Indiana at Michigan, in-game analysis


  • Now Ellis picks up his third foul as he’s called for hooking by his man while getting to the rim.
  • Kelvin Grady knocks down a three as Michigan cuts it to under double digits.
  • Sims has a break all alone. And misses.
  • Crawfords stuffed at the rim. Gets the rebound, keeps it going. Mike White with a drive and bucket.
  • Indiana in a 2-3 zone, and Michigan reverses around it to Sims for a 3.
  • White with two offense rebounds before drawing the foul.
  • Crawford resorts to an off-balance 3 with 4 seconds left. Michigan gets time to throw a desperation shot.
  • And it falls. From half court. A bad omen, to say the very least.


INDIANA 34, MICHIGAN 22 (3:46)

  • Udoh finds room in the paint. I’m surprised Michigan hasn’t tried to use its size advantage in the paint more.
  • Ratliff is playing a really smart offensive game, too. Good passing. Seeing the floor. Still doesn’t have the 3-point touch, though.
  • Harris gets a 3 to fall.
  • Ellis knocks down a 3 for the Hoosiers.
  • Harris gets into the lane, scores and will go to the line. He’s got 11.


INDIANA 29, MICHIGAN 15 (5:54)

  • This is what Ratliff provides for this team. He is really locking down on Harris and making it difficult for him to get looks.
  • White pulls up and faces the basket. He shoots over Udoh there. Has White been an All-American lately, or what?
  • Now Harris gets free and scores his sixth point of the game.


INDIANA 27, MICHGAN 13 (7:51)

  • This is getting interesting. Gordon’s called for his third foul and the Hoosiers aren’t really fond of that call, or several others being made. Sampson implores them to calm down as they gather in their on-court circle for this time out.


INDIANA 27, MICHIGAN 13 (8:38)

  • Ellis and Thomas connect on a pick and roll. Been doing that for years.
  • Gordon back in at the 9:34 mark. I’m guessing he won’t guard Harris.
  • Ratliff gets off a 3-pointer. It misses. He thinks 3 again but finds Thomas under the basket. Smart play.
  • Gordon lets go of a deep 3, again, and it’s good. He’s got 11.


Lloyd Carr, the former Michigan football coach who beat Florida in the Capital One Bowl last week in his final game, is in the first row. He just got a hearty round of cheers from the students here. This arena, by the way, is maybe half full. Maybe.


INDIANA 20, MICHIGAN 11 (10:46)

  • Looks like Harris may be matched up on Gordon now, and Gordon turns it over against the double team.
  • Gordon gets that one to fall. Indiana is really trying to run. Wants no part of the half-court, trying to solve Beilein.
  • Now Gordon picks up his second foul. Ratliff’s going to come in for him.
  • Crawford takes it hard to the rim, and Udoh comes through to swat it away.
  • Stemler with a 3-pointer under a bit of pressure.
  • Ratliff gets in Harris’ face, and Harris misses the 3.
  • Crawford strong to the hole, can’t dunk it. White cleans up for him. That his fifth rebound already.
  • The Wolverines are 1-for-8 from 3-pointer. But you’ve gotta admire the way they keep shooting them. That’s resilience.


INDIANA 13, MICHIGAN 9 (14:43)

  • Gordon is guarding Harris, for those of you wondering.
  • Gordon’s called for a bit of a phantom travel.
  • Gordon is really looking to attack.
  • Harris draws White up into the air then ducks in for a short jumper.
  • Now Crawford knocks down a 3-pointer after having it kicked to him on the far side.
  • Sims gets loose and has an easy bucket.


INDIANA 10, MICHIGAN 5 (16:46)

  • Ellis drives and scoops off the glass with his left hand. Came off a screen and got into the lane.
  • C.J. Lee pops open and pops a 3 pointer.
  • Gordon answers with a 3 of his own. He’ll shoot over this zone a lot, I think.
  • D.J. White with his patented move: two steps and a hook shot. It misses, but he’s fouled and hits both.
  • Harris cuts to the lane, takes a pass and puts it off glass.
  • White’s double teamed but shoots anyway. He misses.
  • Gordon from the lap of one of Michigan’s assistant coaches. That was a loooong 3-pointer.


Who guards Gordon? Do they stick to the 1-3-1 zone? Who guards Harris? Should be interesting to see how the teams feel the game out early.


Crawford gets a start for Indiana in his homecoming (of sorts). He’s joined by D.J. White, Mike White, Jamarcus Ellis and Eric Gordon.