Indiana at Michigan, in-game analysis (2nd half)

D.J. White gets two of his 21 points.


  • Adam Ahlfeld enters the game. Oddly, the fans here don’t appreciate him as much as the ones in Bloomington.
  • A few baskets down the end make this game look closer than it was. And longer than it should have been. Not that writers on deadline care about such things.


INDIANA 74, MICHIGAN 54 (3:30)

  • White backs Gibson in, then spins and hits. He’s fouled, and his free throw is good. He has 21 points. And 21 rebounds.
  • As we approach the two-minute mark, I have to wonder if Justin Johnson is anywhere nearby.
  • Gordon looks to drive, which draws Michigan to him. So he feeds Crawford for an easy dunk.


INDIANA 65, MICHIGAN 65 (7:47)

  • Michigan has moved to a full-court press to try to shake loose a run. Doesn’t work. Gordon makes the necessary pass to break it, and eventually Crawford hits a fade-away from the baseline.


INDIANA 63, MICHIGAN 43 (9:06)

  • The Hoosiers are nine minutes of good, smart basketball away from going 2-0 to start Big Ten play.



  • Crawford and Gordon combine on a fast break again. This time Gordon gives to Crawford.
  • Gordon cuts into the lane, goes toward the net and draws a foul from Udoh, who has three. Gordon makes one of two free throws.
  • Indiana’s playing without D.J. White or Jamarcus Ellis right now and faring well.
  • Ratliff comes up with a steal. The Hoosies will try to run some clock now. Here comes Ratliff popping out off the screen … shoots the 3. It’s good.
  • Michigan calls time out.


INDIANA 55, MICHIGAN 39 (13:37)

  • Crawford makes a steal. Breaks in and passes to Gordon. Who swoops in for a dunk you’ll see later tonight, again and again, if you choose to do nothing but watch SportsCenter. Which might worth it.
  • Now Gordon slashes and gets two more.
  • Jevohn Shepherd introduces himself to the game with a basket.


INDIANA 51, MICHIGAN 37 (15:16)

  • Gordon drives. Shot doesn’t fall. White rebounds. And scores.
  • Crawford tries the drive and has the ball blocked again. Watch for someone else to run the offense this time.
  • It’s Gordon. Who misses a 3. But Crawford makes up for it with a steal, and eventually White gets a basket.
  • Ellis reaches in and thinks he gets nothing but ball. Refs disagree. Foul is called. His fourth.


INDIANA 47, MICHIGAN 35 (17:15)

  • Ellis and Gordon both start the second half.
  • Good movement on the first possession eventually leads to Mike White slipping off a screen and taking a bounce pass from Jamarcus Ellis. He can’t finish, but D.J. White grabs a rebound and is fouled while shooting. He hits two.
  • Sims knocks down a 3. Indiana’s lead down to 5.
  • Gordon can hit 3s, too.
  • D.J. White blocks Harris.
  • Gordon with a fade away jumper. Haven’t seen much of that.
  • White blocks Harris again.
  • Now Ellis is blocked.
  • But White steals the ball and goes up with gusto for a dunk. He’s fouled too. Has a double-double already. Say it with me now: All-American.


  1. Brandon McGee may have a long trip back after that sorry attempted dunk. Sampson looked pissed. Did it not look like DJ White grabbed every board, he was sick today. Go IU.. (also excited to actually see a game on tv..I hate the BTN)

  2. What a monster game by DJ. 21 boards and 21 points with around 5 minutes to play. Truly a high water mark, a high bar!

  3. What a monster game by DJ. 21 boards and 21 points with around 3.5 minutes to play. Truly a high water mark, a high bar!

  4. Not classy at all. Good thing Michigan isn’t one of those teams that we have to worry about later where they would remember that dunk attempt.

  5. It looked to me like Beilein and Sampson were agreeing on something, both looked concerned. Judging from Beileins comments about indiana being as good or better than any team they’ve played…I don’t think he was mad at KS.

  6. I hope Kelvin schooled McGee about that last embarassing dunk attempt. This is not Midnight Madness and WE are Indiana. DJ was D-normus. An improving effort. I loved our defense at points. Eric proved that he can do it all, albeit with a few turnovers. I love ESPN, but please… please no more Musburger and Lavin combination. Gag Gag

  7. I second that. McGee embarrassed himself and Indiana. It didn’t look like Sampson was very happy with it, and I’m sure he gave the freshman an earful on the way back to Bloomington.

    If I had to guess, I’d say McGee will be getting pretty comfortable on the bench over the next few games.

