CBS giving you the shaft? Go PPV

If you live in a market that won’t show Illinois and Indiana’s highly anticipated first meeting of the year tomorrow, you can order the game on your computer.

All it will cost is $10 bucks. Just stave off eating for a few days and you’ll recoup that cash in no time.

Cheers to the power and potential of the Internet.

Here’s a release from IU with details:

Indiana fans who live in a market that will not be airing Sunday’s men’s basketball game against Illinois will now have a chance to order the game online. will feature a special pay-per-view offering of the CBS Sports broadcast of Illinois at Indiana (4:30 PM, ET).

The game will be available live online across the nation through’s Pay-Per-View service. Fans can purchase the live stream of each game for $9.95 at

Verne Lundquist and Billy Packer will call the action.


  1. Chris and the guys,I have insight/comcast and I can’t get the big
    ten network. Why can’t those games be put on PPV as CBS is doing?
    I bet most of us would pay to see the games while Comcast and BTW work out a deal.

  2. the big ten network wont put their games on PPV because they are still trying to strong arm the cable companies. allowing cable customers to view the games on PPV means cable customers wont call their cable providers and demand the BTN, as they hope we all are doing currently.

    no way am i paying $10 for a BTN PPV game anyway. my hope is that network falls flat on its face.

  3. BrasKO, Thanks for the info. It is all about money!! I have contacted
    my cable company 250 times. They ask if I would please stop since
    they know my view. That is bull!!! I am disabled but I am thinking
    about an old fashion sit-in at my local cable office!

  4. ronb – don’t blame the cable company. If you think about it, before the BTN, these games were all on basic cable, all shown for free. Now the BTN has stepped in, wants to charge a price for a network that has no proven value, especially now that the majority of the IU games left will be on national TV and not on the BTN.

  5. i agree with mike p. before the BTN all games except those on ESPN networks were available for free on local over the air channels. but the main point here that i cannot get past, and what ultimately makes me side with insight/comcast, is how the BTN really believes they can charge a premium price for their channel during its infancy. and while the BTN is a great idea, the quote i read a few months back about indiana basketball fans not caring much about seeing iowa volley ball says it all.

    unfortunately, i dont see comcast winning this one. most people just have not been patient enough and have switched to satellite or ATT uverse. i cant say i blame them – if i were able to get satellite or uverse here at my apt complex i would have long ago. as many have stated – the biggest loser in the long run is the consumer.

  6. I can see where the cable customers are coming from, and I work with several. That being said, since I’m a customer of DirecTV, I’m in love with the BTN. Not only can I catch the IU games, but any B10 game not broadcast nationally…much to my wife’s chagrin. LOL.

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