Sampson calls for sportsmanship

Kelvin Sampson screams.Here’s a letter from


To Our Great Fans:

When I became the basketball coach at Indiana two years ago, it quickly became apparent to me that the amazing fan support our team receives is a big part of our home court advantage. Before our recent game against UConn at Assembly Hall, we had won 29 games in a row at home – and your cheering and rooting for our team was a huge factor in that streak.

We’re going to keep winning at home with you behind us – and, our team needs not only your loyal support, but also your commitment to good sportsmanship. The atmosphere in Assembly Hall on game day is the best in college basketball, and I know that will never change. But, we should always remember to treat opposing teams and game officials with dignity and class. Root for the Hoosiers, not against the other team, and please don’t use profanity – make Assembly Hall shake with noise and enthusiasm like only you can!

Down the stretch we will need every ounce of your support to win the Big Ten Championship – every game is very important. Help us reach this goal with fan spirit that we can all be proud of, and that represents the greatness of Indiana University!

Go Hoosiers!


  1. hopefully the students (a group to which i belong) take this to heart. i love how we are loud as hell every game, i don’t love how classless we look when we do stupid stuff like swear (i also hate how everyone shows up late to the games, but thats a different rant…but seriously, do the cameron crazies show up late?). hopefully the swearing stops and the students get even louder, if that is possible

  2. Well said, Coach.

    While I could certainly be accused of having a sailor’s mouth (no, I’m not a sailor), there is a time and place for everything and Assembly Hall is not the place for cussin’.

  3. Well said. Swear-Chanters take heart. As posted before by many …. use your expensive educations to develop a wittier and cleaner chant. The chants are good, but think of some clean and funny ones.

  4. Wow, now that’s unique. An admitted cheater who’s on probation talking to students about “sportsmanship”.

    Kind of like putting the fox in the hen house isn’t it.

  5. Did the students ever get a student section? I remember a lot of talk last year about how seating was going to change this season. Anyone know the status of that initiative? I ask because if the students can’t handle their section then take it away and banish them to the rafters. A threat like that would surely get some attention? Why not establish a code of conduct for sitting in the student section? If you agree to abide by this code you may purchase student tickets and the code could include things like being on time to games and keeping the cheering positive / expletive free?

  6. no student section exists. as for its status, i think stalemate is the best word currently.

    i only like one thing about duke basketball, and its their devoted student section. maybe allowing first come first serve like they do down there should be examined. it definitely weeds out those that show up late, which annoys the hell out of me also. regardless, a student section is needed. so sad that it wont be there before i leave.

  7. First of all, how many people actually think Sampson wrote this message? I bet one of his secretaries wrote it up, (maybe he read it, maybe he didn’t) and Greenspan told her to send it out to the season ticket holders.

    My bet is that Greenspan’s behind this whole thing. Sampson should be busy making sure Eric Gordon’s wrist is OK to go on Thursday night.

  8. I personally luv it when we swear. It’s like saying to the visiting team and refs “Welcome to the Jungle”.

  9. It’s like it when my son was driving my government issue sports utility and I was criticizing other government official for wanting cars! HAHA! Or when I was caught pumping gas from the government pump into my personal vehicle! HAHA!

    To have a cheater and liar like Kelvin criticize fans, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard of! HAHAHA!

  10. ricky, well said.

    KennyG, you are kidding right??

    Kelvin, live the example first, lecture the example second. And don’t issue an email, do it in person, or at least on a public service spot on the big screen….

    Stripe Out Soon!!!

  11. Sampson loses 500k and a scholarship for three-way phone calls. Bill Belichick loses 500k and a first round draft choice for cheating and is voted coach of the year. Sampson still has a chance for coach of the year honors?

  12. All, as we continue to grow, we finally realize that things that we say and do not only affects us, but numerous others. Let’s leave the cussin to the “sailors” (oh – which i am a retired sailor) and consentrate on the young IU players that are enjoying playing basketball before they have to go out into the real world!

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