Sampson at the mic

“I’m just going to do what I’ve been doing,” White said. “I know 22 again is probably unlikely.”

White thinks he’s being more aggressive this year than he has in the past. That took him some time to learn.

“I wasn’t the same type of freshman as this guy sitting next to me,” White said.


Now we have Eric Gordon and D.J. White at the podium.

“I knew this was going to be a big game that is kind of on me and coach,” Gordon said, “but it’s just another Big Ten game.”


Sampson’s discussing injuries right now. Says that when Bassett can play, he’ll play.

He’s not enjoying this particular line of questioning.


D.J. White’s playing so well now because of the work he did in the weight room during May and June and July, according to Sampson. White worked out hard to prepare for the Pan Am team tryouts and that momentum has carried him here.

But Sampson’s not worried about D.J. getting fatigued. He’s conscious of the fact that he’s played so much basketball and needs some time to rest.

“But you know, when you have a senior, they’ve been down this road so many times. D.J. knows when to rest himself and when to push himself.”

Sampson’s more worried about the other guys on the team at this point.


“One of the things you look for in shot selection, your best players should take the most shots.”

On this team, that means E.J. and D.J.

Gordon and White.

White’s getting fouled more this year because he’s using that jump shot more. That puts him in position to be fouled, whereas his other post move, backing out a step and shooting over the defense, doesn’t.


“If they were a young team and they were struggling, you’d probably have to massage a lot of things. But they’re veteran guys. They have pride.”

Sampson’s pretty sure the team will go for a medical hardship year (medical redshirt) for Eli Holman.

Sampson hasn’t seen Armon Bassett since the Michigan game, so there’s nothing new to report there.


“We had a lot of problems with Pruitt last year. I just think he’s one of the best big guys in this league.”

That’s how Sampson opened up this particular press conference. You can tell what he’s thinking about.

“I know they’ve struggled as of late. Sooner or later every team is going to struggle at some point in the season. They’re doing theirs now.”


Indiana basketball coach Kelvin Sampson will be here in a few minutes.


  1. Thank goodness for basketball!!!
    I’m starting the Lynch Lynch foundation!!
    Anyone interested?

  2. Any real info on Armon’s condition? It is hard to believe that the coaches haven’t spoken with Armon since the game.

  3. I will… As will most Hoosiers after Lynch sucks it up for the next four years. Man it sucks having the worst football coach in the Big Ten!!! And the Lynch supporters, you are the main reason IU has sucked at pigskin for the last 14 years!!! I would like to Lynch all of you too!

  4. Mark,

    Nope. No more info. Sampson maintains the stance that he doesn’t really know much about that stuff and that he just listens to what the doctors tell him and doesn’t ask questions.

  5. Lynch myself: You seem angry about something else. Blaming Lynch supporters? Is football that much of your life? I would like to see proof that Lynch is the worst in the Big Ten. Do you have stats? The kids and staff speak highly of him.

    Three points to consider. One: He is a coach, not the guy who fumbled in key plays or missed a tackle. Two: it is one season (and not a bad season at that) and three: He is our coach. Stand behind him and the team. That is what sucks about IU football for 14? years. Good time fans that only show when we win and complain when we don’t. The stat that I do know is that we have the worst fan attendance in the league….consistently.

  6. Good time fans?? I’ve worn the Cream and Crimson for 30 years a$$hole!! Don’t talk to me about good times because we haven’t had any in football! yeah I have stats. its called Lynch’s career wins! And yes, football is that important to me… As it should be to you if you call yourself a fan.
    Do you know why we have the worst attendance? Because we lose. And when our coach dies, Greenspan just hands the job over to Lynch because his fat a$$ is too lazy to find a way to pay a real coach!
    Oh, the only reason we made it to a bowl is because we had the easiest schedule in the Big Ten… Grow some balls and demand better.. Oh wait, you’re one of those “fans” that settle for mediocre! Go back to the MAC Lynch!! Oh wait, you couldn’t win there either….

  7. Oh, and about “demanding better”….what are you planning to do exactly? Are you going to boycott IU athletics? Write a bunch of letters to RG and sign call him a “fat a$$”? Yeah, that’ll do a lot of good. You’re a joke.

  8. The joke is walking the sidelines at Memorial Stadium for the next four years… You must enjoy being at the bottom of the Big Ten every single year!!! I am too disgusted with weakness like Jimmy and WW… Name one coach in the Big Ten that has a worse win/loss percentage in their career..
    I guess you support Bush too right. Just because he is the President. You’re an idiot Jimmy… And so are all the others who support this hire.
    I support IU to the end… That doesn’t mean I have to support every individual it employs.. Moron!

  9. I’m sorry, its WW that supports Lynch simply because he is “our football coach”.. He is the idiot moron. But Jimmy, you are not far behind!!

  10. Football to politics. Wow. Judging by your language, I doubt you will throw religion in the mix. If you support IU to the end, why would you not support the staff? I understand disagreement with the decision, but you don’t seem like much of a fan too me. Certainly not one I want to sit near. But maybe you do. I hear them every game.

  11. Do you SERIOUSLY have nothing better to do than constantly post “Lynch Sucks!”? That’s not going to accomplish anything. And how pathetic is it that you use two different names and respond to yourself? Also, calling anyone who disagrees with you an idiot or a moron is just immature.

  12. He’s an idiot, don’t waste your time and attempt a decent discussion with him.

    Interesting that he posts it under the “Sampson at the mic” blog post, which it has nothing to do with. Not that I’d care or want to read it if it were posted anywhere else.

    Get a life moron. I’m sure you’ll reply with something along the lines of “Lynch sucks” or some other gem of a statement. Have a great day.

  13. So i thought this was a basketball topic… but anyways, has anyone heard about Illinois fans calling Gordon “IDKWTI”? Apparently deron williams made a comment after a game in which he said “Eric Gordon? I don’t know who that is.” Which lead to a “very creative” nickname… “IDKWTI”

    Now thats really weird. I mean did Deron average 24 ppg his freshman year? Absolutely not… It seems to me that Illinois fans, including williams, better learn the name “Eric Gordon” because he’s hands down the best player in the Big Ten, and maybe the country, and he’s gonna leave guys like williams scratching their heads next year when he is posterizing them in the NBA.

  14. Steve O, yes I’ve heard dUI fans call him “IDKWTI”. Pretty immature and uncreative of Deron Williams to call EJ that.

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