Purdue at IU WBB

PURDUE (6-7, 2-1) defeats INDIANA (8-6, 1-1), 55-49 at Assembly Hall


Purdue: Lakisha Freeman, 15 points; Danielle Campbell, 13 points, 10 rebounds; Keshia Mosley, 10 points, 2 blocks

Indiana: Amber Jackson, 17 points, 11 rebounds; Kim Roberson, 12 points, 8 rebounds

It’s 12 minutes ’til game time at Assembly Hall. The Bloomington North girls’ basketball team has filed in, and among them is senior and Purdue signee Alex Guyton, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt embossed with the big golden “P.”

One IU fan has brought a handmade sign that reads, “Purdue Ain’t Got Jack!” in reference to Hoosier head coach Felisha Legette-Jack.


Purdue 35, Indiana 27: It’s all Boilermakers in the first 2:30 of the first half, with Kalika France capping an 8-0 run with a jumper from top right of the key.

Purdue 35, Indiana 31: Whitney Thomas, who has quitely scored six points, gets the ball underneath, spins around the defender, and makes a bucket. But, at the other end, Thomas is called for her fourth foul, sending her to the bench.

Purdue 40, Indiana 35: There’s 11:16 left in the game, and IU is hanging around despite not finishing some great looks at the hoop. Nikki Smith got loose for a breakaway layup and missed a 3 from the left corner that would have been a huge swing. Purdue, shooting 74 percent from the free throw line on the year, is 12-for-12 on attempts tonight.

Purdue 40, Indiana 37: Kim Roberson makes an improbable jumper from the left baseline while flying out of bounds. The next trip down, IU can get within one, but Jamie Braun’s running layup rolls off the rim, at least the third time a shot has rolled away for the Hoosiers in the second half. Roberson is then called for her fourth foul, leaving her and Thomas on the bench in trouble.

Purdue 50, Indiana 37: Just like that, Purdue caps a 10-0 run with Natasha Bogdanova making a layup. IU is getting looks but the shots are refusing to fall through the net.

Purdue 50, Indiana 39: Timeout with 6:10 left to play, and Amber Jackson has gotten to 13 points on the night. The Hoosier faithful are on their feet now, and willing the home team to stay in the ballgame.

Purdue 50, Indiana 41: The Hoosiers haven’t gotten much closer in the last 2 minutes, but the Boilers haven’t gotten any further away from reach. Roberson and Thomas are both on the floor now with four fouls.

Purdue 51, Indiana 43: Roberson fires a 3 and there’s contact but no foul, and Jackson is there to catch the airball and put it home. 3:20 to go and Purdue turns it over traveling on the other end.

Purdue 51, Indiana 45: Jori Davis misses both free throws for the Hoosiers, but Roberson grabs the rebound and dishes to Jackson for a bucket. Jackson has 17 points.

Purdue 51, Indiana 48: Danielle Campbell can’t control an offensive rebound for Purdue, and Roberson snatches it away, then finds Davis for a 3!!!!

Purdue 53, Indiana 49: Campbell makes an excruciating bucket after a scramble for a rebound. She is left open while the rest of the players are congregated around the rim. Roberson gets fouled at the other end and makes one FT.

Thomas fouls out as the shot clock ticks down for Purdue. She didnt want to foul. 27.8 seconds

Purdue 54, Indiana 49: 11.5 seconds to go and Roberson just misses a 3. It’s going to end with Purdue shooting FTs.

FINAL: Purdue 55, Indiana 49


Indiana 8, Purdue 4: In the opening moments, Kim Roberson nailed a 3-pointer from the left wing and Amber Jackson converted an old-fashioned three-point play. 16:40 to go.

The score remains the same at the first TV timeout with 15:51 left in the first half.

Indiana 14, Purdue 6: Jackson has made a layup underneath. Purdue, meanwhile, is turning the ball over and missing some very close-range shots. Roberson hits a layup and Sharon Versyp calls a timeout for the Boilermakers. 12:42

Indiana 19, Purdue 15: Keshia Mosley of Purdue bullied her way inside to cut the lead to four. With 8:04 left in the half, center Danielle Campbell tries to grab a Boilermaker rebound and the ball appears to go off her foot and out of bounds but it’s whistked Purdue ball. Point guard FahKara Malone fires a 3 on the ensuing play, but it misses short.

Indiana 19, Purdue 19: Mosley again with a soft jumper from the lane that gets a friendly roll. Mosley, a freshman from Detroit, has eight points to lead the floor.

Indiana 22, Purdue 21: Jackson makes a short six-footer from the right baseline, but it’s answered right away at the other end by Mosley, who receives a beautiful backdoor pass from Campbell. Timeout follows shortly after…3:59

Purdue 25, Indiana 24: The Boilers grabbed the lead and were up three, but Jackson keeps the Hoosiers within one.

Indiana 27, Purdue 27: Purdue was back up three, but IU freshman guard Jori Davis does not hesitate to fire a 3 from the left corner.

HALFTIME: The score stays the same after some wild and crazy scramblings both ways, and Purdue forward Natasha Bogdanova misses a jumper at the buzzer that bounces straight up and rolls harmlessly off the background.


Purdue: Keshia Mosley, 10 points, 2 blocks; Danielle Campbell, 9 points, 5 rebounds
Indiana: Amber Jackson, 9 points, 4 rebounds; Kim Roberson, 7 points, 3 rebounds