Tough Loss (Purdue 55, Indiana 49)

Hats off to Purdue freshman Keshia Mosley, who had a splendid first half in which she scored 10 points, blocked two shots, got a steal and a rebound in 11 minutes of action. She wasn’t much of a factor in the second half, playing five minutes and getting two more boards, but she did well with the time allotted her.

Indiana managed to win the rebounding category (43-40) for the fourth time in five games but it seemed like the Hoosiers lost a handle on numerous crucial ones out of bounds, rolling away, or into the arms of the Boilermakers, that would have either halted a Purdue second-chance or given IU one.

“Well, it happens,” said Amber Jackson, who had 11 caroms to match her season total. “When that happens to me, I can’t focus on that. I have to just think the next time there’s a rebound, I have to go after it just that much harder.”

An area that was weak for both teams was shooting from behind the 3-point line. Purdue finished the game 0-for-9, which is definitely a worse percentage but may realistically be better than the 4-for-22 effort IU turned in. Kim Roberson and Nikki Smith, who never shy away from the deep ball, both went 1-for-7.

“When you shoot the ball with hesitancy, it’s gonna come short or long,” said Hoosier coach Felisha Legette-Jack of the drought. “And a few of our kids that were shooting the ball couldn’t believe they were open. The worse thing that can happen is getting your shot blocked and maybe we get the ball back. But we were shooting the ball as if (it) were going to explode…We showed a sense of fear.”

Roberson and Jackson were still nearly the heroes in this game, becoming a blur on the court as they combined for 9 points, 5 rebounds, and an assist in the last seven minutes of the game directly following a 10-0 Purdue run. And Roberson barely missed a 3 with 17 seconds left while Indiana trailed by just four. That would have been something.

What was something was the performance from Jamie Braun, who endured her second-worst scoring output in 47 career games with the Hoosiers. Braun failed to make a field goal and finished with one point. She’s been held scoreless once in college, back on January 14th of last year, in a game at…this is too much…PURDUE. Hmmmmmm. Very interesting.

“We’re a defensive team. It’s defense first and offense second,” said Purdue forward Lakisha Freeman, who led the Boilers with 15 points. “We just want to get all over them defensively, and it just happened. She couldn’t get shots up, and just put a lot of pressure on her so she couldn’t get easy shots.”