Oklahoma State 49, Indiana 33

Hoosiers embrace after the loss.

What went wrong for the Hoosiers?

Well, some of Indiana’s players attributed it to a sluggish start and the need to learn, as a team, how to play a full four quarters.

“During the season we played a couple of teams — Indiana State, Western Michigan — where we got away with only playing one half or playing three quarters. It hurt us tonight. We were used to being able to come back. We weren’t able to compensate for that first half that we didn’t play that well. It came back to bite us.”

Greg Middleton, the defensive end who led the nation in sacks this year but didn’t have a tackle Monday, thought Oklahoma State’s speed was the difference in the game.

“They were pretty fast,” he said. “I think that was pretty much the fastest team we faced all year.”

After the game, OSU coach Mike Gundy said his team wanted to use speed to exploit the Hoosiers.

“We did feel like we were faster than Indiana, if we got our skilled players some space,” he said.

But from where we were sitting, it certainly looked like the Cowboys were the more physical team, too. Lewis never seemed to have time to allow his receivers to get open as OSU’s defense ran through IU’s line, and RB Dantrell Savage aften had the space Gundy referred to because Indiana’s linebackers and ends had been blown off the ball.

As Doug and I work on our stories, it’s your turn to offer an analysis.

Unless you’d rather drink some Champagne and ring in the New Year with loved ones. We understand. Sort of.


  1. IU lost to a better team. It doesn’t take away from what this team accomplished through a very difficult situation. They played 13 and coach Hep would be proud. Happy New Year IU Fans!

  2. I have to agree with Sam, they lost to a better TEAM! Mike Gundy may be 40, and he may be a man, but he is also a COACH! OSU had lots of speed, but they played as a team, there were very few times that all 11 guys were not on the same offensive play, unlike our guys who were rarely running the same play at the same time. If James Hardy plans to go pro, he needs to watch the tape of this game over and over, watch their receivers BLOCK on the outside and down field, watch them fight and make catches they shouldn’t, and how they get separation and come back to help their QB out.

    Maybe Lynch and the boys will learn from the tape of this game how to use a tightend, and make an impact with one.

    I am going to reserve the rest of my thought for later on my own blog…..

  3. It just blows mwe away how negative some posters were during the game comments and how unhappy thay have made themselves. This is after all just a sport done for the participants and the fans entertainment. And frankly I was very entertained by this team. It was a fun season with some very exciting and VERY emotional moments and one that I will fondly remember for many years. AND I for one am very happy to be a Hoosier fan. Wait until next year! Go Hoosiers!

  4. The offense was able to carry this team against inferior opponents. It’s been the defense that has given this IU team trouble throughout the year. When you allow your opponent to score on 5 straight drives, you know what kind of night you are in for.

    But on the bright side, you have Lynch and his crew coming back and a foundation to build upon – something IU hasn’t had in a long time.

  5. It wasn’t the D that was our problem. We couldn’t move the ball on one of the worst D’s in the nation! We knew they were an offensive power and that they were going to score. It was the performance of our offense that is concerning! OSU is aweful on D against the run yet they were in the backfield on almost every play.. The Hoosiers were not even close to being prepared… Lynch may be the man to coach, but he better improve his staff!

  6. Juan – Normally I agree with you, but how can you sit there and say the defense was not a problem? OSU, 6 possessions in the 1st half, 5 touchdowns, with those 5 TD’s coming on 5 consecutive possessions. How in the hell do you think that is not a problem?

  7. Hats off to IU football for a great season. You’re on your way up.
    You, like us, need a defense that can stop the run and either cover recievers or rush the passer. I’ve watched my own team do without one for years.
    You really have something special in your quarterback. It was frustrating for me to watch him shoot past our line and get ten yards out of what should have been a sack.
    Have a great new year and a great 2008 season!

  8. OSU Cowboy – From this Hoosier Fan, thank you. I have followed OSU, not close, but I have a cousin who went to school there, and family that lives close to Stillwater in Enid. I was very impressed by your wide receivers, and their ability and willingness to block on the outside. Congrats on the Bowl win, good luck next season.

