Where’s Bud Mackey?

He’s in Cincinnati, playing for a school called Harmony Prep, alongside the guy who took the scholarship Indiana pulled away from him after he was arrested for trafficking cocaine on school grounds.

And if you’ve followed Bud Mackey’s story, the above sentence doesn’t even surprise you.

Fox’s Jeff Goodman first hinted that Bud Mackey would join Terrell Holloway, the point guard who replaced him in Indiana’s class of 2008, earlier today. John Decker of Hoosier Nation.com has just posted a full report about the situation. He spoke with Holloway last night.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Holloway told Decker. “And it’s even crazier that he’s here now. Before it was just that Bud Mackey was supposed to be going to Indiana and now I’m going there, and that’s all it was. But now he’s here.”

For those uninitiated in the tribulations (which will lead, eventually, to a trial) of Mackey, here’s the SparkNotes version:

  • A little-known guard from Georgetown, Ky., becomes the first recruit to verbally commit to Indiana’s class of 2008 shortly after Kelvin Sampson’s first Hoosier Hysteria.
  • Soon, everybody gets to know Mackey as he leads Scott County H.S. to a state championship and is named the MVP of the tournament.
  • Mackey misses most of the summer AAU bonanza while recovering from knee surgery.
  • In late September, about a month before basketball season was set to begin, Mackey is found outside school smelling of marijuana. A subsequent search of his person turns up about $150-worth of rock cocaine. Mackey is charged with drug trafficking and Indiana rescinds its scholarship offer.
  • Mackey goes through the early phases of his trial — pleading not guilty — and withdraws from school.
  • Mackey’s case is sent to a grand jury. No trial date is set.
  • Mackey tells reporters he’s planning on moving to an Atlanta suburb to play there. It never happens.

That brings us to today. According to Holloway, Mackey still harbors hope that he’ll be playing college basketball in the fall. Mackey grew up in Cincinnati and rooted for the Bearcats as a kid, so that’s a possible destination.


  1. No second chances for this kind of offense. He needs to serve his time & it should be one he** of a lot more than 6 months in jail; should be several years in a penitentary!

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