Connecticut at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

Eric Gordon, nonplussed.


You can tell that the fans aren’t accustomed to seeing losses here. They’re yelling obscenities and pointing as the game slogs through its final minutes.

This certainly was not the officials’ fault. UConn simply exposed Indiana as a team that has not been tested enough at this point in the year.


UCONN 62, INDIANA 58 (51.1)

Indiana steals the inbounds and gets the ball to Bassett, who hits a 3.


UCONN 62, INDIANA 55 (1:00)

Austrie has missed two out of his last four free throws but Indiana can’t make it hurt. On one possession Stemler opts to hop inside the 3-point arc and misses his shot. On the next, Gordon goes hard at the rim but can’t draw a foul, although the fans, and Kelvin Sampson, think he did.


UCONN 60, INDIANA 55 (1:27)

Austrie hits his two but Bassett hits a 3 and Sampson calls another time out.


UCONN 58, INDIANA 52 (1:47)

Adrien, not known as a good free throw shooter, hits both. That’s how the day has been for Indiana

Gordon drives and kicks back to D.J. White for a jumper. Sampson calls a time out and instructs his team to press. Connecticut pushes through it and A.J. Ratliff has to foul Craig Austrie.


UCONN 56, INDIANA 50 (2:58)

Lance Stemler makes the veteran play his team needs him to make, rebounding a Jordan Crawford 3 and popping a shot up, over and in. The crowd reacts by cheering as loudly as it has all year.

Connecticut reacts by bouncing the ball inside to Jeff Adrien, who draws a foul from D.J. White. He’ll shoot after the break.


UCONN 56, INDIANA 48 (4:08)

The Hoosiers seem to have figured out how to score. But they can’t get a stop.


UCONN 52, INDIANA 44 (5:28)

Calhoun senses some momentum from that Stemler 3-pointer and takes a full time out.


UCONN 48, INDIANA 39 (7:46)

A.J. Price is showing you why Jim Calhoun said he wouldn’t trade him for any point guard in the Big East. He has really controlled this game. Stanley Robinson has come to play today, too. He’s a streaky player but has 10 points and 10 rebounds right now.


UCONN 46, INDIANA 39 (9:09)

Gordon re-enters the game and goes right to the hole for a basket.

But UConn calmly comes back with penetration and handoff to Thabeet, who can dunk without really jumping.


UCONN 42, INDIANA 37 (10:13)

As soon as I point out Gordon’s struggles, he emerges from them the only way he knows how: explosively. Gordon’s really running around now and getting at the rim.

But it’s not enough. The Huskies have so many options working today. A.J. Price has not only scored 10 points himself, he’s worked his teammates into the offense.

Wait . . . here’s Jordan Crawford getting it going from 3-point. His two deep 3s, tossed up only after it looks like there’s no other option, put Indiana within five.


UCONN 33, INDIANA 27 (15:45)

The refs have been the center of the fans’ attention so far. A no-call during that scrum that allowed Thabeet to score an easy put back first brought down the chants of naughty words. That foul by Ellis leading into the break continued them.

Nothing is working for Gordon (2-for-10 shooting). D.J. White’s gone a bit cold, too (3-for-10 shooting). Maybe it’s time to let Bassett go all Rod Wilmont and start shooting 3s every other possession.


  1. i agree that the refs didnt lose us the game(they kindve did) but they failed to let us compete. Its a tough loss to swallow and im nervous about our next contest.

  2. IU sinks…to let a bunch of sophmores and without two of its better players, come into IU’s home and dominate tells you the IU is OVER RATED.
    This would not happen with Bobby “The General” Knight coaching.

  3. Horace……wake up. The only accurate thing you said is that IU sinks, although I think you meant stinks. No they didnt stink….they simply could not keep up with quicker, penetrating guards. Any opposing coach knows how to score against us. I have seen it for four games in a row.

    Bobby “in general” is gone. So is $2.00 gas. It was a tough loss to swallow, but tougher for the kids. Come back Hoosiers. Learn to defend.

  4. We can win at Wisconsin, but we could also get whacked. This game is over. Thank goodness it came now and not in March. This is a good IU team, but not great (yet?). Teams with really good size are probably going to cause IU trouble the rest of the year. The One on one offense that worked against lesser opponents was exposed today, and EJ apparently does not walk on water after all! DJ scored his first second half point with 5 minutes to go in the game?

    What adjustments did anybody notice KS make? Even the radio crew was questioning the decisions to foul near the end when it was a one possession game.

    A steady diet of lesser oppponents leads to over-confidence, bad habits, and upsets. Hopefully we begin to make some real improvement to our coaching and playing. We have a lot to work on.

  5. IU is again trying to win with a center and four guards. Over rated, out played, under-sized, one and gun, individual play. I’m not a Knight lover, but he wouldn’t have put up with this hyper-ball and 30’jump shots.

  6. Bob Knight? You mean that guy that is lost down in Texas and hasn’t been relevant in more than a decade? He wouldn’t ‘put up’ with it because he doesn’t know how to coach in today’s game.

  7. this was hard game to watch. we didn’t match up well down low and we didn’t play well. it’s hard to win when you aren’t shooting well and the other team is much much bigger so you can’t get a rebound. basically, it is our fault we lost.

    HOWEVER, i definitely would not say “This certainly was not the officials’ fault.” it’s ultimatly our fault we lost, but we certainly has some help. i’m not sure how i want to word this to be honest. we need to play better. i really hate it when people say “you need to play well enough to overcome bad officiating sometimes.” that’s crap. the officials are supposed to be impartial facilitators. i’m not saying they were out to help uconn, not at all. i am saying that today we were not allowed to play our game. uconn certainly had something to do with that, but i believe the officiating did too.

    i meant this to be a short post, not a rant. but it’s difficult to explain my meaning in a few short lines. all i’m trying (and failing probably) is that we lost this game. but i really think it is a mistake to pin it all on us. first, give uconn some credit. yes they were short handed but they are clearly underrated (this isn’t their only big win). second, do not act like the officials had nothing to do with this. they were some very bad calls in there. in the end, i’m most angry that we played so badly i feel like i don’t deserve to complain about the officials. but i really hope we don’t have that crew ever again. and i hope they look at the tape and see some of their mistakes. ok, my rant is over. let’s just pick up the pace and get a big win in wisconsin on thursday and put this loss behind us.

  8. That officiating crew was terrible. That old ref with the fat head needs to retire. He is consistlently terrible. Whats with Big Ten refs all being over the age of 80. Sure Iu, didn’t play very well, but the officiating was really frustrating. I’ve been to a lot of games but have never heard the crowd chanting ” F___ the ref” like they did at the end of the game against UConn.

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