Bassett looks fine

Armon Bassett warms up prior to the Michigan game.

So Armon Bassett’s on the court, dressed and warming up. And he looks healthy as could be. Don’t know what that means. Because he looked that way warming up for the Iowa game, too.

I spoke with an orthopedic surgeon earlier today who explained to me what the term “bone chips” really means. It’s actually a fairly common occurrence when a player suffers a severe sprain. When the ligament is stretched or torn it can cause flecks of bone to come loose at the same time.

Kelvin Sampson has mentioned on several occasions that Bassett might need surgery to correct the injury, either during or after the season. But the surgeon I spoke to said he rarely sees cases where surgery is needed for this type of injury.

So, the mystery surrounding that ever-so-important ankle of Armon Bassett continues. We’ll see how he reacts tonight. My source said today that the best thing would be for Bassett to rest a few weeks and let the ankle really heal. Basketball, as you’re all aware, can be tough on the feet with the quick cutting and constant jumping.