Iowa at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

Eric Gordon makes one of his three blocks.


Gordon’s final line: 17 points, three assists, three blocks, four steals.

Ellis’ final line: 12 points, eight rebounds, four assists, two steals.

INDIANA 63, IOWA 41 (2:34)

Mike White has entered the game, so he must not be injured. Just a match up thing.

Looks like Sampson will empty his bench two nights after taking offense to being questioned about that subject on his radio show.

INDIANA 48, IOWA 35 (11:47)

Time for the nightly Jamarcus Ellis Appreciation post.

Here he makes a steal and breaks the other way. Most other players would at least put the shot off glass. Maybe it goes, maybe it doesn’t. But he’ll probably get fouled.

Ellis turns and finds Gordon for a dunk.

INDIANA 46, IOWA 35 (13:26)

So . . . where’s Mike White?

Eric Gordon had 13 points. You expect that. He’s also go three steals, three assists (to two turnovers) and two blocks.

D.J. White has been tremendous and has 18 points. He may go a second straight game with fewer than 10 rebounds, though, because he’s on the perimeter so much guarding Seth Gorney. White has three rebounds so far.

INDIANA 43, IOWA 28 (15:53)

Hustle plays like the one Armon Bassett — gimpy from bone chips in his left ankle — made in running down that loose ball are what separates great teams from good ones.

That goofy pass that DeAndre Thomas made — after choosing not to hand off to Eric Gordon — are what separates Thomas from more playing time.


  1. So I think IU is playing a pretty good game.Even though DJ has fallen short on rebounding I still think the rest of the team is pulling through. Gordon is obviously playing well and it looks like Ellis is doing alright.The game is still turning out the way that everyone knew it was going to. As we take another victory, all I can say is GO IU!

  2. What was with the Questions any way? If kelvin would have substituted we could have lost the whole game….and if that would have happened the fans would be asking some very different questions. We just bearly slipped away from the Penn State so i say to all the people who question coach Sampsons decicions…….shut your mouths! But as for the game it will just be nother wonderful win for the Indiana University Hoosiers.

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