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INDIANA (11-7, 4-2) needs extra time, but beats MINNESOTA (13-6, 4-3), 80-77

Minnesota, Leslie Knight, 17 points; Brittany McCoy, 14 points, 6 assists; Ashley Ellis-Milan, 13 points, 10 rebounds
Indiana, Nikki Smith, 21 points, 5 assists, 3 steals; Jamie Braun, 17 points; Whitney Thomas, 12 points, 17 rebounds

The crowd at Assembly Hall is even smaller than ususal. I guess people are more concerned with the 9 p.m. tipoff of the men’s game…which is also against Minnesota in case you missed that.

The Gophers feature two of the top three scorers in league games with Emily Fox and Leslie Knight.


Minnesota 70, Indiana 68: Ashley Ellis-Milan scores the first points of 2OT with two FTs. Whitney Thomas misses a pair of freebies at the Hoosier end…2:27 to go, BUT the Gophers are called for traveling.

Indiana 71, Minnesota 70: Nikki Smith shoots a 3!!! and MISSES, but Emily Fox fouls her on the shot. Fox, the Gophers’ leading scorer is out of the game with 5 fouls. Smith makes all three FTs for the Hoosier lead.

Indiana 74, Minnesota 70: Smith again with a 3!!!

Indiana 74, Minnesota 74: Brittany McCoy is fouled going for a layup and makes bith FTs…Tie game again with 1:03 to play

Indiana 76, Minnesota 74: Amber Jackson is wide open under the Hoosier bucket but is found too late and is hacked before she can make the shot. But she makes both FTs for the lead with 50.5 seconds to go

Indiana 78, Minnesota 74: Smith comes up BIG again with a steal on the Gopher end. She is fouled and makes both FTs…23.3 to go

Indiana 78, Minnesota 77: Somehow, some way, Leslie Knight buries a 3!!! for Minnsota…12.4 to go now and the Hoosiers are trying to inbound the ball…Haylie Linn is fouled and will shoot. Linn misses BOTH attempts, but Whitney Thomas comes up with the offensive board.

Indiana 80, Minnesota 77: Jamie Braun is fouled and makes both…5 seconds left

FINAL!!!!! Indiana 80, Minnesota 77: Brittany McCoy gets a shot off for thr Gophers but it’s a two and is no good anyway. BALLGAME.


Indiana 63, Minnesota 61: Haylie Linn is cool, calm, and collected as she buries a 3!!!! from the top of the key.

Minnesota 65, Indiana 63: Ashley Ellis-Milan reclaims the lead for the Gophers with a pair of made free throws. 2:30 to play

Minnesota 66, Indiana 65: Whitney Thomas ties the game again for the Hoosiers, and Korinne Campbell hits 1-of-2 FTs for Minnesota

Indiana 66, Minnesota 66: Quick timeout with 1:51 to go…Jamie Braun makes 1-of-2 FTs for IU to tie the game

Indiana 68, Minnesota 68: Emily Fox breaks away for a bucket after IU can’t get the shot they want. On the Hoosier end, with the clock ticking down fast under 30 seconds, it’s Whitney Thomas!!!! with a layup…8.1 seconds left…and Fox’s try for the win is NO GOOD, just short. DOUBLE OVERTIME!!!!


Indiana 42, Minnesota 33: Nikki Smith is up to 13 points now after a 3!!! from the top of the key. Amber Jackson has 12. There’s 15:53 left in the game.

Indiana 46, Minnesota 42: Ashley Ellis-Milan gets the call and makes a bucket with 10:36 left to go. The free throw is good, and Kim Roberson has three fouls for the Hoosiers. Whitney Thomas is then called for her fourth on the next Gopher trip down.

Indiana 48, Minnesota 45: Ellis-Milan has nine points now after more free throws cut the lead to three. 9:08 to go…

Indiana 50, Minnesota 47: After running the shot clock nearly all the way down, Amber Jackson overshoots a cleanup attempt on a bad Kim Roberson shot. 6:35 left and neither team looks very sharp on offense right now.

Indiana 53, Minnesota 49: Jamie Braun makes a 3!!! but the Gophers follow up quickly with a layup from Brittany McCoy…5:22

Indiana 53, Minnesota 52: McCoy again with the exact same move, but this time she’s fouled and sinks her free throw.

Minnesota 56, Indiana 55: The teams are trading buckets now. Jamie Braun scores for the Hoosiers, the fourth player on the team in double digits with 11 points, but Leslie Knight answers on the other end. Knight has 12.

Indiana 58, Minnesota 56: Downtown Jamie Braun with a 3!!! Nikki Smith looks like she’s going to take a contested jumper but dishes off to Braun, who is poised for the shot and does not hesitate. Amber Jackson pulls down a HUGe defensive rebound on a Minnesota miss. Timeout with 2:25 to go

Indiana 60, Minnesota 56: Whitney Thomas makes a jumper from the lane, but then Kim Roberson fouls out of the game going for a steal at midcourt

Indiana 60, Minnesota 60: Emily Fox fires a sweet pass underneath the bucket to Leslie Knight for an uncontested layin and a tie ballgame. IU gets a look from Jackson on the other end but the layup is short and Minnesota has the rebound…26.1 seconds left and a Gopher chance to win.

The Gophers get an absolutely horrible shot attempt that has no chance, and Whitney Lindsay grabs the airball. The Hoosiers get a shot off before the buzzer from Nikki Smith, who falls to the ground from the contact. There’s no call and Coach Jack goes nuts screaming for the foul. OVERTIME!!!


Indiana 5, Minnesota 2: A DEEP Nikki Smith 3 and a Jamie Braun bucket give the Hoosiers the early advantage…17:28 in the first

Indiana 11, Minnesota 5: Smith found a loose rebound that a few other players couldn’t find on the Gopher end and tossed a long pass downcourt to a sprinting Kim Roberson, who got an easy finger roll.

Indiana 18, Minnesota 9: Smith is piling on points in the first part of the first half. She dropped another 3-pointer and after two baskets by Emily Fox of MInnesota, she drove inside and got two more points. Smith has eight to lead the floor.

Indiana 18, Minnesota 13: Korinne Campbell matches Smith’s eight points with an easy two. A timeout with 11:37 to go in the first.

Indiana 22, Minnesota 13: Jamie Braun is called for a double dribble, then steals the ball from the Gophers and runs the other way for a layup.

Indiana 27, Minnesota 15: The Hoosiers have built a 12-point lead with 7:46 left in the first half.

Haylie Linn unleashed a 40-foot prayer with defenders in her face as the shot clock wound down on a Hoosier possession. The ball sailed harmlessly over the backboard and into the bleachers, prompting a Linn grin.

Indiana 29, Minnesota 21: Timeout with 2:59 left before the break. Campbell has 10 points to lead the Gophers, while Whitney Thomas and Roberson each have six rebounds for the Hoosiers, who lead the category 18-12.

Indiana 31, Minnesota 21: Amber Jackson grabs an offensive rebound and fires a high layup from a difficult angle. It’s the second cleanup bucket fro Jackson, who has spent most of the first half battling Zoe Harper, the Australian reserve center for Minnesota.

Indiana 33, Minnesota 27: IU forces a shot clock violation, but Katie Ohm, another Gopher reserve, cuts the lead with a pair of 3-pointers from opposite sides of the arc.

Indiana 35, Minnesota 30: Ohm hits another 3!!!, keeping the score much closer at halftime than it was moments ago.

Minnesota, Korinne Campbell, 10 points; Katie Ohm, 9 points
Indiana, Nikki Smith, 10 points; Amber Jackson, 8 points

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