Let’s hope it’s a better night for the Crawfords

The last time Jordan Crawford and his family attended an Indiana-Michigan game here at Crisler Arena, their Detroit home caught fire and was almost destroyed.

Jordan, his younger brother Jalen and his mother Sylvia were attending Indiana’s 58-55 loss here on Feb. 17 last year when they got a call from father Joseph saying that there’d been a fire. It started in the bedrooms, where portable heaters had overloaded the electric circuits.

Crawford and his family spent much of 2007 living in a hotel as repairs to the house were completed. The University of Kentucky, where Joe Crawford is a senior guard, paid for a new heating system that allowed the family to be together again in the house over the holidays.

Kentucky took advantage of a little known clause in the NCAA rules that allows universities to help players in cases of “extreme misfortune.”

Jerry Tipton — who I’ve said before is one of the top college basketball reporters around — wrote a full story on the fire and UK’s gift. It can be read here.

Of course Jordan’s family is here tonight. Right when he walked out to begin shooting around, he had a couple of family members yelling down to him. He tried to shrug off their shouts, and even tried to get them to stop.

Eventually, though, he could only smile up at them as they cheered each made shot.