Insight Bowl, in-game analysis (2nd half)

 Bill Lynch in a reflective moment.

Lewis comes out passing, finding Andrew Means on first down and Bailey on second.

  • Thigpen rips up through the line and gains 30.
  • Payton’s hit in the backfield and can’t gain a yard.
  • Lewis throws to where he thinks HArdy will be, and can’t find him.
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Oklahoma State is pushed back to its 21-yard line by a block in the bock.

  • IU gets a stop on first down, as Kremer and a gang meet Savage and force him back a yard.
  • Now Savage busts forward for four yards.
  • On 3rd and 7, Savage is again stopped as he tries to get through the middle.
  • OSU will punt again.



  • Drive details: 9 plays, 80 yards, 3:29

Indiana gets another shot from its 20, with just over 10 minutes left.

  • Handoff to Thigpen. Loss of three.
  • Lewis rolls right and throws to Sexton, who can’t handle what appeared to be a catchable ball.
  • Lewis is flushed left but turns back right. He outruns everybody and goes 21 yards and a first down.
  • Payton drags a few guys with him and gains seven.
  • Payton again, this time for for 14.
  • Andrw Means gets a chance to show off his throwing arm (he’s a center fielder on the IU baseball team.) He takes a reverse, slows and throws to Lewis for a gain of 16.
  • Now Lewis keeps and gains five yards.
  • Lewis throws to Hardy, it’s just wide.
  • Lewis lobs a deep ball toward the back of the endzone, hoping Means will beat his man. He does, and a flag is thrown.
  • Josiah Sears with his first carry of the day. And it’s for a touchdown. Another nice thing to see.
  • Sears is whistled for a unsportsmanlike penalty for throwing the ball into the crowd, apparently to his girlfriend.


After a 30-yard Hines punt, Oklahoma starts at its own 43.

  • Savage tries to get off tackle but can’t. Gains just one.
  • Robinson fires a screen pass for Bowman wide but it’s high and not handled.
  • So, 3rd and 9. Robinson stands in and finds Newton settled in 10 yards ahead, and that’s a first down.
  • Patterson fights through his block and tackles Bowman. He’s frustrated and throws the ball, drawing a delay of game penalty.
  • Savage picks his way through the left side of the line and gains a couple
  • It’s 3rd and 15 at the OSU 49. And vintage Tracy Porter, for one of the last times. He reads a screen, gets through the blockers and hits Savage for a loss of one. He’ll be doing that on Sundays next year.


Indiana starts at the OSU 27.

  • Lewis is swarmed and sacked for a loss of 10 by Marque Fountain.
  • Payton gets a big chunk back on second, pushing ahead for 10 yards.
  • Lewis rolls left after being flushed on 3rd and 10, and he can’t get a first. He throws it away.


Oklahoma State starts at its own 29.

  • Bryant takes a reverse left and fumbles to a teammate. The result is a seven yard gain.
  • Now Savage gains eight and OSU’s 25th first down.
  • Savage continues running, staying inbounds to keep the clock running.
  • But the drive stalls when Robinson and his receiver get mixed up on a play and his pass sails to a spot where no one is standing.
  • But on the punt, Indiana goes offsides and gives OSU a first down.
  • Savage continues plunging through the OSU line. Picking up yards and running off clock.
  • Savage bursts outside this time, but he does so by virtue of a hold.
  • On 2nd and 8 from the IU 31, Hunter breaks for the outside but can’t get past Nick Polk on what will be the last play of the quarter.
  • Nick Polks leaps on a fumble after Leslie Majors does as he has been taught to do in drills and rips the ball away.


Indiana has some success moving early in the drive.

  • On 3rd and 2 from the OSU 40, Lewis opts to throw for Hardy. But he’s well-defended and can’t make the catch.



  • Drive details: 10 plays, 80 yards, 4:07

Starr goes back to his normal duty and kicks it deep. Perrish Cox returns it to the 20.

