Lynch: “We made the steps we needed to this year”

Bill Lynch in a reflective moment.Bill Lynch held a post-season press conference Friday afternoon in which he said the Hoosiers achieved their goals this season – achieving a winning record and making it to a bowl game – and moved the program forward.

Lynch said he thought that in its bowl game IU played like a team that was playing its season opener and couldn’t afford to do that against a good Oklahoma State team. Although the Hoosiers practiced well leading up to the bowl game, Lynch said that in hindsight he might do more live hitting with the team’s starters to try to avoid a slow start after a long layoff.

Another team goal was to Defend the Rock – to play well at home – and Indiana made progress on that one with a 5-2 record at Memorial Stadium. “We’re not there yet,” Lynch said in talking about home losses to Illinois and Penn State.

A third major team goal was to take every practice, every game one at a time.

“We met our goals,” Lynch said. “We didn’t exceed. A lot of people may have been surprised by us making it to a bowl game, but we weren’t.”

Lynch stated the obvious in saying that one of next season’s goals will be winning a bowl game. He said he expects a team that will improve because it has more competition for starting spots, which should drive players to improve in the off-season.

POSITION REPORTS: In talking about specific positions, Lynch said he expects to have a bigger offensive line with players like Cody Faulkner and Mike Stark contesting for starting spots. The Hoosiers might have had the smallest line among all bowl teams this year, he said, with Ben Wyss playing at about 273, Charlie Emerson at 277, Rodger Saffold at 276 to 280 and John Sandberg at 288 to 290.

Faulkner will play at 300 to 305, Lynch said, and Stark is listed at 6-7, 290. Alex Perry, the top candidate to replace Wyss at center is also 6-7 290. Stark, Perry and Saffold are all expected to keep gaining weight as they mature. Other candidates for playing time include a couple of freshmen who are likely to keep getting bigger, 6-8, 275-pound Josh Hager and 6-5, 280-pound Andrew McDonald; a huge freshman who was hurt this year in 6-7, 350-pound Dennis Zeigler (who needs to lose some weight) and 6-4, 300-pound Jarrod Smith, who is the least known of the “Blocks of Limestone,” but is showing improvement, Lynch said.

Cornerback is the spot that’s most open heading into spring ball, Lynch said. Christopher Phillips, who will be a senior, is expected to win one starting job, but the other one is wide open between Bruce Hampton, who was a sophomore this year, Adrian Burks who was a redshirt freshman, and Donnell Jones and Chris Adkins who were true freshmen. The 6-1, 186-pound Adkins and 5-10, 200-pound Jones would give IU a little more size than it’s had at CB.

INJURY UPDATES: Three IU players have had shoulder surgeries since the end of the season – offensive lineman Pete Saxon, defensive linemen Greg Brown and running back Bryan Payton. The three may not be able to do full hitting during spring practice, but are expected to be full-go before fall camp. Offensive lineman James Brewer, who has had a foot injury since practice last spring is having a slow recovery and is still wearing a protective boot on his injured foot.


  1. I’m glad his goal was to “make it” to a bowl game. Not win it! Lets save that goal for next year…

  2. Lynch Myself,
    Do you expect the guy to fail, or hope for him to fail??

    I didn’t like the hire either, but now that we got BL I hope he proves me wrong and wins a bunch of games. I would be ecstatic to be wrong.

    We went to Tempe, it was fun to go, but I was hoping to see a better showing from the team. They looked like deer in headlights part of the time.

  3. I expect him to fail Kevin. I want nothing more than to see the Hoosiers win consistently. He hasn’t had success as a head coach anywhere. Why should I believe it will be different in Bloomington. I saw a poor gameplan and a very unprepared team in Arizona.
    How can we go from Hep to Lynch? Did we not learn from Gerry Dinardo and Cam Cam?
    I will be the first to admit I was wrong if he succeeds. But I don’t think I will have to…
    He may go to another one next year with the giftwrapped schedule, but I fear it will be the same outcome. One only gets so many football seasons in a lifetime. That is why I am still so furious with the hiring of Lynch… I may be harsh in expressing myself sometimes. Thats just how passionate I am for Old IU!!

  4. “I may be harsh in expressing myself sometimes. Thats just how passionate I am for Old IU!!”

    Wow. Completely ridiculous.

    You use different names and respond to yourself, and you go WAY too far when discussing the coaching situation. You ranting on here is going to accomplish NOTHING. You also call people “fat a$$es” and “idiots” when they disagree. You seem to have a bizarre hatred for Bill Lynch. Its very odd. You don’t seem like much of a Hoosier fan to me.

  5. I think the Lynch hater guy is just a very upset Purdue fan in disguise. I can imagine how upset they are after finally losing to IU. They would do something like this. We can, at least for this year, just laugh at them!! Go BL and go Hoosiers!!

  6. Jimmy, this is a blog! If you don’t like what I’m writing, don’t read it! I will be here everyday so get used to it.. I don’t seem like a Hoosier fan because I’m not content with a sh!tty head coach like most of you… Thats the difference! I only call people idiots when they say idiotic things like “you should support Lynch because he is our coach”.. Lynch is a career loser!! I don’t hate Lynch, I just think he sucks as a coach. If you can’t handle adult language, don’t read blogs! And it was Greenspan I called a fata$$! I stand by that comment! Nothing personal towards you if you are a little hefty….

  7. You’re a tard Lynch Myself/Lynch Jimmy. Yes this is a blog, and instable rambling idiots like you ruin them. Thanks for the visit.

  8. Anytime LoL! Glad I get under your skin too.. Insulting mentally handicapped people like that. You should be ashamed! Welcome to the world of politically incorrect insults!

  9. Lynch myself/Lynch Jimmy – You going to respond, or did you get smart enough to slither back to where you came from? I’m waiting for you to step up to the plate…..

  10. 48 hours and no response, either he stopped reading, or is scared to take the bait. Come on “Lynch myself”, I want to see what you are really made of, and just how fast I can bury you……

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