Connecticut at Indiana, in-game analysis

The scene under the basket.


The Hoosiers are 8-for-29 from the field. Connecticut’s playing tough defense but Indiana is working for shots. It had no plan on that final possession.


UCONN 26, INDIANA 22 (2:09)

Connecticut had about four chances at that basket and finally Robinson got it to fall and drew the foul. The Huskies have 19 rebounds to Indiana’s 16.

During this time out it looks like Sampson is really scribbling away on the board.

Armon Bassett, who has hit two 3-pointers today, has the best 3-point shooting percentage in the Big Ten. He’s hitting more than 50 percent.


UCONN 24, INDIANA 19 (3:39)

Indiana’s offense — whatever it is supposed to be — is not functioning well today. Gordon got to the line and hit one but he’s not been put in a position to get shots or have space to drive.

Connecticut is so diverse. Price hit a midrange and then a 3-pointer.


UCONN 17, INDIANA 16 (7:27)

Indiana’s shot selection has been horrendous. Jamarcus Ellis just insisted on driving and throwing up a line drive that clanked. He had Eric Gordon wide open for 3.

DeAndre Thomas, when he was inserted into the game, tried a turn around jumper early in a possession.

Connecticut is moving the ball much better. First, Price dribble penetrated and found Adrien for a dunk. Then the Huskies worked it inside-out and then inside-out again to get Price open for a 3.



About as entertaining as anybody could have hoped for so far. Both teams are crashing the boards.

Gordon is trying to find a hole in the Huskies’ defense but so far that work has been futile. He went under the basket and tried to scoop a ball off the glass but it missed baldy. Sampson didn’t like the shot, and let Gordon know.

D.J. White is stepping out and hitting over Thabeet. He’s got six points and four rebounds.


INDIANA 9, UCONN 1 (15:53)

The Hoosiers are in early foul trouble. Every player on the floor has a foul less than five minutes into the game. As expected, Gordon is attacking. He’s missed two mid-range jumpers.

Connecticut looks as though it will be content to work the ball inside to their big men. Since those guys have such a height advantage, Indiana must cut off the passing lanes.


INDIANA 6, UCONN 0 (18:05)

Interesting start to the game. Craig Austrie, the guy replacing Jerome Dyson, took the first shoot for UConn and missed.

At the other end, Gordon didn’t hesitate to drive on Austrie but had the ball knocked away. Then he hit a deep 3.

And after a few defense stops, Jamarcus Ellis, a 22 percent 3-point shooter, pulls up and knocks down a 3.


Mike White back into the starting lineup for Indiana. He’s joined by D.J. White, Jamarcus Ellis, Eric Gordon and Armon Bassett.


Seven minutes until tip:

In a post below I said I didn’t know if A.J. Price would be physical enough to handle Eric Gordon. I should point out that Indiana might have trouble guarding Price’s first step. He’s very quick. Stanley Robinson, the 6-9 forward, is another tough match up for the Hoosiers.