1. I heard the last half of the Coach Sampson Radio Show…during the Q&A portion. Here are some things he said:
    Why not zone Illinois more than one play?
    – Because we are a crappy zone defense team. They thought about it, but just because other teams do it doesn’t mean it will work for us.

    Ever thought of implementing some type of press or half court trap?
    – Yes, things like this are thought about a lot and now that the guards are at full strength they may put some new stuff in.

    He talked about the similarities between the Big XII and Big Ten…said both were tough, had great reputations, great programs…many similarities…hardly any differences.

    What teams are great this year?
    – no surprise here, he said Memphis, UNC, UCLA, Kansas look like they are a step above right now.

    Unsung guy on this team?
    – Ellis…but he also loves what Stemler and M.White do for the team. Those 3 don’t care about their shots or points, they just find something they can do to help win. Ellis does all the dirty work and knows how to win.

    Why doesn’t Deandre play more and in particular in the 2nd half against Illinois?
    – He deserves to play a little more, he did some good things against Michigan. But against Illinois, they nearly always have Randle at the 4 and Pruitt at the 5. If DJ is in there, what guy is Deandre going to guard? DJ is much better at guarding post men like Pruitt which leaves Dre on Randle, who is a perimeter slashing big guy. Terrible matchup. Basically it all comes down to the personel of the other team and whether he can match up.

    Those were some of the Q&A’s…some of those answers were just about word for word of his…while others summarized what he said.

  2. I wish someone would ask him what he thought about the point gaurd play of Jordan Crawford. I’m glad that Basset was on the court for some of the Illini game, he brings a calming pressence to that posistion unlike the And 1 presence that Jordan brings.

  3. He’s a freshman asked to run the team when he knows how to score more than anything else. He’s a slashing guard learning to play the point. Cut him a break…freshman are going to have bad games. He’ll learn and improve. Sampson said himself that Jordan is better than what he showed.

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