2008 IU football schedule released

Looks like Indiana will host eight games for the first time in its history next year. That means no non-conference road games.

From an IU press release . . . .


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – For the first time in school history the Indiana football team will host eight games in 2008, the IU Department of Athletics announced Friday. The school also kicked off its 2008 football season ticket renewal campaign today. Single-game tickets will go on sale at a later date.

The Hoosiers hosted seven games for the sixth time in Memorial Stadium history last season and posted a 5-2 record, the program’s most home victories since a 6-1 mark in 1993.

“We are excited for the opportunity to play eight games at The Rock,” Indiana head coach Bill Lynch said. “This is a challenging schedule and some good football teams will come to Bloomington in 2008. We need each and every one of you to come out and give us the home field advantage we enjoyed last season.”

Indiana will play eight of its first 10 games in Bloomington, opening with its first-ever meetings against Western Kentucky (Aug. 30) and Murray State (Sept. 6). Following an off week, the Hoosiers return to The Rock to face Ball State for the third straight season on Sept. 20. IU has defeated BSU the last two seasons and holds a 4-0 mark all-time against the Cardinals.

The Hoosiers kick off Big Ten play at home against Michigan State (Sept. 27) and then head to Minneapolis to face Minnesota (Oct. 4). Returning to Bloomington on Oct. 11, Indiana will look for its third straight victory over Iowa.

IU travels to Champaign in 2008 to meet up with the Fighting Illini of Illinois on Oct. 18 and welcomes Northwestern to Memorial Stadium for Homecoming on Oct. 25.

In its final non-conference matchup, the Hoosiers host Central Michigan on Nov. 1. IU holds a 3-0 edge in the all-time series against the Chippewas, scoring triumphs in 2002, 2004 and 2005.

Indiana wraps up its home conference slate with a Nov. 8 date against Wisconsin before closing Big Ten action away from Bloomington against Penn State (Nov. 15) and Purdue (Nov. 22). The Hoosiers will be looking for back-to-back Old Oaken Bucket victories for the first time since the 1993-94 seasons.



Season tickets are now on sale for the 2008 Indiana football season. To order, contact the IU Athletics Ticket Office at 1-866-IUSPORTS or visit IUHOOSIERS.com.

“Our fans were unbelievable last year,” Lynch said. “The atmosphere at the Purdue game truly helped us bring the Old Oaken Bucket back to Bloomington. We need that intensity every week, so order your season tickets now and help us Defend The Rock.”

2008 Indiana Football Schedule

Date Opponent Location
8/30 Western Kentucky Bloomington, Ind.
9/6 Murray State Bloomington, Ind.
9/20 Ball State Bloomington, Ind.  
9/27 Michigan State Bloomington, Ind.
10/4 at Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn.
10/11 Iowa Bloomington, Ind.
10/18 at Illinois Champaign, Ill.
10/25 Northwestern (Homecoming) Bloomington, Ind.
11/1 Central Michigan Bloomington, Ind.
11/8 Wisconsin Bloomington, Ind.
11/15 at Penn State University Park, Pa.
11/22 at Purdue West Lafayette, Ind.

*All Times TBA


  1. Nice slate of crap teams in the non-conf. Another 3-0 start in the works, followed by some Big Ten thrashings, then a win over CMU, then some more losses.

  2. Ball St. might be a little tough next year. We probably should have scheduled Appalachian St. At least they are an easy W.

  3. I’m not happy with the Murray State game.
    We don’t need anymore “Playoff subdivision” games.
    It would be nice to schedule a home and home with a team from the WAC, Big East, Mountain West, etc.
    Seriously, this team could go 5-3 in conference next year.

    Hey Evan! Appalachian State is an excellent team. Where have you been living?

  4. Speaking of sissy schedules, the next time Sampson has his radio show/press conference, would somebody please ask him about his comments about our “tough” schedule?

    During the Wisconsin game, they showed the Big Ten SOS and we were DEAD LAST.

