1. Thanks for the link to the OSU content. It’s great to see things from the oppenent point-of-view.

    So, I just purchased my airfare and finalized a hotel for Phoenix. Are there any IU events planned such as a pep rally the days leading up to the 31st? I’ll be out there on the 29th.


  2. Kevin, check out the IU Alumni Association website (alumni . indiana . edu). They have all kinds of events going on, and yes there is an official pep rally (12-2:30 pm on the 31st, at Tempe Beach Park). The band/cheerleaders wiill be there.

  3. Kevin,

    IU Jimmy is on top of it. That’s the site you need to find all the parties.

    We’re looking into all of the planned events and will make our way to a bunch of ’em. We want to catch up with IU fans and hear your stories.

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