  8. Lavin doesn’t bother me, I actually think he’s better than some of the other hacks on ESPN (Jimmy Dykes), Musberger sounds like he has been sipping Everclear prior to gametime. He sounds absolutely hammered throughout the game. At times I would watch the game and listen to a brief portion of what they were discussing and had no idea what it was or what it had to do with the IU-UM game. At least Lavin didn’t provide an incredibly insightful line to close the broadcast such as this gem by Dykes – “Georgia Tech wins this game if they have Eric Gordon.”

    McGee is immature and it’s pretty easy to tell. I don’t think it’s a huge deal but a reaming from Sampson was definitely in order, and you could tell he was going to get one.

  9. If Musberger is on Everclear, then Lavin must be on a stimulant. Or maybe it’s the slickem hair cream he uses. Never liked him coaching and now I can’t stand to hear him call a game. Or attempt to call it. I cringe when I see that duo up for a game.

  10. Oh come on. Lavin is not that bad. He knows the game really well and sometimes it even seems like he’s pro-IU. Lavin and Musberger are definitely two of my favorite announcers.

    I enjoy Brad Nessler, but when he’s paired with Dickie V, I can’t stand it. If Vitale covered an IU game this year, how many times we would we have to hear him yell: “Eric Gordon is a Diaper Dandy Babyyyyy!”

    Clark Kellogg is another great one, as is Dick Enberg (gotta support the IU alumns)

    WW, if you don’t like those two, then who are some of your favorites?

  11. Zak……not sure about announcers, but you are my favorite question asker. You are poking the fire again….aren’t you? You named them. Clark Kellogg and Enberg are good. I love Al Michaels. To the point and a great voice. I’ll ease off Lavin and Mus. I know the game wasn’t all that close, but they were rambling away from the game. I am sure they are both great guys and that is my last cut on them. And … Eric Gordon IS a diaper dandy BABYYY! Except he plays like a 28 year old NBA veteran. Go Hoosiers and keep up the controversial questions Zak.

  12. WW,

    Will do. Oh, and I forgot to add in the obvious choice for everyone’s favorite announcer:

    Don Fischer, the voice of the Hoosiers.

  13. Greatest PA announcer: Chuck Crabb

    Greatest Radio Announcer: Don Fischer

    Greatest TV Play by Play announcer: Dick Enberg

    Greatest Color Analyst: Bill Raftery/Jay Bilas

  14. TV Color and Play by Play Ratings

    Good: Kellogg, Raftery, Lavin, Bilas, Enberg, Gus Johnson (he gets the energy going), Michaels

    Bad: Vitale (great guy, means well, but so annoying…RMK Assembly Hall!), Musberger (decent when sober), Laskowski (sorry, but he just doesn’t show enough emotion), Jimmy Dykes (tries way too hard to think of clever sayings, corny in general), Majerus (his pronounciation of “O-ffense” was enough to irritate me)

    PS: Erin Andrews is nice to look at.

  15. if i read kelvin’s lips correctly, he said “don’t do that again” to mcgee immediately after his showboat dunk attempt. i imagine mcgee will be the best bankshot lay-up shooter on iu before long. glad kelvin called him out right away on that.

    jay bilas gets knocked down a peg on the color commentator scale for his blatant lobbying for ex-dukie teammate, tommy amaker, and his criticism of michigan for getting rid of amaker. wolverines will tell you it’s a wonder he stayed as long as he did. his problem is he’s too nice a guy to be a coach; bilas shouldn’t cover for him or knock michigan for canning him. sometimes, in the real world, duke guys get fired.

    has anybody mentioned chuck marlowe; the ted baxter of iu sports broadcasting lore? there’s got to be a place for him.

    and don fischer has got to be up there with former kentucky broadcaster caywood ledford (the voice of the wildcats) in the ranks of the all-time greatest college hoops announcers. dick enberg — student announcer for iu and then later play by play guy for ucla during the bruins’ heyday — is up there too.

    d j white looks like george mcginnis out there; he’s really buffed up and is playing with more intensity and is a great inside guy; double-doubles should be a regular thing for him i would think.

    overall, thought iu’s play in the michigan game was sloppy and at times, lackadaisical, but when eric gordon got back in, iu took firm control and won pretty much going away. not bad when you consider iu wasn’t in top form and was on the road facing a team desperate for a win.

    illinois will be tough; crowd will be on gordon the whole game. ohio state and minnesota seem to be getting better and starting to worry me a little; and msu and the badgers are the biggest, baddest and best teams iu will have to face in the big ten.

    hoosiers play the spartans in the season finale up there; hope the game is not a “decider” between iu and msu for the big ten title. could be tough, especially if iu has already beaten msu here earlier and the spartans are extra-motivated.

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