Indiana press conference

Porter, Sears and Lynch.

Bill Lynch has joined us.

Let’s see what he says in his opening comment. Turns out that he, too, is thrilled to be here.

His team is “getting in game mode.” Once he, Josiah Sears and Tracy Porter leave here they’ll head to the stadium for their final walk through and finish up their game preparation.


First question, no surprise. A writer from Oklahoma wants to know what it was like to go through the loss of Terry Hoeppner.

Porter thinks Bowman is one of the best wide receivers in the country and compares him to none other than James Hardy, the Hoosiers’ own big wide out.

Lynch thinks the toughest thing about defending Bowman is that if you emphasize defending him, the Cowboys will run the ball.

Sears “can’t express what a wonderful job (coach Lynch) has done in leading us and teaching us.”


Lynch thinks that from about the middle of last season until now the Hoosiers have been a pretty good football team. But that’s part of a three-year process that started when Terry Hoeppner arrived three years ago.

Sears is recounting how distraught he was after losing to Purdue last year. But he thinks that pain motivated he and his teammates to work harder during spring practice.

Lynch isn’t worried that Kellen Lewis will try to do too much on a national stage, as he seemed to do during that stretch in the middle of the year when he fumbled a bunch of times. Lynch says people tend to forget that Lewis is just a sophomore and that in the spread offense he handles the ball so much.


Lynch thinks OSU QB Zac Robinson is pretty similar to Lewis. But the Cowboys feature the option more, which means the defense will really have to play good assignment football.

Porter and Sears believe the team has had a good mix of fun and hard work so far in Arizona.


“I know I’ll never forget the things I do remember. ”

No, that’s not a Yogi Berra quote. That’s Josiah Sears. He’s referring to the Purdue game, most of which he did not play in because of a concussion.


Lynch thinks Oklahoma State is a lot like Illinois, especially on offense.

That’s no coincidence. Former Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Larry Fedora — who left earlier this month — worked for Illinois coach Ron Zook — named yesterday the national coach of the year — at Florida.

“A lot of option, a lot of power football,” Lynch said.


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