Keefer’s keys to the game

D.J. White and Eric Gordon stretch prior to the Iowa game

For the Hoosiers to earn their 29th consecutive home win tonight against the visiting Iowa Hawkeyes, here’s what they’ll have to do:

  • First and foremost, keep Justin Johnson in check. We all remember what he did in the final 1:56 of the Jan. 2 meeting between the two teams in Iowa City, hitting six 3-pointers. I wouldn’t expect another performance out of Johnson quite like that, but be sure that Jamarcus Ellis will have his eye on the sharpshooter.
  • Backcourt play: Both teams will feature three guards in their starting line-ups. This will probably be where the game is decided, excluding a monster performance from D.J. White. Crawford, Bassett, Gordon and Ellis will have their hands full with Johnson, Tony Freeman and Jake Kelly. Kelly is a native of Carmel who played with Indiana freshman Brett Finkelmeijer in high school. He’s averaging 6.3 points and 2.2 rebounds for the Hawkeyes.
  • Watch out for Freeman. He’s been on fire lately, including a 28-point outburst in the Hawkeye’s 68-60 win over Michigan on Saturday. Over his last four games, he’s putting up an impressive 23.5 points a contest. The Hoosiers, especially Jordan Crawford (who’ll probably guard him) need to shut him down.
  • Establish White early: the Hoosiers have the biggest edge in the frontcourt because of D.J. White’s ability to affect the game on both ends of the court. It will be vital for Indiana to get the ball in to him early and establish a low scoring threat.


  1. Dis is duh Zak. Good thoughts, but very much Mr. Obvious. Ask us a good question tomorrow that promotes different answers. Hoosier defense was awesome tonight. Very impressive. Lots of effort and good scoring. Love the effort.

    Love ya Zak. Love your questions. I nominate Zak, Chris, and Doug for all Big Ten writers. I truly enjoy y’alls insight. Are there any of you that can get Coach Sam to say more than the minimum? Good luck with that.

  2. Appreciate it WW.

    We’re trying with Sampson, but he was even more short in his press conference than usual. It was so obvious he wanted to get out of there.

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