McGee, Ratliff backlash

Ratliff has a seat after being fouled.

You won’t find anybody anywhere who will tell you that Brandon McGee’s attempt at a windmill dunk just prior to the final buzzer last night was anything but completely classless.

It was also the act of a freshman who spends most of his time watching from the bench. He practices basketball all week, is undoubtedly berated quite regularly by Kelvin Sampson for missing a screen here or taking a bad shot there and on top of it all is required before each game to learn the other team’s style to simulate it for the guys who do play.

McGee started to learn his lesson right away, as the Michgan fans serenaded him with a word that won’t be uttered on this family blog. Karma had a message for Brandon, too, making him looking like bumbling doofus with the miss. And maybe he’ll be talked to by Sampson. But he knows that what he did was wrong. Kids just get carried away. Won’t happen with McGee again.

Brandon McGee fails to dunk late in the game. Now to A.J. Ratliff. The senior guard played just his second game of the year Tuesday night. He shot 1-for-6 and fouled out (again.) That led to these comments on

  • And btw–AJ Ratliff is still a waste on the floor. Seriously, a heaping pile of puke on the floor would probably be as productive.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but AJ appears out there for AJ, while the others are forming a team.
  • AJ looks tired and lost. I agree, with Brandon Mc. Heaping pile of puke plays better defense. You might say he’s slippery

I think now would be the time to point out that A.J. had a career high in assists last night with six. That’s not something I remember seeing much from him last year, but he seemed to have a feel for not only getting the ball into the paint but to a player in the paint who had good position to score. For instance, he assisted on a Mike White bucket. Due to Mike White’s size, he rarely ever scores against pressure. A.J. happened to get it to him with an open lane. Crafty play.

Like Kelvin Sampson, I’ve rarely been able to see Ratliff play full strength. After the Ball State game in late December of 2006, he was always dealing with at least one injury (the wrist). Yet he still shot 40 percent from 3-point and managed to be more than serviceable on defense, playing essentially one-handed. Given some time, it’s reasonable to think he’ll get back to being a deep threat and important cog on defense.

Let’s end this with a quiz for the IU basketball junkies out there. I don’t know the answer to the questions I’m about to ask and can’t look them up because we’re still heading back from Ann Arbor, so it’s up to you guys to know.

  • When was the last time IU had two players named to the All-Big Ten first team?
  • When was the last time IU had two players named All-American?
  • When was the last time IU had one player lead the Big Ten in scoring and another lead the conference in rebounding?


  1. I’m not sure of the last question, but I’m fairly sure 1993 was the last time we had 2 First team All-Big Ten (Calbert Cheaney, Greg Graham) and 1983 was the last time we had 2 All-Americans (Ted Kitchel, Randy Wittman).

  2. Gotta love some of our “fans”. Show some respect to the players. And whos the guy that keeps mentioning a “pile of puke”?

  3. I personally think B.M. should get a break.Like you said he is just a freshman that got carried away.I`m sure most of us have been in some kind of similar circumstance.

  4. I think AJ getting back into rhythm is a big part of our success; especially if Armon cant play.

    He’s a good player and an important part of this team.

  5. Two all-americans in the same year? How ’bout Kitchel and Wittman, 1983 (doubt they were 1st team)

  6. You probably have to go all the way back to 1976 for the first two questions. May and Benson were All-Big Ten and All-Americans. They might be the answer to the third question too, but if not (maybe they were stealing stats from each other?) then George McGinnis did both when he was a sophomore in his last year as a Hoosier.

  7. I wouldn’t call that dunk “classless.” I think he just got carried away in the moment, was wide open, and wanted to score after riding the bench so much.

    People’s panties get up their cracks too easily….

  8. whoever said that about AJ is probably one of the people booing Stemler, Kline, and Mike Roberts throughout their careers. Idiots…they deserve to be kicked in the face repeatedly, and I would love to do it. I swear we have the some of the dumbest fans on the planet sometimes, although they are in the definite minority of the fan base.

  9. I do not like anyone writing in and referring to kids as pile of puke. AJ handed out 6 assist and I agree with Jim if Armon is out we will need AJ if we go far in March.

  10. Nice talk Bill. “Kicked in the face repeatedly” and you would love to do it. Great stuff for a family blog. How about a small portion of anger management? Some of the comments about AJ were a bit over the top, however good IU fans should be able to offer some observations without turning in their Cream and Crimson loyalty fan membership. Good questions Chris, but let’s not infer any accolades yet. I would rather see the team concentrate on the Big Ten for the next two months and then they can name our whole team as “All Big Ten” Go Hoosiers!

  11. Agree Randy…..see above comments about the “family” blog. There are plenty of shock forums out there. Let’s keep this one fair and fun. There is more to life than sports, but it is fun to read varying opinions of our great teams. Not fun to read outbursts and smut.

  12. Randy: I think I understood you but…..are you against all negative talk? Anything negative about the teams? If I take your last entry literally, that is what you are saying. ???

  13. AJ has proven to be a talented albeit inconsistent player. Clearly, he’s a guy who needs to play off the bench – come in, see if he’s ‘got it’ today, and stay in if he does. One can only hope that he stays injury free from now on and develops consistency with time. For those who feel the need to hurl juvenile insults at a kid who is doing his best: get a life and get off Mom’s computer and do your homework.

  14. Hey, 6 assists in his second game back after MONTHS of no full speed play? Nice work. EJ and Jordan combined for 5 assists and a BUNCH of turnovers in many more minutes than AJ plated. Give him a little time and he’s going to be crucial to our guard play if Armon can’t come back.

    As for the criticism on the boards, patience is a virtue many don’t possess. These guys may be fans, but they need to take a step back and realize we’re a very very good team now but can get better. And AJ may be a crucial part of that.

  15. WW: “good IU fans should be able to offer some observations without turning in their Cream and Crimson loyalty fan membership.”

    True, but when you compare players to piles of puke or other bodily functions…I feel like it’s a little out of line. Just like the fans booing our own players. Do you feel like the booing is justified? I can explain to you why it isn’t if you’d like.

    Sorry for the poor use of sarcastic language about kicking them, but in all reality, they are ignorant fans that need to be told when to close their mouths.

    Yes you can talk negative about the team, I could care less as long as you don’t cross a line. The team is 13-1 and ranked 11th/10th in the country, but there is always something wrong…especially in Hoosier Nation so whatever negative talk people bring up is fine.

  16. Thanks for the explain. Good points. The only time I boo it is at the refs and that is seldom. They are just doing a job and make mistakes too. Never a player or coach.

  17. I guess when your team is 13-1, you really have to stretch to find something to complain about. Case in point: Those who have jumped to the conclusion after about 35 minutes of game time that AJ Ratlilff is a liability.

    Under that logic, we should have benched DJ after he pulled sevem rebounds in the first three games. Or Jordan Crawford would have found a seat next to Sampson at halftime against Michigan for trying to go 1-on-4 for much of the half to show off for his friends and family.

    Chris’ point about AJ’s assists is well taken. He’s clearly feeling is way back into the action, and when it was clear his shott wasn’t there, he looked for other ways to help.

    Give AJ a little time. IU is going to need a healthy, productive AJ at some point if it wants to reach its goals, and I think we’ll see it – just hope sooner rather than later.

  18. How can you possibly say that “we’d probably do the same”….(attempt that silly dunk)…

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