Final thought from today’s chat

We entered an area where we couldn’t get good wireless card reception (OK, we went to eat at the Beef House) and this final thought came into our chat.


I’ve noticed Kelvin Sampson has turned the Indiana program around in the snap of a finger. He has put together a good team (not a great team) this year, but you can’t expect a national championship caliber team in his second year. He inherited an NIT caliber team last year and made the an NCAA Tournament competitor. I’ve never seen a bigger group of whiners than IU fans. You’re 17-2 and 6-0 in the conference, and some of you whine all the time. Your offense is very efficient and scores a lot of points compared to the number of possessions you have in a game. If anything, it’s been break downs on the defensive end of the floor that have caused you to lose your two games. And give up the bashing of Kelvin’s offensive philosophy. My goodness. It’s the exact same philosophy as Tom Izzo. Set offenses are designed to put your best players in position to succeed. If you want your precious motion offense, go cheer for Bobby Knight down in Lubbock. I think he’s winning about half his games down there. Observer, Norman, OK


  1. You have yet to hear an IU fan complain about being 17-2(6-0). The complaints are that we have played 17 weak teams and two decent teams. We beat the 17 weak ones and lost to the two decent ones. So although we all agree we have more talent and more potential, we beat these decent teams all year last year and this year they are our nemisis. THAT is where the complaints are. I would prefer to have 3 quality wins and 3 or 4 quality losses over 2 decent losses and no quality wins.

  2. As an IU fan I’m tired of hearing other IU fans complain about the schedule. Nobody complained before the season when S. Illinois and UK were ranked by the national press and it was thought unlikely that even the top Big Ten teams would win many conference road games.

    SIU and UK have had disappointing seasons and teams like Michigan, Illinois and Iowa are struggling more than most people reasonably anticipated.

    None of this makes for a valid complaint against Kelvin Sampson or the IU program at large. You might as well be complaining about the difference between last night’s forecast and today’s weather.

  3. I seem to recall the same sort of people complaining a few years back when IU “scheduled its way out of the NCAAs” by having a killer non-conference schedule under Mike Davis that resulted in an NIT bid one year and missing the postseason entirely the second.

    Either the schedule is too hard, or too soft. Just can’t please some people, can you?

  4. Not sure many IU fans realize, but that Illinois State team that we beat has actually had a decent season thus far. They are always mentioned on ESPN’s Weekly Watch thing, althought they’ve recently lost a couple in the Missouri Valley. I believe they are 2nd in that conference to #17 Drake. At the end of the year, that could end up looking like a “good win.”

    Yes the schedule has turned out fairly weak, but how could IU have predicted SIU and UK to have down seasons. It’s not like they tried to choose an incredibly weak schedule. Some schools play cupcakes every preseason the whole way through basically…Syracuse comes to mind in recent years.

    I recommend people not bickering about the weak schedule and let the big ten season play out. We’ll find out what kind of team this is in the upcoming weeks. If we lose tonight I’m sure the sky will be falling though, just like after every loss.

  5. Amen!

    You can have all the movement in the world on offense and still not get a good shot, yet somehow IU fans equate “movement” with good offense.

    I’ve been watching some classic games (IU & otherwise) on the Big Ten Network, and those teams from the past had their bad moments as well. It seems like people compare this team to the highlight reel of yesteryear, not reality.

  6. Only IU fans – seriously. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another thing. It’s what makes it great and (sometimes) irritating to be an IU fan.

    Just last week, heading into the UCONN game many IU fans had their concerns with our play but many thought we would pull it out in the end. Now, here we are sitting atop the Big Ten standings having won 3 road games (or is it 4?) and in first place traveling to Wisconsin. And now the doomsday prognosticators say we have very little chance to win at Wisconsin.

    I fully realize that some have what they call ‘legitimate’ concerns about how IU plays. It’s just unfortunate that the loss against UCONN was all it took for these individuals to come out of the woodwork and have a voice heading into the Wisconsin game. It’ll be tough to win at Wisconsin, certainly. But it’s not impossible and this IU team is still loaded on offense – with or without a health Gordon.

  7. I don’t recall the last time we had such a good record… oh yes, the Calbert Chaney days. THAT team was good, and lost to (Gasp) Kansas as I recall (Sweet Sixteen?) and we were all very disappointed. I wanted Bobby’s head on a platter. But looking back, we haven’t done better since until now.

  8. We have a good team that has played well despite lacking some components. I am very glad Coach Sampson is here. Our team plays hard and with spirit. GO HOOSIERS.

  9. I think a lot of it has to do with a sense of urgency the fans have. I think the fans feel it far more than the players. A lot of time has past since we have been nationally recognized and after this year we will be rebuilding since most of the front-line players getting minutes and EJ will be gone.

  10. I think Mark just nailed it. The fans are the ones with the “sense of urgency” and we want so bad to infuse it into the team. We forget that they are just kids playing a game. We must let them play and let KS coach. Good or bad. Take what you get. I love to watch…..I critique (cry) when we lose…..I love when we win….and the sun rises the same the following day. There is more to life than sports and basketball, but it is fun to follow. The differing opinions are also fun to read, but folks seem a bit extreme sometimes. We all need a bit of Swampy’s humor about the whole thing. Go Hoosiers….kick Badgers

  11. I too have heard others talk about the schedule but that wasn’t being talked about here until someone complained about people talking about it. Doesnt make much sense now does it. The OBSERVER OF THE OBSERVER simply stated that WITH the schedule we have (never said it was a bad one) that IU fans are upset in the way we are playing. The 2 teams that we played with substance both ended in losses. If they both or at least one ended in a win, THEN not many would be complaining. So stop talking about the lack of quality teams on the schedule and start realizing that we have NO quality wins. If we only schedule one quality team then we should ahve ONE quality win.

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