Does EJ play Saturday?

Well, apparently the Hoosiers didn’t need their all-world guard all that much against Kentucky.

But wait ’till you guys see Western Carolina.

Kidding. But really, I’d say there’s about a 20 percent chance he actually sees floor time against the Catamounts next Saturday. The obvious question is why risk him? If IU proved anything against the Wildcats, it’s that they don’t need Gordon at all times. True, if push came to shove, I’m sure they’d prefer he be on the floor, even if he wasn’t 100 percent. I know Kentucky is bad (actually, really bad) but it seemed to me at least that Jordan Crawford and Jamarcus Ellis did just fine.

Another reason I wouldn’t hold my breath for E.J.’s return is the season debut of IU’s forgotten guard, A.J. Ratliff. The first semester ends Friday, and all indications by Kelvin Sampson are that Ratliff will be in the rotation. He also has added that A.J.’s been practicing really, really well. That’s good news, because once the IU backcourt is fully assembled and at 100 percent, they should be one of the best in the Big Ten, if not the country.

So, here’s my point: Do you think Gordon will play? If so, how much? How much will we see Ratliff? Is there a chance he starts?


  1. You put it well – there is no reason to risk him. If we were playing a different opponent, I could see him going in. I think he should rest and feel better for the games that we’ll really need him in.

  2. Sounds like he is still tender. Why risk it. I say rest him for three weeks and then tell him he has to play 40 minutes for Big Ten games. Just kidding EJ.

  3. I think of this program as a whole . Next year E.J. will be will D.J. Indiana is more Powerful than one man.GO I.U.!p.s. I miss Armon.

  4. If EJ is ready…play him. If he is not…don’t. Cut and dried! Agree with Steve O…he needs to come off of the bench, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t play 30 plus minutes if he is playing well.

  5. My comment is all about Armom:I thing he is being to privite? It makeds me wonder about his personal demons?

  6. I wouldn’t expect Armon to play Saturday. The rumors I’ve been hearing (and they may just be rumors) are that he broke the same rule Jordan Crawford did in missing practice after the Xavier loss. So, if Sampson is going to be fair, he’ll sit out Bassett for three games like Crawford.

    But with what Sampson said after the Kentucky game, we can’t really know for sure.

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