Indiana at Iowa, in-game analysis (2nd half)

With Indiana looking to have this game in control, I must take a blog hiatus and work on my story.

Back in a bit.


INDIANA 65, IOWA 56 (5:21)

  • Another alley-oop to Looby cuts Indiana’s lead to five.
  • Gordon throws the ball away.
  • Stemler steps out and commits a needless, silly foul. Freeman hits two.
  • Gordon is fouled. He hits the front and back of a one and one.
  • Peterson beats Crawford with a beautiful spin move. But can’t get it to fall.
  • Ellis with a lob to White — what vision! — for a dunk.
  • Crawford drives and dishes to White for a dunk.


INDIANA 59, IOWA 51 (7:47)

  • Ellis has been everywhere for Indiana. He’s got 10 points, 6 rebounds, 5 steals, 5 assists and 1 block.
  • Tate with the dunk put back.
  • Gordon to the lane, finds White, who finds a foul and will shoot two. He makes one. But Stemler grabs a rebound and Ellis scores.
  • Gordon called for that foul. Freeman hits one, but Iowa gets a rebound and Peterson drives the lane.
  • Gordon starting to take it on himself. Gets to the rim and forces Gorney into his third foul. Gordon hits both.
  • Peterson again penetrates but this time misses.
  • DeAndre Thomas comes up big. Backs his man down — knocking him over, crowd wants a foul — and missing a shot but getting the rebound and drawing the foul. He hits both as the crowd chants “Dunkin’ Donuts.”
  • Iowa gets into the bonus first, as Thomas fouls trying for an offensive rebound. Gorney hits the first, not the second.
  • Thomas almost loses the ball, the gathers and gets a shot at the rim. It falls.
  • Thomas picks up his fourth personal. He’ll stay in though. Tate hits one.
  • Gordon’s playing point guard. With good reason. He goes to the lane, has to cut left and somehow get the ball off the glass and in. Then he hits a free throw.

INDIANA 47, IOWA 44 (11:52)

  • Ellis converts both free throws.
  • Johnson hits a 3 after Ellis leaves his feet.
  • Now Ellis gets in the lane and hits a bank.
  • D.J. White is called for a charge; that’s his third personal.
  • Indiana’s playing on the road, and feeling it. White went up with gusto. No foul.
  • Gordon draws two defenders and throws to Lance Stemler, left open. He misses the 3.
  • Ellis with a tip. He’s been so strong in the paint.
  • Gordon, who has shut down Freeman completely, is called for the foul.
  • Gordon finds Stemler again, and this time he hits the 3.

IOWA 42, INDIANA 38 (15:20)

  • Hustle points could be coming for the Hoosiers, as D.J. White got to a loose ball, pulled up for a shot and missed. Ellis was there for a tip attempt, but was fouled and missed.

IOWA 42, INDIANA 38 (15:54)

  • Gorney knocks down a jumper.
  • Gordon’s been spectacular on defense. Shut down Freeman there, then almost made another steal but was just out of bounds.
  • Nice feed into the Gorney there and Mike White picks up his second foul. Gorney hits to free throws to tie it.
  • Ellis misses an open 3, and it bounces off the rim and up over the backboard.
  • Tate hits and Mike White fouls.
  • D.J. White has the ball stripped inside and Iowa can take a two possession lead.
  • And it does, with a drive and dish to Cyrus for a dunk.
  • Sampson’s had enough and calls time out.


INDIANA 38, IOWA 34 (18:15)

  • Freeman gets to the rim but is met by three defenders and misses his shot.
  • White tries a shot from the baseline and misses it.
  • It’s Ellis on Johnson, who misses a 3 pointer badly. Doesn’t even hit the rim.
  • Gordon takes the inbounds and floats to the rim for a score.
  • Now a turnover and quick basket by Crawford leads to Lickliter calling a time out.


A few notes heading into the second half:

  • Looks like Indiana will be with Bassett, and Iowa won’t have Kelly.
  • Gordon’s got 13 points, but the Hoosiers still need to get him the ball more often. He’ll get Iowa in foul trouble.
  • No surprise as to who is hurting Indiana: Freeman, the veteran guard, and Johnson, the lanky guard. Ratliff, who is still a bit unsure of himself in his first game, might be a good match up for Johnson. It’s him or Ellis, since Gordon’s handling Freeman.


  1. If ESPN play-by-play is correct Johnson scored 19 points in less than two minutes (the final two minutes!). Two questions:

    Who is this guy?

    Was anybody guarding him?

  2. I have the BTN so to answer Mike K.’s questions:
    1. I had never previously heard of Justin Johnson but he is apparently their leading scorer and he went insane in the last two minutes
    2. Yes IU was guarding him fine. The guy was just on fire. One of his shots was from behind the coaches bench and then one was from half court. There was nothing IU could have done. When a guy is in the zone sometimes stuff happens.

    Also the bottom line is IU was able to win on the road in Big Ten play against a team who gave its best shot.

    Road wins are rare and you have to take them against anyone no matter how you get them.

  3. Mike, we were definitely guarding him. But when a guy starts hitting fadeaway half-court shots, what can you do?

  4. Thanks for the assurances that IU wasn’t just let this guy go. I did see from the shot charts that a couple of his shots were from waaaaaay out. Wow, it would have been fun to see—given that IU won. Congrats to IU.

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