UConn-IU on pay-per-view

Indiana’s 1 p.m. game with Connecticut will be televised on CBS in most area markets. But, just in case, you can watch it online for $10. Details below.


CSTV.com’s men’s college basketball pay-per-view games for Saturday, Jan. 26 will feature CBS Sports’ broadcast of Connecticut at Indiana (1:00 PM, ET), the CSTV broadcast of Colorado State at Wyoming (4:00 PM, ET), as well as the Atlantic-10 match-up featuring St. Louis at LaSalle (2:00 PM, ET).  Additionally, CSTV.com will feature a special pay-per-view offering on Sunday, Jan. 27 of CBS Sports’ broadcast of Michigan at Michigan State (1:00 PM, ET), as well as the Atlantic-10 match-up between Xavier at Massachusetts (12:00 PM, ET).

The games will be available live online across the nation through CSTV.com’s Pay-Per-View service.  Fans can purchase the live stream of each game for $9.95 at www.CSTVPPV.com


  1. anybody see the new “power 16” on espn.com? IU comes in at a respectable 7th, but if you look at the voting (links right above the top 16 table) Hubert Davis had us ranked #12, behind teams like Mississippi, who is fresh off a loss to Auburn, and also behind Texas, Michigan State, and Georgetown. What the hell?? Vitale, Mark Schlabach, and Fran Fraschilla all have us ranked 5th… SOOO what’s the deal Hubert Davis? Are you blind? Did you not just seen us win our 13th straight game?

  2. Some prognosticators view this game as our first real challenge. Our schedule has been pretty light. I mean, we all know it is tough to win on the road in the B10, but to be a legitimate top 10 team you have to prove it against other teams with big-time talent, and who have we played that fits that category? UCONN isn’t exactly beating the world at 11-4 (2-2), but they did play within 3 points of Georgetown on the road. I would say that we’re not going to get real respect as a consensus top 10 team unless we knock off Wisconsin on the road or, if we lose to Wisc (or UCONN), going on a streak starting after @ Wisc that goes from @ Wisc to @ MSU. We need to prove we can do it against other big dogs, and in the B10 this year those chances aren’t every week.

  3. You do realize that the power 16 is just someone’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. No use in making a big fuss about it. If Indiana is worth the praise (and I think they are), we’ll see the results at the end of the season – not 6/7 games into the Big Ten schedule. Relax.

  4. It is, however, fun to talk about. That’s what fans do…so maybe you should relax. No one is cancelling the rest of the season because some fans want to debate the opinions of ESPN “experts.”

  5. Sure, it’s fun Mr. Bill and we all can talk about it. But shouting and foaming at the mouth (wild speculation) isn’t going to solve anything.

    Would you like to sit down by the warm glow of the fire and discuss the finer points of IU basketball while sipping on a smooth one barrel scotch whiskey?

  6. DavidC – What time? Hee

    I agree……the prognosticators can talky talky talk. They get paid way too much to do that. The proof is on the court and only time plays that out. I for one, am a bit concerned about turnovers and lapse in defense against some top 30 foes. Prove me wrong Hoosiers. I am prepared to admit my wrong.

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