  9. Mike, I can say that because everyone already knew our D sucks! OSU wasn’t stopped all season.. Did you really expect us to stop them? Thats just silly! Maybe if our offense could move the ball, our D wouldn’t have been on the field for 5 drives in the first quarter…

  10. Also, I still say the Lynch hire sets our program back years… I dare you to support the playcalling of that piss poor performance. The coaches, just like the players, were extremely unprepared to attack a horrid OSU defense….

  11. Juan you are wrong, wrong, wrong. OSU’s offense was stopped against Georgia and against Oklahoma – that’s twice in one season.

    Our D’s inability to stop drives has been a problem for this team all year long. It was what let Purdue get back in the game when they were down two touchdowns in the final quarter.

    I think we can all look forward to an improved defense next year.

  12. Juan, you weren’t comparing IU to Georgia and Oklahoma – you stated (wrongly) that OSU’s offense wasn’t stopped all year long.

    I simply pointed out (correctly) that Georgia and Oklahoma stopped OSU’s offense. I never compared the two teams to IU.

  13. Semantics.. That doesn’t change my point. Everyone in the country knew we weren’t going to stop them… Bottom line is, our offense couldn’t get a first down, forcing our D to try and stop bigger, stronger, more atletic players… Its not that difficult to see what I’m saying.

  14. I listened to the football game on radio station WHCC-FM 105.1 MHz. Don Fischer, Joe Smith and Pete Compise called the game from the radio booth. Now, admittedly, these men are Hoosiers who support their home team. However, first and foremost, they are supposed to act the part of professional broadcasters. I have never listened to a football game, or any college athletic event, where the obvious bias of the broadcasters so crudely interfered with their basic duty to provide the play-by-play.

    For example, when the Oklahoma Cowboys scored touchdowns, the broadcast booth went mute. The only way for listeners to know a touchdown had happened was by the sound of the field cannon. To make matters worse, there were irritatingly long intervals when Fischer, Smith and Compise failed to even mention the game score, lopsided as it was for most of the game. They were often silent on the score even before and after commercial breaks. It was more than obvious they were painfully reluctant to mouth a score which showed that IU was losing and losing badly.

    To make matters worse, the three broadcasters offered so little field commentary about the Oklahoma team and so much field commentary about the IU team that a dispassionate listener might have thought IU was alone on the field.

    Finally, it was nothing short of comical, perhaps even pathetic, to listen to three men rationalizing for over two hours how IU was, in spirit, really winning the game while they were in fact losing! Indeed, they seemed to celebrate the final score despite the fact IU lost by nearly three touchdowns.

    Talk about lack of professionalism and sportsmanship, these three so-called broadcasters (especially Smith and Compise) need to leave their red jerseys at home and re-learn the basics of calling the play-by-play of a football game.

  15. Mr. Fitzgerald,

    Please do us all a favor and NEVER listen to a radio broadcast again. Don is the voice of IU sports, we expect and welcome his bias, and hope that never goes away. If you don’t like it, turn off the radio andfind some other means to follow the game.

    Mike P.

  16. Those of us who were at the game and came home on the 1st have not been able to catch the post-game press conference on the news. Does anyone know a place where that can be found?

  17. To try and help settle the offense/defense argument,Here are my thouhgts on the subject.First, the spread offense is used to help a weaker team be more competetive.(Especially against a weak defense)Northwestern, Purdue, now Illinois and Indiana Use it. You can see what kind of scores and stats these teams usually have on offense.Secondly ,now we all have heard that defense wins championships which 95% of the time is true. But Indiana is in the other 5% and has to rely on ball control and scoring alot of points to keep the pressure on the other teams. When IU did this, they won. This is how IU’s Defense had some gawdy numbers, IU forced them into passing situations and racked up the sacks. When IU didn’t do this, they lost.(Northwestern and Penn State turnovers and playcalling)
    Now obviously if Indiana could have stopped OSU which those that know football and have watched the Hoosiers all year knew was going to be a problem then yes, IU would have made a better showing. But when you are built around your offense and your star receiver looks like he stayed in Bloomington. And your soph. quaterback looks like a….soph quaterback, oh and your running game still isn’t there yet, You’ll probably lose.
    Hopefully they will continue to get better.
    Look at some of my past comments. Not scoring or being productive on offense has hurt IU all season.

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