Sampson at the mic

A view from above as Sampson speaks to the team during the Tennessee State game.

Listen to audio of the press conference by clicking here.


On Gordon: “He’s getting better.”

And Sampson expects him to play.

Gordon won’t be 100 percent by Saturday, but like many college basketball players, he probably won’t be 100 percent for a while. In fact, let’s make an agreement to throw the term “100 percent” off the Hoosier Scoop forever.

Everybody plays with pain. Many of you are probably in pain now, sitting at your desk. Maybe it’s poor ergonomics. Or that chili dog you had for lunch.

Anyway, Gordon is expected to play.

Other notes of interest:

  • Mike White’s play has changed the identity of the Hoosiers, Sampson said. His aggression on the boards has rubbed off on other players, including D.J. White.
  • Sampson can sympathize — though he probably won’t until Sunday — with new Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie as he tries to work with a team he didn’t recruit. But Sampson sees evidence that the Wildcats players are buying into the new system — a process his team started about this time last year — and believes they will have a good season.
  • Speaking of “new” teams adjusting to playing together, Sampson said he thought this team went through the same sort of process this year because of how many players left the team. D.J. White’s improved play is the product of learning to play with the new guys.


Indiana head coach Kelvin Sampson should be here in 10 minutes to discuss the Kentucky game.


  1. Ick. I just though about how it was Gillespie’s first year down there. EVERY YEAR, teams in that situation bust out some ridiculous 30-point road win over a team they have no business beating, and now I’m afraid Kentucky’s gonna do it to IU.

    Nah, can’t happen…


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