IU WBB at Purdue, Live

INDIANA (10-7, 3-2) downs PURDUE (7-9, 3-2), 66-54


Indiana, Whitney Thomas, 17 points, 18 rebounds, Jamie Braun, 14 points
Purdue, FahKara Malone, 19 points, Danielle Campbell, 15 points, 11 rebounds

Joining you a bit late due to techinal difficulties (i.e. cracking the wireless code at Mackey Arena)…Anyways, a bit of pregame news here as the first half nears the 5 minute-mark. IU freshman guard Jori Davis is sidelined tonight in street clothes with a cast-boot on her left leg, and senior Nikki Smith gets the start.


Here’s a brief first-half recap before we get a little more indepth and up-to-the-minute in the second half. Purdue opened with a 7-0 lead before Jamie Braun hit a 3-pointer, one of two from long range for her in the period. Whitney Thomas helped out with a traditional 3-point play and Nikki Smith hit a 3 to give the Hoosiers a 13-12 lead. Braun’s second 3 brought IU within one after trailing 19-15, and freshman Haylie Linn also nailed one to tie the game at 21. Ebony Jackson also pitched in with some 3-pointers, complete with her signature hi-arc on the ball that produces some true floaters. All in all, the Hoosiers hit 6-of-10 from 3-point range, and Braun’s free throws with 47 seconds left put the score at 31-30 in favor of the visitors. Incredibly, Purdue got six more jumpers off before the buzzer and missed them all.

Thomas has nine points plus 10 rebounds and Braun eight points to lead the Hoosiers, while Boilermaker point guard FahKara Malone has 13 points.


Indiana 37, Purdue 30: Timeout with 16:55 remaining, and the Hoosiers have scored the first six points of the half. Whitney Thomas has already recorded a double-double in the game, scoring between two buckets from Kim Roberson. Thomas has 11 points and 12 rebounds.

Indiana 43, Purdue 34: IU topped off the 8-0 run to begin the half with another Kim Roberson bucket. After Kalika France scored for the Boilers, Nikki Smith dropped another 3-pointer on them, her third of the game.

Indiana 43, Purdue 38: Danielle Campbell excites the Purdue faithful with a 3-point play. She hits a tough layup after running underneath the basket at top speed. On the other end, Amber Jackson looks like she’s answered with a score in the lane amidst heavy traffic BUT the basket is waved off on a traveling call.

Indiana 43, Purdue 40: Campbell posts up Jackson again and is rewarded with a layup that spins around and around before falling through.

Indiana 47, Purdue 42: The teams trade a couple baskets and Amber Jackson gets in a shoving match with Campbell. Much to the crowd’s dismay, BOTH players are assessed technical fouls even though it appeared that Jackson was the instigator. Jackson had another confrontation at Assembly Hall earlier this season with Chakhia Cole of West Virginia…7:32 left to play

Indiana 52, Purdue 47: Campbell gets a roar of approval for a bucket that gets the home team within three, and Smith makes 1-of-2 free throws at the other end. FakKara Malone does the same then for purdue, and Jamie Braun makes a soft running jumper.

Indiana 55, Purdue 47: It’s “Downtown” Jamie Braun with a 3!!!! to give the Hoosiers a small but doable cushion with 3:23 to go.

Indiana 55, Purdue 50: FahKara Malone keeps the Boilers in sight with a 3-pointer….2 minutes remain

Indiana 59, Purdue 50: There’s 1:26 left to go and Purdue has started fouling the Hoosiers in desperation.

Indiana 61, Purdue 52: Braun fouls Malone and would probably like to have that one back as Malone sinks both FTs with the clock stopped…1:12 left

FINAL: Indiana 66, Purdue 54

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  1. Awesome!
    Great win for the Hoosiers. Thanks for live-blogging!

    Boy, Kim Roberson can play. Nice line with 11 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals and a block. Just an all-around baller, and she had a nice athletic pull-up jumper and a good face-up in those highlights. If only she could hit threes.

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