Anyone a little annoyed with these late starts?

All in all, the Hoosiers will play six games this season with a 9:00 start time or later. Five of them occur during Big Ten play.

I’m working on a story for the paper on this topic, and am trying to get a general sense of what fans out there think about all these late tips.

As we all know, it’s a result of the television industry and their design to show as many games as possible. This season, ESPN has a theme five nights of the week and on several nights they show back-to-back games, a 7 p.m. tipoff and a 9 p.m. Between Big Monday (which features the Big East), Super Tuesday (where there’s always a Big Ten game at 9 with the Musberger-Lavin duo), ACC Wednesday and Throwdown Thursday, there’s plenty of basketball to go around.

I know that one coach in the country, Bob Knight, was steadfastly against these late games because many of them are on a school night. It’s ludicrous for these kids to be arriving back on campus at 2 or 3 in the morning and have to wake up for an 8 a.m. class, he’d argue.

Another thing, I would think these games that don’t finish up until after 11 p.m. would provide some problems for younger IU fans.Are these late starts affecting you guys at all? For some, are you not able to watch the game, or for those of you with sons and daughters, are they having trouble staying awake?

(Oh, and we’re forgetting the most important dilemma caused by late tips: journalists cramped by deadlines).

Overall, I’d just like to get your thoughts on this and see what the public sentiment is. Also, I may want to speak with a few of you on this for my story as well if you’d be alright with that.


  1. For the most part, I don’t mind them one bit. With the home games, I think it gives the students more time to get to the game after classes. They can also get some food and drinks beforehand, which all leads to a crazier atmosphere in The Hall.

    On the negative side, the 9:00 pm tips usually follow another game (as you mentioned). Sometimes those earlier games don’t end in time, and the tv viewers miss the first few minutes of IU’s game.

    The whole journalist/deadline thing really doesn’t affect me. Sorry.

  2. 1. You said that on Tuesday there is a B10 game at 9:00. That’s not correct. On Tuesday, the B10 game is at 7:00…its at 9:00 on Thursday.

    2. MOST of the time, the 9:00 starts are played in locations that are in the central time zone, which means its really starting at 8:00. IU only plays 2 games at home that start at 9:00, next week against Iowa and the Saturday primetime game against MSU, which I’m sure no one has a problem with. If you are watching the game from your couch, I see no reason why you would be mad (as a fan) that it ends at 11:00. Everyone can’t have their way all the time…I just feel like people are always trying to find something to complain about.

  3. Doesn’t bother me much except that many times we will miss the opening minutes because the game beforehand didn’t end yet.

    Also, some people probably go to bed on weeknights between 10-11pm, especially those with young children. For them it might be an inconvenience.

  4. I don’t mind the 9 pm starts, even though I have to stay up about an hour later than normal on those nights. I’ve actually heard people complain about 7 pm games starting too early because they don’t have much time to get home from work, eat dinner, and get to the game. Since the games can’t all be at 8, 7 and 9 seem like a fair compromise.

  5. I can get over the fact that a 9pm tip would put me in bed well after midnight after a home game.

    Late starts arent the biggest deal in the world for me personally, but just pour salt in the wound. We’re already in a situation in which we usually have bad to awful announcers (i.e.-how many times did they talk about minny’s old barn and what Big 10 fan doesnt know about it already? and it seems common that they talk eric gordon, eric gordon and cant pronounce other names and seem to know little about what is going on). They’re backed up by a worse production team(i.e.- panning the crowd while the game is going on and/or dragging out some ridiculous interview that no one cares about or repeating the same nonsensical human interest story all night). And, all that is when we can even see the game at all (BTN). All these things suck. And as much of a farce as it is that these players are actually student-athletes, in the NCAA’s fantasy world and rule book they are, so I think Coach Knight has a point. As much as anything, it burns me that it is completely and 100% about money and out of the hands of the schools and the league. ESPN owns college sports.