  5. Laffy, why in the world would Sampson give two nose-picks about your question? That is one of those questions where there would be awkward silence followed by a hang up.

    1. Sampson didn’t make the schedule.
    2. IU didn’t know that Southern Illinois, Kentucky, etc were going to have down years. Schedules are made far in advance.
    3. Do you honestly expect him to say the schedule has been a cakewalk?
    4. Get real.

  6. Jack,

    Sampson has consistently said he does not even want to play teams like SIU and Uconn. He wants the schedule to be even EASIER. Give me a break.

    And on to football: Holy cow, what a pathetic schedule. I will not be renewing season tickets either.

  7. Been a IU football fan along time and will continue. Just hate to see IU play a soft schedule just to go to a bowl game and then get thier butt kicked.

  8. Thanks god OSU/UM are not on the schedule… that will give us at least two wins that we wont have in 09 and the future…..7-5 looks like a lock… welcome back to the motor city bowl……..

  9. I’ll buy my tix again. The bowl experience was great, and now I wanna go win one.

    One question though for RG; why no ISU game? Does their program look to be greatly improved this year? hahahaha

    Seriously though,
    I expect this group to lose a couple of these ‘sure wins’. Especially if we don’t diversify the offense a little bit instead of running the @#$%@$ spread offense 100% of the time.

    C’mon BL prove me wrong.

  10. I say we’ll go 4-8 and average 15K in attendance for non conf games. I will not be attending any non conf games this year.

  11. Nice to see support for the hometown team from the forum. What a bunch of whiners! I will be at the games, and cheering for victory. They are our team, and they don’t need bandwagon fans like you.

  12. Scott, I would love to see a quote from him stating he wants an easier schedule. It’s not like last years was a cakewalk either.

    I swear, some of you fans want them to run the gauntlet with UNC, Duke, UK, UCLA, Kansas each year in the non-conference. It just doesn’t work that way. How about stop whining about the schedule and root for the team. There is always something to complain about for IU fans…it’s disgusting.

  13. Honestly, it’s fans like the ones that aren’t renewing their tickets that cause the program to be in the shape it’s in. What player wants to commit to a school with fans with attitudes like that? Congrats. You are some of the worst fans in the nation. Notre Dame sold out most, if not all games this year. They won three games. How bout you show some pride for the Hoosiers?

  14. Amen to the comments about whining fans complaining about the schedule. We go 7-6 and all of a sudden we are world beaters and fans expect us to schedule non-conference games against teams that we shouldn’t expect to beat. I understand and agree that Murray State isn’t the most intriguing opponent. But Ball State is a bowl team, Central Michigan is a bowl team, and Western Kentucky has won national championships at their level. Quit bitching and support the team that gave us so much to cheer for last season. Let’s help the Hoosiers get to back to back bowl games!!!

  15. PEOPLE PEOPLE. Look at this situation as it is, not as you want it to be. Look at how Wisconsin turned their program around, it takes time. To go from the celler dweller to the top the first and hardest thing you have to do is change peoples opinion of your program. Obviously if we could go out there and beat top 10 teams right away, that would do it. HOWEVER, that will never happen. The way you go about it is by winning lots of games, getting into bowl games and making a name for yourself. Winning a bunch of games wont make people think we are the greatest but it will improve their opinions GREATLY. Well we got rid of the games that were keeping us out of bowl games and trying to simply make people (RECRUITS) think more highly of Indiana. The 09 recruiting class is a really good one in Indiana and scheduling hard games only to not make a bowl game would really damage any chances of landing a good crop of those players. Especially considering the situation going on at PU, we could really cash in. Getting into a bowl game could sway some of these top players and THEN we will be a serious team. Once we are dominating this easy schedule we can go out there and start scheduling the big boys. Until that time comes, why schedule hard games? You would rather lose a game we know we will lose and NOT go to a bowl game as opposed to schedule a game we know we can win and go to a bowl game? Baby steps people, baby steps. Not having patience is what kept us at the bottom, so this time Hep told us to be patient, we start seeing some success and we forget what the wise man told us. Lets all stick together and roll with this.

