Thus ending what must be the lamest fan tactic in all of sports.

McKee with another tough 3-pointer. That cuts Indiana’s lead to two as we near half-time.

Stemler can’t handle that pass and the Eagles go the other way.

McKee steps out of bounds as he swarmed on the baseline.

Indiana will wait for the last shot.


Ellis is caught under the basket and tries to hit a shot. He ends up coming down awkwardly and is limping off the court. Apparently his left ankle is hurting. Ellis, who started every game before this one, already has what appears to be a black brace on his right ankle.

After a bunch of passing failed to shake the Coppin State defense, Crawford takes it hard to the hole and hits his shot. And one.

Ellis is back.

Back and forth, back and forth. Coppin State’s got Indiana a bit rattled, at least on offense.


Gordon again with a good look from 3 and clanks it off the rim.

Coppin State gets an easy basket when three Indiana players are lulled to one side of the paint, leaving Kucinskas open.


Two quick baskets give the Eagles some swagger. Chestnut got free near the free throw line hit, then McKee cut under the basket and hit a lay in.


Thomas backs his way to the net and hits a lay in. You’re never sure if the refs will let him get away with that. They will tonight.

Wow. Thomas again. This time Ellis lobs into him in the paint, and Thomas catches it right under the basket. He’s able to throw the ball over his head and up off the glass.

INDIANA 16 , COPPIN STATE 12 (10:07)

White misses both free throws and Coppin State takes over.

McKee brings the ball up the court and keeps it, cutting around right and along baseline before being fouled. McKee’s small: he’s listed at 6-2 and can’t weight much more than 165.

More tough rebounding by White. He’s fouled trying to put it back. This time, he hits one free throw.

Again Indiana relies on a scrum to produce points. Crawford misses his shot, and Gordon was there to get his hands on the original rebound. But then the ball gets knocked around until Mike White can gather and go to the rim. He’s fouled.

Gordon picks up his second foul as he’s guarding McKee coming up the floor. It’s the 10:30 mark of the first half and Gordon has two fouls and no points.

Now Gordon draws the foul trying to race out after at a turnover. Indiana’s in the bonus, so Gordon shoots and makes both.

NDIANA 11, COPPIN STATE 10 (11:47)

Looks like Indiana wants to reverse the ball quickly and eventually look for a cross-court pass to set up the offense. This time, Stemler is on the end of the final path and hits an open 3.

Now DeAndre Thomas shows off the athleticism you don’t expect him to have, spinning along the baseline before hitting a lay in.

Now Indiana loses Chestnut in transition and Coppin State ties it at 10.

Fang Mitchell, the Coppin State, is getting after everybody. His players. The refs. His assistant coaches. Be careful how you eat that popcorn in section B. If Fang doesn’t like it, he’ll let you know.

Ellis now into the game and doing what he do: throwing a quick, perfectly placed pass into D.J. White in the paint. White will shoot two after the break.


DeAndre Thomas is the first player off the bench, and he produces right away by drawing a foul and hitting one free throw.

Gordon with an open look for 3….missed.


Gordon turns the ball over and then picks up his first foul in the first 20 seconds.

Now Crawford turns it over, and Hayden converts at the other end.

Gordon tries a quick 3. Misses and the play goes the other way.

Coppin State misses the 3. Stemler with the rebound. The Eagles are pushing the Hoosiers out from the paint. Rebound Stemler, feed to Mike White. Shot from in close….good.

A’Daeron Duncan pulls up and hits a 3 for the Eagles.

More hard work Inside as D.J. White gets a tip in.


Surprise of the day: Ellis is not starting. Mike White and Stemler are both on the floor to begin.


We’ll get going here in a few moments. Arena about half full with five minutes showing on the pre-game clock.


  1. Chris, do you know if Sampson is going to the Insight Bowl? I would imagine he would want to, but I’m sure the team has practice non-stop over break, minus holidays of course.

  2. Cate,

    I doubt that he will. As much as he supports the football team, my guess is that he’ll be focused on preparing for Iowa. But I can check.

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