Sampson at the mic

Sampson thought Eric Gordon could have been more selfish against Iowa.

“With a kid like E.J., he could drive every time he has the ball,” Sampson said. “Unless you double him.”

Gordon took 12 shots and had 11 free throws. So that’s probably about 17 shots. Sampson would be OK with him taking more.


“You’re lucky when you find one like that.”

That’s Sampson on Jamarcus Ellis.

He has a good feel for the game, Sampson said. Ellis plays like a European, always passing when he runs into traffic and doing everything well. That’s not something you can teach. A player just has to have it.


“The only thing that can disappoint me is lack of effort.”

Sampson said this in reference to Jordan Crawford. He thought Jordan played hard against Iowa, but as a freshman he took time to adjust to the game.


Sampson said that Indiana will probably request a medical redshirt for Eli Holman. He’s not sure of the process for that because he hasn’t had many kids need one.


Sampson just wants A.J. Ratliff to get comfortable. He hasn’t played a game at full-strength since the Ball State game last year. That’s when he originally hurt his wrist, which was wrapped all of last season.


Indiana has played against the 1-3-1 defense that Michigan employs. So they’re not totally unfamiliar with it. But Michigan is longer than any of the other teams that ran it. That will be the obstacle Tuesday.


“An old truck going through a big pot hole with no shocks.”

That’s how Sampson described Armon Bassett hurting himself against Chicago State.

Sampson isn’t sure what Bassett’s status is. Hopes to have him back for the Michigan game.

It may have to be something that has to be cleaned up when the season is over, Sampson said. It’s the same ankle Bassett hurt earlier in the year.


The game at Iowa was Jordan Crawford’s first road game. He missed the Southern Illinois game while on suspension.

He responded well, to Sampson. Played better defense in the second half.

Crawford’s got a good chance to be a great shooter. He’s just not there, says Sampson.


Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson will arrive in a few minutes for his weekly press conference. We’ll have updates then.


  1. “Sampson thought Eric Gordon could have been more unselfish against Iowa.”

    If Sampson would have been ok with Gordon taking more shots, it would be that Sampson thought Eric Gordon could have been more selfish, or less unselfish. The sentence above (without the additional context of the subsequent sentences) would make it sound like Sampson thought Gordon was being somewhat of a ballhog (too many shots).

    Whee! I knew my IU Journalism degree would come in handy one day . . .

  2. Mark,

    He does like to hide info on injuries.

    But I think it’s also a case where sometimes he just doesn’t understand the injury and therefore stumbles around the issue instead of addressing it.

    Anyway, he’s hopeful that with treatment and rest, Bassett will be ready. It’s apparently a situation where the bone chip will have to cleaned up after the year but won’t both Bassett so much that he can’t play this year.

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