Penn State at Indiana, in-game analysis

Armon Bassett guards Talor Battle.


Lance Stemler, who has been getting 3-point lessons from assistant coach Dan Dakich, hits another clutch shot in the final minute of the half. Stemler has always been one of those players who looks great shooting 3s in warmups. And I don’t just mean looks great because the ball goes in; he has a sweet stroke. But for whatever reason he had trouble transferring it to games. But his work with Dakich seems to be rectifying that problem.

INDIANA 32, PENN STATE 32 (1:13)

Stanley Pringle enters the game and hits a 3 and then makes a 3-point play to give Penn State a 25-22 lead.

Bassett gets loose to hit a 3-pointer as the game continues to evolve into a contest of rebounding and 3-point shooting.

D.J. White’s fouled battling for a rebound and hits two free throws.

Gordon misses a 3, and Schyler King hits a 3 as Penn State takes a 28-27 lead.

Bassett’s 3 bounces out.

Cornley drives on Mike White and scores.

Ellis drives from the wing and hits.

Penn State is working to isolate Cornley on Mike White. Here, White gets caught in a screen and Cornley is able to score.

Crowd is sensing that Indiana is flat. Let’s Go Hoosiers! chant starts and Eric Gordon gets free and hits a 3 to tie it.


INDIANA 22, PENN STATE 17 (7:51)

The Hoosiers are doing a good job of limiting Jamelle Cornley’s touches. He’s got only three points right now but is starting to get active in the paint.



Here’s the answer to how Armon Bassett will play today: a step slow. He’s had Talor Battle and Danny Morrissey beat him and hit shots already, and those are not players that should be able to do that.

Gordon is really looking to pass more. It’s hard to say that any part of Gordon’s game is underrated — most people get the sense that he’s pretty good — but he really has above-average vision to go with everything else. How about that feed to Ellis for the up-and-under?

Gordon’s also playing tough on the boards today. He’s got at least three or four rebounds, including one that he batted ahead to D.J. White for a break.


INDIANA 12, PENN STATE 6 (15:19)

The Hoosiers allow Danny Morrissey and Talor Battle to get open for 3-pointers as Penn State starts strong.

But Gordon comes back with a 3 of his own, and D.J. White hits a couple of tough baskets underneath to take a 7-6 lead.

Then Gordon pops off a screen and takes a pass from Ellis. He shoots the 3 and it’s good.

Mike White with a steal at the top of the key. Then he rumbles the length of the floor to hit a lay-in.


Starters for Indiana: Gordon, Crawford, Ellis, Mike White, D.J. White.

Interestingly, Penn State will go with a smaller lineup to start. David Jackson, a 6-6 sophomore, gets the start over 6-11 Brandon Hassell, who played well against Indiana last year.


Here’s what I’ve gleaned from warmups today.

Armon Bassett is in uniform and appears to be playing without much pain. But I think the case with him is going to be that he’ll be watched very closely the first five minutes of each game and from there Kelvin Sampson and his staff will determine a plan for how much to play him and in what situations.