Indiana at Iowa, in-game analysis

Gordon charges to the lane.


  • Last shot goes to . . . Ellis, who hits a bit of a miracle shot after losing the ball and turning and firing. This game goes the half the way it started: tied.

IOWA 34, INDIANA 32 (30.3)

  • Looby gets on the end of that alley-oop.
  • Crawford puts the crowd back down with an easy basket.
  • Now Looby explodes to the hole and dunks. And 1. That prompts Sampson to put D.J. White, Stemler and Gordon back in the game.
  • Angle finds space and hits a jumper to give Iowa the lead.
  • Crawford draws the foul with penetration. But he misses the front of a one and one.
  • Both teams have given away good opportunities unforced errors as the game gets tight.
  • Gordon gets a dunk off an Ellis steal.
  • Johnson comes back with a 3 that puts the Hawkeyes ahead by two.

INDIANA 28, IOWA 25 (3:27)

  • Jake Kelly, the Carmel grad, isn’t on the Iowa bench, apparently due to injury.
  • Gordon comes off a screen again but misses the 3 pointer. Ellis rebounds it and puts it back.
  • Ratliff looks anxious to get that first 3 off. He does so on the run and misses, and D.J. White is called for his second foul trying to get the rebound. He’ll be replaced by Thomas, who already has two fouls.
  • The fans stand as Iowa pulls within five on two free throws.
  • Now Ratliff misses another 3.
  • Angle takes a 3 early and misses.
  • Ellis to the lane …rolls over the rim.
  • Peterson charges the other way and hits.
  • Mike White picks up an offensive foul away from the ball, and Iowa is a 3 away from tying.


INDIANA 26, IOWA 20 (6:31)

  • Iowa again has some success reversing the ball quickly and getting an open shot.


INDIANA 26, IOWA 17 (7:25)

  • Crawford slips as he tries to slip around and go baseline.
  • Iowa turns it over again.
  • Gordon hard to the net…collides with Tate (6-8, 240) and Tate falls and is called for the foul. Gordon hits one of two.
  • Thomas enters the game and immediately fouls Freeman at the top of the key.
  • Poor boxing out there by Indiana.
  • Ratliff scores his first points of the season on a designed play, curling under the basket and taking a pass along the way before hitting a short jumper.
  • Now Crawford fouls. Sampson’s getting after the refs.
  • Crawford shoots over Angle . . . good, for 3.
  • Gordon gets to the foul line. Again. Hits both this time.
  • Ellis works inside for a bucket, and Todd Lickliter calls his third time out of the half.

INDIANA 16, IOWA 15 (11:08)

  • This time White works on Gorney and hits the right-handed hook from the baseline over him.
  • Freeman gets past Ratliff and feeds Angle for an open 3 as the shot-clock buzzer sounds.
  • Gordon’s fouled.

INDIANA 14, IOWA 12 (12:37)

  • No surprise. Indiana comes out of the time out with better intensity. First, it forces an Iowa turnover on the inbounds and then D.J. White gets away from Iowa and Ellis finds him for an easy bucket.
  • Freeman turns it over.
  • D.J. White seems determined to get his own shot. When he does, it clangs off the rim. Why not kick it out there?
  • Looks like they’ll be tight on over-under.
  • Ratliff into the game at 13:04. Let’s see how he handles this.
  • Now Iowa picks up two quick fouls as Indiana is finally moving without the ball.
  • Gordon fakes his man into the crowd, then steps back and hits the 3.


IOWA 12, INDIANA 9 (14:44)

  • Gordon on the run, takes a pass and gets under the basket and scoops it off the glass on the other side.
  • Freeman hits another 3, as the Hawkeyes get the ball reversed to his side and IU doesn’t compensate.
  • Ellis misses a contested 3 and Iowa goes the other way.
  • Good work by Ellis, then Mike White to work the ball into D.J., who misses a lay in.
  • Ellis fouls Freeman, who hits one of two.
  • Basset’s out for Crawford. Looks to be bothered by that ankle.
  • Mike White gets into the lane but can’t hit the hook shot.
  • Gorney slips into the corner and hits a long jump shot to put Iowa ahead.
  • Gordon drives and tries to dish to Mike White but turns it over.
  • Freeman gets open for a mid-range shot.
  • Indiana is doing a terrible job of playing half-court defense.
  • And it is taking bad shots. Like that rush job from Jordan Crawford, off balance and with a defender on him.
  • Have we mentioned that Indiana’s not rebounding either? No effort on that one, and it leads to D.J. White picking up a foul.


INDIANA 7, IOWA 4 (9:31)

  • White hits over Adam Gorney to open the game. Watch that match . . . it’s not good for Iowa.
  • Freeman hits a 3 and is fouled by Bassett. He hits the free throw.
  • Gordon pops off a screen and hits a 3.
  • Ellis keeps a ball in bounds and gets a pass ahead to Bassett, who misses a lay in. But D.J. White cleans it up.


Starting for the Hoosiers: Jamarcus Ellis, Mike White, D.J. White, Armon Bassett and that Eric Gordon fella.

Jake Kelly, the freshman out of Carmel, makes his seventh straight start for the Hawkeyes.


Always an exciting introduction here at Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Gets dark and there’s a video up on the board and some strobe lights and then the team runs out and all that. Very dramatic.

Usually. Very few students are in the building here as the majority haven’t returned for classes yet. Rest of the building is about 40 percent empty with five minutes until tip.

Baby it’s cold out there.


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