Oklahoma State press conference

He’s a man, indeed.

Mike Gundy is at the podium.He’s happy to be here.

He’s also 40. And that joke will never get old.

Question for Zac Robinson, the Cowboys’ QB, about what will surely be a high scoring game. Robinson doesn’t worry about the score. Just wants to win.


Robinson thinks the loss of offensive coordinator Larry Fedora won’t make much of a difference.

Gundy believes that the long layoff hurts a team’s offense more than its defense, but he’s worried about his defense handling Indiana.

Linebacker Jeremy Nethon also thinks Indiana’s offense is “very good” and that his team will have to “do everything right,” to win.

Now Gundy’s discussing James Hardy. He doesn’t think they had anyone who could duplicate him on the scout team, so they’ll just have to adjust during the game.


Gundy has a concern about how excited Indiana is to be in a bowl.

The flip side, he says, is that his guys have been here (a bowl) several times and know what to do.

Now Zac Robinson is discussing Indiana DE Greg Middleton. Thinks he’s got a quick first step and good moves (rip, swing, etc.).

Gundy thinks Robinson “took this team on his shoulders” four or five games ago and credits him with simultaneously becoming a better player and better leader.


Gundy believes his team, which is 6-6, is further ahead this year than it was last year (when it was also 6-6). But his goal is to develop his players to become good young men who will contribute to society and grow up to eventually be 40.

Gundy also plans to unleash his offense tomorrow night. “We certainly don’t want to walk off the field in the fourth quarter with any bullets left,” he said.


Nethon wants to be able to tell his children that he gave everything he had and won his final game as a college football player.

Gundy has been asked to compare this offense to some of the other great offenses in OSU history. He was the quarterback on several of those, and he handed the ball off to a guy named Barry Sanders. Gundy’s pointing out that today’s statistics are skewed because of the way college football is being played. With more passing (and the resulting stoppage of the clock for incompletions) some offenses are running 20 to 25 more plays than they did even 15 years ago.


Interesting. Gundy’s comparing what happened to him as a player — when he was shoved into the starting role at halftime of a game — to what happen to Robinson, who took over for Bobby Reid earlier this season. Gundy doesn’t think the two situations are all that similar, largely because of the increased media coverage and prevalence of message boards in Robinson’s era. “When it happened to me, there was an article in the paper the next day,” Gundy said. “Here we are three and a half months later and we’re still talking about it.”


Gundy believes this Indiana team is better than the Alabama team the Cowboys beat 34-31 in the Independence Bowl last year.


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