Kelvin at the mic

Injury update from Tim Garl via J.D. Campbell:

Holman has ligament damage and won’t play Saturday.

Ratliff hurt his right ankle stepping on another player’s foot during a drill and is doubtful for Saturday.


Jamarcus Ellis in the room.

He’s talking about the joy of rebounding. He’s always had it. He was a center growing up, so that’s how he learned to rebound. And now that he’s a guard, he just wants to rebound because he wants to have the ball.

Ellis also wants to become just the second Indiana player to have a triple-double. Sampson said he should be the next.

Ellis said that if he didn’t get at least a 3.0 in his 14 credits this semester, he would have been ineligible. But he got a 3.2.


Dre feels as though his solid recent play is the result of coach being tough on him.

Saying things like, “Dre, you’re ass ain’t doing this . . . ” and then media relations director J.D. Campbell cut him off.

Boooo. Let Dre speak!


The differences between here and Chipola: the Hoosiers have to prepare more for other teams. Chipola had such superior talent that often it just had to go play and not adjust to what the other team was showing. Indiana spends much more time examining what other teams do and how to handle or exploit that.


Now DeAndre Thomas is here.

He weighs about 296 and would like to get a little bit lighter. By next year, he’s hoping to be 275.


On the Coppin State game: Sampson watched Ohio State’s 47-39 win over Coppin State on film recently. Though he’s played Coppin State 10 times, he still hasn’t figured out a way to have his team play well against Fang Mitchell’s team.

“They slow it down,” Sampson said. “It’s hard to speed up a team that doesn’t want to be.”


On Eli Holman: As far as Sampson knows, Holman won’t have surgery.

He also doesn’t know whether Holman will play at all this year. They’re concerned because Holman is left-handed and his left hand is the injured one.


An update on the practice facility: a contractor from Bloomington has been hired. A fence will go up and digging will start on Jan. 6 according to Sampson.

The team parts of the building — the courts, the weight room and the locker room — could be finished in time for next season.


A.J. Ratliff has hurt his left ankle and probably won’t play Saturday. His grades are in and he’s eligible.

Seven kids turned out to have a 3.0 or better.

They were: A.J. Ratliff, D.J. White, Jamarcus Ellis, Lance Stemler, Kyle Taber, Adam Ahlfeld and Brett Finkelmeier.

The team’s grade-point average was 2.89.

“Proud of A.J.,” Sampson said. “Proud of all of ’em.”


Sampson’s here.

So, turns out that Coppin State plays Friday night at 8:30 at Marquette. Then turns around and plays here at noon on Saturday.

But Sampson can relate. When he was coaching Montana Tech, he had to take teams on lengthy treks through the Northwest. They’d leave after classes on Thursday and arrive at their destination about 9 hours later, usually. But once the bus broke down and they didn’t get in until 5 a.m. That night, his team beat College of Idaho, which had a 50+ home winning streak. Saturday night, his team played another school on their homecoming and beat them in overtime. After that game, the team went from Idaho to Oregon, arriving at 3 or 4 a.m. They played Eastern Oregon State the next day and won. And then drove 11 hours to get back for classes on Monday.


Indiana head basketball coach Kelvin Sampson will host his weekly press conference starting at about 1:10 today. We’ll have updates here.


  1. Why don’t they call him by a real name, instead of this thug you-know-what! It ain’t real basketball, and it ain’t IU tradition! It’s a bunch of thugs is what it is!
    Them students need to sit down, too! I could just about punch all of ’em!

  2. AJ Ratliff is a nice kids but he’s snake bit. He’s the modern day version of Pat Graham – too fragile to achieve to his capabilties. We may never know how good he can be. Unless he finishes strong he will be considered one of he least effective Mr. Basketballs the state has ever produced.

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