  • No doubt the Cowboys want to run it here so that clock keeps on ticking.
  • Savage on a counter, gains two.
  • Dez Bryant settles in, takes a pass and picks up a few YACs and a first down.
  • Bowman reaches out and makes the fingertip grab. Momentum seemed to be with the Hoosiers. Then that happened.
  • Robinson rolls right and throws into the end zone. He lofted it, and Majors almost made the pick.
  • Robinson pitches wide left to Savage for a gain of six.
  • Robinson on the option keeper can’t get to the first-down mark.
  • On 4th and 3, OSU will go for it. Robinson finds a mismatch — McClurg on Pettigrew — and OSU has a new set of downs.
  • Savage carries right and picks up five.
  • This time Savage is stuffed Kirlew and McClurg, losing two.
  • Robinson tosses it up for Bryant, who’s got at least four inches on Leslie Majors. So guess who caught the ball?



Indiana starts six yards from the red zone.

  • Thigpen on the inside hand off and he has room. He gains 14.
  • Back to Thigpen, and a wall of bodies greets him. Gain of three.
  • Lewis’ swing pass is broken up.
  • Lewis throws to Hardy, who’s coming back toward him. That results in a loss of 1. That play needed better blocking.
  • Swinging gate into the fake. We saw this in practice this week. Starr makes a few impressive moves and picks up the first down. I declare that the play of the year.
  • Payton plows forward for a gain of about an inch.
  • Lewis gets in on the QB keeper.


OSU called for holding on the kick return and will start at their 16.

  • Hunter runs for three yards.
  • Savage dances back outside to gain 17 yards, but there’s an illegal block in the back by Robinson.
  • That makes it 2nd and 14 from the 12, and Robinson hands to Hunter for a gain of just one.
  • Robinson throws behind Savage, and the Cowboys will punt for the first time this game.
  • But first a penalty. Then, an 18-yard punt.


  1. The TV dudes are saying that Indiana was just happy to be there and ‘playing 13’ and that’s why they blew so much.

  2. HAHAHA. All of you dumb mother f****rs who somehow thought signing bill lynch was good, hope you like what you saw tonight. We are going to see it the next 4 years (hopefully less than that but another burden on the athletics department). You reap what you sow. Hopefully when my kids attend IU we will be good again.

  3. Sterling Sharp is blowing IU crap for not being in the hurry up and James Hardy crap for his third drop of the game. I agree on both accounts.

  4. Our co-defensive coordinators have to go. After 13 games we still can’t tackle and our dbs still can’t get off blocks. We did not belong on the same field as OSU. Sad thing is looking at next year’s schedule it’s even weaker than this year’s. So Greenspan scheduled us 7 more wins so we can be thumped by a good team in ’08.

  5. This is what happens when you give a bowl slot to a mediocre team. Too many meaningless bowls = games like this…

  6. I didn’t understand the playcalling at all…. How many times does Thigpen have to lose yards before they stop calling his number? Our O-line looked so confused so there was no protection for Lewis on all the third and long situations we were in. Their front four was in the backfield on every reverse! No gameplan for going to Bailey over the middle. Its force it to Hardy, hand it to Thigpen, or Kellen scrambling… If Bill is going to remain head coach, he better upgrade his staff!

  7. I listened to the football game on radio station WHCC-FM 105.1 MHz. Don Fischer, Joe Smith and Pete Compise called the game from the radio booth. Now, admittedly, these men are Hoosiers who support their home team. However, first and foremost, they are supposed to act the part of professional broadcasters. I have never listened to a football game, or any college athletic event, where the obvious bias of the broadcasters so crudely interfered with their basic duty to provide the play-by-play.

    For example, when the Oklahoma Cowboys scored touchdowns, the broadcast booth went mute. The only way for listeners to know a touchdown had happened was by the sound of the field cannon. To make matters worse, there were irritatingly long intervals when Fischer, Smith and Compise failed to even mention the game score, lopsided as it was for most of the game. They were often silent on the score even before and after commercial breaks. It was more than obvious they were painfully reluctant to mouth a score which showed that IU was losing and losing badly.

    To make matters worse, the three broadcasters offered so little field commentary about the Oklahoma team and so much field commentary about the IU team that a dispassionate listener might have thought IU was alone on the field.

    Finally, it was nothing short of comical, perhaps even pathetic, to listen to three men rationalizing for over two hours how IU was, in spirit, really winning the game while they were in fact losing! Indeed, they seemed to celebrate the final score despite the fact IU lost by nearly three touchdowns.

    Talk about lack of professionalism and sportsmanship, these three so-called broadcasters (especially Smith and Compise) need to leave their red jerseys at home and re-learn the basics of calling the play-by-play of a football game.

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