Penn State at Indiana, in-game analysis (2nd half)

INDIANA 81, PENN STATE 61 (1:56)

The fans are leaving already. Must be a big football game on or something.

INDIANA 72, PENN STATE 58 (3:50)

It took a while, but Indiana has closed out this game the way the No. 9 team in the country is supposed to.

Gordon finally got to the line for the first time at about the 5:30 mark. Then Ellis drove and kicked to Bassett for 3. And Gordon just found a gap in the zone and hit a lay in.

INDIANA 63, PENN STATE 56 (7:11)

Recently, I posted a poll on this site asking you to vote for Indiana’s MVP. I listed two options. D.J. White and Eric Gordon.

I should have listed Jamarcus Ellis. He does so many things for this team. He just defended Cornley tough and then cut through the lane and took a pass from White at the other end to score.

INDIANA 58, PENN STATE 54 (9:08)

Two baskets by D.J. White puts Indiana ahead. Both came off Jamarcus Ellis’ had work. On the first, Ellis sank into the middle of the zone and took a pass. When the zone collapsed, he found D.J. White cutting back door.

The second came when Ellis drove and dished to White for a wide open jumper.

INDIANA 54, PENN STATE 54 (11:03)

This intriguing game continues with a barrage of 3-pointers. Morrissey, Bassett, Battle, Gordon. In that order.

And the emotional leaders of each team leave their marks, with Jamelle Cornley getting good position and picking up an easy bucket to tie it at 46, after D.J. White had grabbed a rebound and dunked it.

INDIANA 46, PENN STATE 46 (13:26)

What a spirited game. Talor Battle, Penn State’s unheralded freshman, took the ball right at Eric Gordon and hit a running bank shot.

At the other end, Jamarcus Ellis swooped in from the right win and scooped a shot at the bucket. It fell.

Ellis, by the way, is now guarding Jamelle Cornley. Wonder if he’s strong enough to handle the 240-pounder.

PENN STATE 42, INDIANA 41 (16:24)

The Nittany Lions refuse to back down. Jeff Brooks, Jamelle Cornley and David Jackson all hit gutsy shots to open the half.

Gordon misses a 3 but then drives baseline for a bucket. Sampson and his assistants are desperately trying to get the team to push the ball up the floor to take advantage of its clear athletic superiority.

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  1. didn’t you read the comments to zak’s post about who the mvp of the team is??? i believe 2 people had ellis as mvp of the team, me being one of them. i want a recount!!!

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