Final score: Indiana 65, Minnesota 60


It’s a sweep. Indiana’s men and women defeat the Gophers tonight. The men, despite a sloppy game and a tough night for Eric Gordon, pull out a 65-60 win. The Hoosiers haven’t been pretty the last couple of games, but the bottom line is that they’re 4-0 in conference play.


Gophers miss a 3 and IU gets the rebound. Stemler puts the game away by hitting two free throws with 5.8 seconds left. IU 65-60.


Minnesota can only get a desparation 3 attempt after the timeout. IU has the lead and the ball with 30 seconds left. An Al Nolan foul puts Gordon on the line. He hits two free throws to put the lead at 63-60 with 30.4 left.


Stemler hits a huge 3 from straight away. 61-60 Hoosiers with 1:05 left. Tubby takes a time out.


Tied at 58 with 2:22 left. A reverse layup by Tollackson gives Minnesota a two-point lead with 1:44 remaining.


Two Gordon free throws and IU has tied it at 56 with three minutes left. The Hoosiers have struggled in the second half, but are still right in this. Their defense may win this game.


Crawford breaks an eight-minute IU drought with a basket inside. IU trails 56-54 with 3:39 left.


Gordon can’t get anything going. He leads the Big Ten in foul shots made and attempted, but on his first foul attempt of the night with just inside five minutes left, he misses the front of a one on one.


IU can’t score. The Hoosiers are in a lot of trouble. D.J. picks up his fourth with 5:02 left and sits down for now. I can’t remember the last Hoosier score. Gopher lead is still 56-52 with 4:47 left. Thomas comes in and picks up a foul right away. But Minnesota misses the front of a one and one to help the Hoosiers.


Dan Coleman makes a 3-point play and Minnesota has a 56-52 lead after a 9-0 run.


Tollackson scores to give Minnesota its first lead in a while, 53-52 with 6:52 left. IU has been stuck on 52 for a long time.


IU is having a lot of problem’s with Minnesota’s zone this half. Per ESPN, IU has 23 turnovers in 54 possessions in the game. Fortunately, Minnesota’s free throw shooting is just as bad.


Yet another turnover with a failed fastbreak as Gordon can’t quite chase down a long pass. IU has a season-high 22 turnovers. Tollackson scores inside and IU’s lead is down to 52-51 with 9:33 left.


IU makes another turnover, but Minnesota responds with an airball. A little D.J. White hook puts IU up 52-47 with 11:39 left.


Gordon with a 3. IU ahead 48-43.


I see that Korman’s halftime rebounding stats are a little different than mine. I’d have to say that what I’m reading on is far more reliable than any of the info coming straight from Williams Arena.


Minnesota scores the first five points of the second half in less than a minute to make the game close right away. Just over two minutes in the half, IU has a 43-41 advantage. The Hoosiers have made two more turnovers this half to bring their total to 16.


Crawford with 14 at halftime, D.J. with eight points and six rebounds. Gordon has just five points in only a few minutes of playing time because of fouls. Minnesota is balanced, which is typical. Four players with six or seven points. IU has a big rebounding advantage , 21-12, and is outshooting the Gophers 58 percent to 38 percent, but Hoosier turnovers have kept the Gophers in the game.


Fans of Roger Saillant at Applebee’s say this one’s for you. Roger is a big IU fan in New York.


40-32 at halftime. A good first half for the Hoosiers given the foul trouble for their two stars.


Crawford with a tip-in. The Applebee’s crowd doesn’t like how many 3s the Hoosiers are shooting, but Crawford is playing a lot better than they expected. 14 IU turnovers, so far, we hear.


Indiana pulled ahead with Crawford hitting 3-of-3 on 3s, but the Gophers are coming back. IU is up 38-32 with less than a minute before halftime.


After scoring five points in less than a minute, Gordon picks up his third and sits down with 5:26 in the half. The crowd around me (OK mostly Chuck) thinks it wasn’t a foul.


A couple IU turnovers on consecutive possessions and seven straight Minnesota points. It’s 24-19 Minnesota.


DeAndre Thomas puts IU ahead 19-17 as officials ignore a Gopher flop.


Minnesota comes right back with a 3+1 as Ratliff fouls Hoffarber while the freshman who leads the Big Ten in 3-point shooting hits a 3. Minnesota has a 15-12 lead with 12 minutes left in the game.


We missed it here, but the announcers just caught us up on Gordon being out of the game already with two fouls, just four minutes in. This is looking like a tough one for the Hoosiers.


We missed the first couple of minutes of the game while another game was ending on ESPN, but we have it now. It’s 8-5 Minnesota after four minutes.


So the wind chill in Minneapolis is -18, according to the Weather Underground Web site. How’s that feeling, Chris?


These 9 p.m. tipoffs keep Chris more than a little busy trying to get everything done by midnight for the next day’s newspaper. So I’m taking on the weighty live blogging duties from Bloomington tonight while Chris does the easy stuff in Minneapolis.

I’m watching the game on TV at Applebee’s at the College Mall. I’ll keep you posted with updates on the game, as well as some fan reaction from the folks around me.


  1. Must say, good atmosphere here in the frigid Mini-Apple.

    Maybe that’s because it’s at least 17 degrees in here. Downright balmy compared to outside.

  2. Eric Gordon is so disappointed with himself. I think they just showed his face on TV, but in case they didn’t I’m telling you know that he looks absolutely heartbroken over his two fouls.

