Illinois at Indiana, in-game analysis

D.J. White dunks.


  • Randle hits one plus the bonus.
  • Ellis resorts to a bad shot. Unusual for him.
  • Gordon drives and dishes to Mike White, who is fouled.
  • Now Gordon drives again and throws to the other White. For a baseline jumper.
  • DeAndre rebounds, then almost hits the overhead scoreboard with a long pass.
  • Hoosiers are so sloppy right now. In every facet of the game.
  • Look how Davis slipped into space there and McCamey had a lane to get it to him.
  • Ratliff pulls up and hits a 3. Would have been a terrible decision had it not gone it. But that’s a senior play from a senior.
  • McCamey shakes Gordon and hits a 3.
  • Ratliff misses the buzzer shot.


ILLINOIS 27, INDIANA 25 (3:50)

  • The Hoosiers are 0-for-6 from 3-point.
  • Gordon hits the front of a one and one. Hits the second, too.
  • Now Tisdale gets open on the baseline and hits a mid-range jumper.
  • D.J. White called for an offensive foul.
  • Randle drives on Mike White and draws a foul.


ILLINOIS 25, INDIANA 23 (4:38)

  • Mike White not only grabs a rebound, but scores on a put back and is fouled.
  • Now Indiana showing the 2-3 zone. The Illini pass around it and Mike Tisdale, the 7-1 freshman, has an easy dunk.
  • Gordon’s back in the game. Has only four points.
  • Ellis begins the drive and is fouled by Meacham. He shoots 1 plus the bonus and hits both.
  • McCamey forced to shoot late in the clock, misses.
  • Crawford clangs a 3 off the rim as Indiana’s offense is void of movement.
  • Illinois gets Steve Holden open for a 3. He hits.
  • Gordon’s got the ball. Drives on Brock and draws a foul.
  • Sampson is getting into his guards as this time out begins. No happy about the possession that ended with Crawford’s brick.


ILLINOIS 20, INDIANA 19 (7:21)

  • Brock gets a bucket.
  • Gordon comes back and slices through the lane for his first field goal of the night.
  • Bassett preparing to enter the game.
  • Teams trade bad possessions.
  • Crawford’s called for a foul, sending Mike Davis to the line. He hits one of two.
  • Illinois is in a 2-3 zone now. Ratliff with a 3. Misses.
  • Illini get late in the shot clock and Randle misses.
  • Mike White turns it over. Ratliff fouls Brock on the break. Hard. Brock responds by hitting two free throws.
  • Ellis gets into the lane and scores. The Hoosiers are able to drive at will, it seems.
  • Bassett takes his first shot — a 3 — and misses.
  • Nice passing sequence leads to a foul and a media time out. D.J. White kicks out to Ratliff, Ratliff finds Mike White under the net and he’s pounded before even shooting.


INDIANA 15, ILLINOIS 15 (11:39)

  • Lance Stemler enters the game and is called for a foul. Now Ellis fouls Meacham off the ball.
  • Illinois with another miss.
  • Indiana ahead, Crawford gets to the lane. Dish to D.J. White, who is fouled.
  • Webe’s just been warned by the officials after complaining about that call.
  • Lance Stemler witha big block.
  • Crawford to the lane, misses. A scrum afterwards as Pruitt takes exception to DeAndre Thomas’s play. There will be a review. Of something.
  • Now Sampson and Weber have been called to mid-court for a meeting with the officials. Not sure what this about.
  • OK. We know now. A double technical foul has been called. Thomas and Pruitt are the culprits. A regular foul called on Stemler, too. So, end result? Illinois ball.
  • Good team defense, but Mike Davis eventually hits a floater to tie it.
  • Gordon’s called for traveling for a second time.


INDIANA 14, ILLINOIS 13 (13:20)

  • Gordon hits both.
  • D.J. White hits from 10 feet. Pulls his team within 1.
  • Brock misses. Mike White rebound.
  • Now a quick touch pass to D.J. White for a resounding slam. Assembly Hall is, as the kids say, rockin’.


ILLINOIS 13, INDIANA 8 (14:23)

  • Gordon goes hard to the hole. He really wants to dunk, but can’t get the ball above the rim. Yeoman’s work by White and White, with D.J. eventually getting fouled, follows. White hits two free throws.
  • Pruitt cuts toward the middle and gets D.J. White to foul him on the floor. Indiana absolutely can’t afford to get D.J. White in foul trouble.
  • Randle hits a deep jumper.
  • Crawford handles a possession and can’t make anything happen.
  • At the other end, an amazing alleyoop finished by Brock.
  • Jamarcus Ellis with a heads up play, gets a shot and Mike White rebounds and scores.
  • Illinois throws the length of the court. Brock gets and scores .
  • Gordon misses a 3.
  • McCamey hits a 3.
  • Crawford puts back a D.J. White miss.
  • Jordan Crawford to the baseline, then hits an improbable shot.
  • White with a board high above.
  • Gordon drives and is fouled.
  • What a pace to this game.



  • People are already standing here. It is loud.
  • Brock starts out matched on Gordon. Gordon eventually gets a 3-pointer off but misses.
  • Brian Randle slips away and hits a midrange jumper.
  • Ellis tosses a pass for D.J. White, but he’s cut away from the path he was on. Turnover.
  • Gordon’s guarding Trent Meacham, and Meacham is running him around all over. And through screens. No Pruitt gets open for a dunk on the baseline. Sampson calls a time out.


Starting for the Hoosiers: Gordon, Ellis, Crawford, Mike White and D.J. White.

Demetri McCamey, Illinois’ freshman guard, is making his second start of the year. In many ways, he was a swing player in the Eric Gordon recruitment: he was considering both Indiana and Illinois but ended up at Illinois when Gordon switched.

So, for now, neither team has its starting point guard, though both appear to be dressed.


Illinois coach Bruce Weber just shook hands with Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson. They exchanged a brief word, but that was about it.


An interesting recruiting note: Fort Wayne sophomore DeShaun Thomas is here. One of the top players in the class of 2010, Thomas gave a verbal commitment to Ohio State over the summer, the waffled on it. But many believed he was still planning on playing for the Buckeyes.

Well, apparently he has reopened his recruitment. He just told Michael Sanserino of the Indiana Daily Student that he’s here on a recruiting visit and is considering other schools. He’s seated near Tipton’s Derek Elston, a 2009 forward who has already given a verbal to Indiana.

The teams have gone to their respective locker rooms as we prepare for the national anthem. The Hall is filling in now that the Colts have lost.