Iowa at Indiana, in-game analysis

Kelvin Sampson screams.


Bassett took far too long to set that play up but it appears as though it might have worked. Thomas slipped from the screen, took the pass and hit a one-haded runner from the lane.


INDIANA 35, IOWA 26 (1:06)

D.J. White leads Indiana with 14 points. That, in case you’ve forgotten already, was one of Keefer’s Keys to the Game: get D.J. working early. Well, he is.


INDIANA 30, IOWA 24 (3:22)

Much has been made of the fact that this time is able to drive and dish in ways last year’s couldn’t. But it should be pointed out that D.J. White has made the adjustment of learning to slip into the blind spot, as he did there, so that he’s open like he was prior to that dunk.


INDIANA 26, IOWA 18 (6:22)

Indiana’s really getting hands on the ball, defensively. There, it led to that Crawford dunk.


INDIANA 22, IOWA 18 (7:54)

Kelly is back on the floor and it shows. The 6-6 guard, who at least considered Indiana before choosing Iowa, found himself guarding D.J. White at one point and handled it well. White’s quick turnaround clanged on nothing but rim.

The Kelly showed strong handle and got the baseline, where he stopped and squared and hit. Tough for Bassett, who is 6-1, to do much on that play.


INDIANA 20, IOWA 13 (10:25)

Gordon v. Freeman is shaping up to be a classic. Freeman lost Gordon a few times — they’re screening heavily for him — and hit a 3. He’s got eight points.

Gordon, though, has nine. His last two came when he stripped Freeman, got to the loose ball and deked Freeman into the third row at the other end.

D.J. White just showed that he’ll drive the lane every now and then, cutting throw for a lay-up.


INDIANA 14, IOWA 7 (13:10)

Best execution we’ve seen from the Hoosiers this year. Gordon cuts back door and DeAndre Thomas finds him for a thunderous slam.

Gordon begins to circle, then sees D.J. White sliding. He lobs it to him and White hits a jumper.

Armon Bassett pops off a screen, gets the ball and hits a 3.


INDIANA 7, IOWA 7 (14:40)

Eric Gordon just thrilled the crowd with that journey through the lane. He followed it up by swiping the ball away from Tony Freeman at the other end.

Certainly looks like Gordon, who generally starts slowly, is feeling good tonight.


INDIANA 4, IOWA 4 (16:44)

Iowa is having success with high ball screens. Tony Harris got past a screen Gordon to hit the first bucket of the game, the Jake Kelly got past Armon Bassett and hit a short jumper. (Kelly, a Carmel grad who left the last game between these teams early, has gone to the locker room after taking an elbow to the eye.)

Indiana has come back to tie on one from Jamarcus Ellis, who went inside to D.J. White and then had it kicked back out to him with room to drive. And then Gordon hit a deep 2.


Armon Bassett gets the start tonight for Indiana, despite his sore ankle. Sampson started freshman Jordan Crawford last game because Crawford had been practicing more. But he wasn’t effective against Penn State’s zone and didn’t play a minute in the second half.

DeAndre Thomas is also making the start for Indiana. He and D.J. White rarely play together because they both tend to guard the same type of player. Sampson must see some sort of matchup he thinks works. Let’s keep an eye on that.

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  1. DeAndre needs experience to take over DJ’s spot next year. It’s surprising he doesn’t get more playing time.

    What’s the deal with A.J.?

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