    Meanwhile, the two players you’d expect to be keeping Indiana in it are doing just that. Armon Bassett has hit a 3, gotten down the floor in transition for an easy bucket and just fed D.J. White, who was fouled. White, meanwhile, is rebounding everything. Guess we should be used to that by now.

    I just wonder how long Bassett’s going to be able to handle Lawrence McKenzie with that sore ankle.

  3. Sampson can do nothing but shake his head as he gathers his team on the court again. He is screaming now, slapping his hands together. Stemler’s quickly becoming a key in this game as he’s matched up with Coleman. If he can hit another 3 (or three) that would help, too.

  4. When D.J. White let the shot clock run out earlier — basically lost track of it — I thought maybe he was shaken, or just didn’t have it tonight.

    That shot from the elbow as the buzzer went proved that he’s ready to play. Then he goes up and blocks Tollackson AND has the presence to save the ball to a teammate.

  5. Indiana is going through lapses where it just completely falls apart. Ellis, usually sure-handed, loses the ball. Thomas, whose hands are supposedly pretty good, has a pass bounce off them as if they are bricks.

    Now Sampson calls another time out. Has two left (if I counted right).

  6. This is about the worst news Indiana fans could ever hear. D.J. White is down on the floor and he is not getting up quickly. When Dr. Ahlfeld finally pulls him to his feet his shakes his head. Maybe you guys saw the replay and know what happened. Obviously he took a shot to the head. Looks OK now.

  7. Indiana has played like crap the first half, but are still up by 8. We are getting so homered, has anyone else seen a number of phantom fouls called on Indiana. Terrible officiated game (not that we are playing good enough to be up by 8). WAY TOO MANY TURNOVERS!

  8. Yes, Doug, the Hoosiers have indeed made 14 turnovers (although Minnesota isn’t making it hurt, converting those turnovers into just seven points).

    The Hoosiers have also got 12 assists already, which is equally uncharacteristic of this team. Also, Indiana’s made five blocks and leads the rebounding tally 23-14.

    What needs to improve if Indiana is going to win this game? The Hoosiers need to get to the line more: they went three times in the first half.

    But get this: the Gophers went to the line 10 times and hit only three.

  9. Tollackson is now 0-for-6 on free throws. Not that he came into the game renowned for his prowess at the line: he was shooting 52 percent. But that’s three points. And that’s a Minnesoata lead at this point.

  10. I’m glad Tubby doesn’t concentrate on shooting free throws!
    Enjoying the game in San Antonio with IU alumni at the Alamo Cafe!

  11. Don’t know how it looks on TV but from up here it seems like D.J. White is pretty winded right now. Because Tubby Smith — oh that smart Tubby Smith — has gone to a smaller lineup White has no choice but to guard Coleman, who’s smaller but quicker. Of course he’s taking advantage of the mismatch, too. He got up high for that alley-oop and just hit a defiant, confident jump hook to give Indiana a 52-47 lead at the 11:39 mark.

  12. The pace of the game has slowed as Minnesota is really pressuring on every part of the court. And Indiana’s lack of depth is showing. Bassett’s not himself, Gordon’s playing with three fouls and A.J. Ratliff hasn’t played much (not sure why; have they mentioned anything on the tube about an injury?).

  13. The timeout with 3:39 left in the game personified the most important weakness of this years program. The announcers were saying how Gordon was not having a good night and how IU wasn’t playing well, and you get a shot of the two coaches in the time out huddle. Sampson is talking, just talking, to his players, adn Tubby Smith has got his clipboard out drawing up plays. If IU can’t manage the clock when they have the lead against good teams, and can’t structure plays to manufacture some shots when they’re behind, they will not win the important games.

  14. Lo and behold, thank goodness… Sampson got the clipboard out for the timeout with 1:44 left, when we are down by 2. End result, the players are back on track and we win the game. Nice job. What a night!

  15. bottom line – a characteristic of good teams is finding ways to win when things dont go your way. now imagine what the season will be as these guys continue to get better after finally playing REAL competition.

  16. Ticky tac fouls on Gordon look like they are going to happen
    in many games so he’s got to figure out how to avoid them.
    Can’t absorb this many turnovers against top teams!
    Crawford has earned starting spot, and Stemler really came through. DJ great as usual.
    But things don’t look as good as they should!

  17. Sloppy game (WAY too many turnovers), but a big road win. 18 assists on 22 field goals is nice as well. GO IU!

  18. Not sure that I agree that Crawford has earned a starting spot. I don’t know about you but I feel much more confident with Bassett handling the ball as opposed to JC. I haven’t seen the box score yet, but Crawford is still a little careless although he is just a freshman with loads of potential. I like having him come of the bench.

    Tonight he hit big shots in the the first half to get a nice lead, but he made many careless passes in the 2nd half. Overall, I like his upside but not sure he’s a better option than Armon as a starter.

  19. Crawford has earned a starting spot? He can’t play alongside Gordon; his best minutes have been when Gordon has been on the bench in foul trouble, plus the Kentucky game that Gordon missed due to injury. He can’t play point guard yet because he doesn’t take care of the ball and he doesn’t get the offense into the sets (what little sets we run) because he’s too busy dribbling out top. Sure he can go on a run of 3’s, but before tonight he was shooting under 30%. He’s definitely the first guard off the bench, especially since Ratliff can’t play more than two minutes before fouling a 3-point shooter, but he’s not ready to start.

  20. Chris, We in Utah watched the game and cheered but it was not pretty!! Glad to hear that you got together with Brett.

    Aunt K

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