1. This guy loses all credibility in his article when he fails to mention Ray McCallum was on Sampson’s staff for 2 years when Kelvin was at Oklahoma.

  2. As a resident of Lexington, KY and a life-long Hoosier fan, allow me to say 2 things:

    1) The 2005 IU beatdown of UK was one of the greatest days of my life.

    2) Sadly, this article isn’t as bad as the usual garbage he writes. However, I truly enjoy his whining when UK loses. It’s like a spoiled 4 year old who doesn’t get what he wants.

    With that said: GO HOOSIERS!

  3. Typical Wildact homer…why does the phrase “Pot calling the Kettle Black” come to mind. His rose colored glasses need to be looked at, I suppose he wasn’t a beat writter during “Emery Envelope Gate”

  4. And he has absolutely no memory of all that has gone
    down with them ever since good ol’ Joe B. Hall!

  5. I saw Glory Road this morning on Starz and after seeing how they treated Texas Western I have lost all respect for UK.

  6. Theres a reason he has been stuck on that hick paper for a long time. He thinks firing people up will get his name out there but even though I emailed him I HONESTLY don’t know it.

  7. Has Kentucky ever had any coach, besides Pitino, that hasn’t been a complete disgrace and brought down NCAA sanctions? Plus, it’s Kentucky, it’s not even a real university.

  8. I have a feeling Mr. Clay won’t be saying much after an old school IU beatdown this weekend. Could we possibly beat them worse than in 2005? I think this could be the year. Eric Gordon could have his best game so far considering it’s a rivalry and he is no longer leading the country in scoring. I’m sure he wants that accomplishment on his resume… Dare I say… 40?

  9. No program’s fan base revels more in their cheating history than UK basketball fans. They invented the word probation. I love the “we won nine title” rant while never mentioning point shaving, packages of money, or taking tests for another player. It’s not that UK fans consider phone calls on the same level as point shaving. It’s that they don’t even acknowledge any of it happened. UK fans would have us believe they volunteered to be put on probation. Their whole fan base is laughable.

  10. Kentucky is the one program that I don’t think should be criticizing Indiana. For one, Sampson’s rule violations came from something that every single college coach in the country does. Oh, and Clay wants to criticize Bob Knight? The same coach that graduated his players and would rather have lost than broken an NCAA rule? Meanwhile, UK was paying players to come there. Classy.

  11. Instead of making ridiculous claims about the Hoosiers on the FRONT PAGE of their sports page, I would think Mr. clay might want to address all of the shortcomings of his beloved Uk program…then again, he would probably need more than just the front page!

    While managing to bash the IU men’s basketball team and staff, I failed to hear Mr. Clay address the following issues concerning the UK men’s basketball team:

    1. Multiple mid season transfers.
    2. Years of below average recruitting and below average result in the “wins” column.
    3. With regard to Mr. Clay’s comments about Sampson and his “suspicious” hiring of certain members of his staff prior to the recuitment of Gordon…two words, Tracy Webster! (Pretty sure they pried him away from Illinois just prior to the start of the season and as a result, landed in-state talent Darious Miller.)
    2. Phone calls be considered a violation maybe, but cheating…are you kidding? Do the names Joe B. Hall, Eddie Sutton, and Shawn Kemp ring a bell..just to name a few!

    Classic UK fans & media…bitter as always! They need to stop getting mad and start getting better!

    Hoosiers by double digits on Saturday!

  12. The guy accomplshed what he wanted. Don’t you spell it flakey? That’s nothing against Davis, just makes it appear that he was in a hurry to begin reading hate e-mail messages.
    IU made mistakes with Knight, he was a great coach but he did lose contact with reality. The Davis situation was somewhat sad. The fans and alums didn’t exactly provide him with a warm and fuzzy feeling. The guy was right Davis was a little flaky/flakey, but the IU group treated Davis poorly.
    As for Kentucky’s sins, well that’s really for them to worry about. IU needs to take care of it’s house first and last. Let everyone else do the screaming and yelling.
    Opinions are very easy to express, watch the presidential debates.

  13. BETTER IDEA: Here’s a link to the Herald-Leaders news tips section. http://www.kentucky.com/371/

    I’ve already tipped them off that Johnny Clay is a no talent hack. I suggest a barage of similar tips, although I’m not sure it’s really news he has not talent. When you write a lazy column to incite others it doesn’t take talent.

  14. Kentucky set every standard for cheating in college athletics. For some UK jocksniffer to take shots at IU is comical. I guess morons like John Clay have short memories.

  15. I think its just dumb that the guy is bringing all of this up right now, in the heart of the pre-conference season. Wasn’t there a time to talk about the new sanctions in October? Can the guy not write a meaningful article on Saturday’s game? It seems like the Cats are so bad right now that he’d rather talk about our program than UK’s.

  16. Wow. I just sent that jerk an email. And no, I didn’t hold anything
    back. Go Hoosiers. Let’s kick the crap out of Kentucky.

  17. I agree wholeheartedly with Stephen H above. He seems like a bright guy. I would rather read an article by Stephen H than this John Clay character.
    And then news broke that Gillispie was hiring former Illinois coach Tracy Webster – who had been one of the main reasons that Miller was considering Illinois – as his third assistant.

    It didn’t take long for Miller to be sold totally on the Wildcats.

    “It really helped out when they hire Tracy Webster,” Miller said. “He’s a good guy and I had already built a relationship with him. He was a big reason (Miller was considering Illinois).

    “(Webster’s hiring) was big and then when I visited (UK) I just felt like I had a good relationship with all of the players and the

  18. I agree with you all, but it is sad that this UK guy has the ammunition to shoot with. KS did what he said, and the NCAA has not ruled yet. Doesn’t that worry anybody else besides me???

  19. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure why so many people are upset. I agree he was a little off on the McCallum/Meyer thing, but besides that, everything else he said was true. A columnist is paid to evoke emotions out of readers. Looks like he succeeded in that regard.

  20. Hey, you can’t say Kentucky are hypocrites – they didn’t look the other way…they exposed the rule breakers, turned themselves in and took the penalties. IU, on the other hand, would rather look the other way and hope it goes away instead of doing the right thing.

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