Ratliff probably won’t be back Saturday

As you all know, Indiana senior guard A.J. Ratliff hasn’t played this semester because he is academically ineligible.

And while this is finals week, and instructors are supposed to submit grades no more than 48 hours after their classes’ finals, it seems likely that Ratliff’s grades won’t arrive in time for him to become eligible to play Saturday.

According to Grace Calhoun, she of the longest title in the Indiana athletic department, it’s going to take a few working days to get Ratliff on the list of eligible players even after his grades arrive.

Calhoun, the Associate Athletic Director/Student Development/Compliance/Senior Woman Administrator, said that Ratliff’s grades will actually go to an official in the Registrar, and that official will be charged with checking them and making sure that Ratliff has reached all requirements to get back on the court.

So . . . . far as I can tell, unless Ratliff’s grades were all submitted a few days ago he won’t be playing anytime soon. And that doesn’t seem to be the case, since Kelvin Sampson himself seemed unsure of Ratliff’s status.


  1. Chey,

    I wrote in the post below that Eli injured himself. Certainly seems like it could be fairly serious, as Sampson said there’s some thought that he has ligament damage.


  2. If the maxim, “The longer the title, the lower the pay,” is true, then Grace Calhoun is very poorly paid.

  3. Calhoun, the Associate Athletic Director/Student Development/Compliance/Senior Woman Administrator

    Hey Chris,
    Is her business card a 4×6 flash card? Wow!

  4. Ratliff did this to himself. Instead of going to class and studying, he floated thru last fall and had the summer to make ammends. He didn’t.

    Same for Crawford and Bassett. It’s not Coach Sampson, or IU, that’s breaking the rules, it was them. Want to play? Follow the rules!

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