    I guess I say all this because I loathe our pop culture that is in part personified by ESPN. I dream of a day when we could go back to every game on Channel 4 with maybe a couple CBS and ESPN. With a pre-game show and an IU broadcast team. ESPN has so many BS anecdotal stories, stats, interviews, sound effects, stuff flashing across every corner of the screen, news breaks and other crap going on I can barely take it. Of course, who am I to complain now when having it on ESPN is a “good” thing because I can actually watch it at home? Why do they think it’s anything but annoying to break into the game for 20 seconds to flash about something that the Cowboys’ (a team that isnt playing for 8 months) assistant coach is doing. Like those rabid Cowboy fans that are watching the IU-Minny game cant make it through the last 15 minutes of the game before SportsCenter starts.

    Unfortunately, the world has passed that by and we have no say. So, what’s it matter? If 100 million Chinese became huge Big 10 hoops fans, ESPN would start making us play at 3am so they could watch.

    Sorry for the rant, and I know it really involves aa lot more than the simple question that provoked it, but I do think these things are true and the late start is more annoying to me because of why we all are forced to deal with it.

  6. The biggest problem I have with the 9PM start is that the powers
    that be, esp. CBS, don’t mind letting the talking heads roar on
    well after the game is over and while ours goes into action. Then
    they add 5 minutes of commercials before finally going to the
    game in progress. (At least ESPN didn’t do the commercials.)

    And, I don’t think it is fair to the students and student athletes
    for us to draw so many late starts.

  7. The late starts are bad news. Not only are they hard on the kids they are tough on the fans as well. You automatically eliminate the younger fans who are the hoosier fans of the future. The ncaa should spend less time worrying about phone calls and more tim worrying about treating this like a college sport rather than a money machine.

  8. Late starts are bad for : student athletes,young fans and older fans like myself who has a job that requires me to get up at 5:00 AM . That means that I have to come home and take a nap , wake up and suffer all the B.S that everyone has already mentioned , other games playing late etc. I sometimes can’t take it and listen to the radio even though there is a difference of about six seconds.

  9. Late starts killed baseball for a generation. Kids don’t grow up watching the World Series anymore because it ends at 1:00 a.m.

  10. the 9pm starts are not my favorite- the broadcast usually starts 5 minutes into the IU game because of the 7pm game and it ends close to 11:30 which is way too late. and if it’s carried by the BTN, we must go to a local restaurant to watch which is even worse (the BTN is not carried by Time Warner in Cincinnati)

  11. As Jeffrey notes above, typically the 9 pm games involve one of the five Big Ten schools in the Central Time Zone. The only exception on IU’s schedule is the Thusday, February 16 game at Michigan State. While the 9 pm starts aren’t ideal for those of us in the Eastern Time Zone, the 7 pm games start at 6 pm in the Central, which isn’t ideal either. If it were 15 games a year, I would have a problem with it, but six a year? Not that big a deal.

  12. I’m glad that we have early and late games. Sometimes it’s hard to replicate the feel of a late night prime-time game! As was said before it’s not every game either and it is impossible to please everyone with the schedule. Also for students… I honestly don’t think that many of them go to sleep before 11 or midnight anyway! Go HOOSIERS!

  13. I live in Texas and can’t get the BTN, so 8:00 CST ESPN games are a huge plus. It’s the 6:00 games that have me rushing home from work. Also, Steve Lavin could call every IU game and I wouldn’t be disappointed (unless Gus Johnson’s available on CBS, of course).

  14. I dread going back to watching many games on WTTV4…the picture is so bad. It’s like watching one of those ESPN Classic games from the 70s or 80s. The BTN has a great HD picture at least. I’m sure if I didn’t have DirecTv then I’d long for the channel 4 games but no thanks.

  15. Kudos to Jim above here, I agree with you completely.

    The hour drive each way to the game makes 9 pm for me a little tough, but I won’t miss a game.

    Go Hoosiers!

  16. Being in my mid 20’s I guess the late game thing doesn’t bother me much. Like everyone else, it is the BTN that is annoying. Not only do I not get it (comcast in chicago) but the bar I usually go to down the street from my place doesn’t have direct tv either, so I have to pedal around on my bike searching out somewhere with an Indiana affiliation showing the game. Luckily, I am only a 10 minute bike ride from The Kirkwood on Sheffield, but with the late (read: cold) games I would much rather just walk down to the bar on the corner and throw some darts while I watch my beloved Hoosiers.

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