  16. Who said anything about “running the gauntlet with UNC, Duke, Kansas, etc.”?

    The hyperbole from the drama queens on here never ceases to amaze me.

    And, moron, I DO root for the team. What’s “disgusting” is seeing our team get their butt kicked by the only three decent teams we’ve played.

  17. I love all the complainers. Have you looked at the other Big 10 football schedules? Minnesota is playing a MAC, Bowling Green, Montana State (D2),and Florida Atlanta. Check out Iowa.
    Indiana has a good schedule. I’ll be at the games.

  18. I want everyone to take this test. If you know someone who graduated from another Big Ten school, email them our football schedule and see what their reaction is. I sent our schedule to a Purdue grad at my office and he said it was pathetic and that I’m a tool. No way I’m supporting Greenspan on this.

  19. This is a 5 – 7 schedule: why the whining about how ‘soft’ it is? To go to a bowl game we have to win three of the following: home against Michigan State, home against Central Michigan (not easy), at Minnesota, home against Iowa. I’m really not seeing wins against Illannoys, Wisc., Penn State or Purdue (although beating that a****** Tiller at Ross-Ade in his final game would be SO sweet), so that only leaves one loss margin of error among the above four games. And folks, this is a football thread, save the ‘expert’ bb opinions for another time.

  20. Laffy, the only reason people act like drama queens is because it’s the only way to get a point across to some of the idiot people that whine about everything imaginable, such as the schedule. Get some Huggies and a box of Kleenex and go sit in a closet somewhere so no one has to listen to that garbage. Moron.

  21. I understand frustration about weak scheduling, but I don’t think this all falls on Greenspan. For one, you must realize that Greenspan can’t just choose the schedule he wants – the other team must consent as well. I would also liked to have seen a lower BCS team on the sched as well, but I’m sure many of them already had 1 or 2 other BCS teams on their schedule and weren’t looking to add another. These deals are usually set in place a couple years in advance and there were probably very few of these lower tier BCS teams looking to add another BCS opponent. Even among these remaining teams looking for a BCS opponent, its possible they may not have even wanted to play us. We probably aren’t that attractive of an opponent to other schools. Greenspan has scheduled USF in 2009 and 2011, so I do believe that we shouldn’t expect this type of scheduling every year.

  22. Sure Shirley, I mean Stephen.

    Where do people whine about “everything imaginable”?

    (roll eyes)

    Just more tears/drama from the Queens.

    In case you missed it, a tougher schedule makes the team better and improves post-season opportunities.

    If we keep beating Sister Mary of the Poor, no one will care.

    Well, except losers who are impressed with that kind of stuff.

    btw……..you don’t “get your point across”, Gomer, by making idiotic claims.

  23. Indiana plays a pretty tough schedule every single year up until this one. I remember a few years under Davis where we had one of the toughest around. You act like this is a regular happening at IU. You can go on all day with you sister mary/queen/gomer/moron material, but at the end of the day, you don’t have anything valuable to contribute to any discussion I’ve seen. All you do is make blanket statements with no substance.

    You of all posters should know the ins and outs of whining. The huggies are on the counter…try them on slugger.

  24. Yeah, I bet you keep them on your counter close by.

    You soil yourself every time there is any HINT of criticism.

    You keep missing the point how Sampson was beating his chest THIS YEAR how TOUGH the schedule was.

    Complete nonsense.

  25. If any of you guys come back to this thread, I would be curious what a good/great record would be for BL and the guys. Whaddya think? .500? 8 wins and beat PU? What?

    And will they do it? I’m kinda looking forward to it. Some of these cupcakes might bite back.

  26. The Hoosiers, I think, did a great great great job last year. I was at the Old Oaken Bucket game last year in Bloomington, and I almost cried I was so happy. The moment I saw that the kick was good, I knew that the Hoosiers had something good coming for them next year and during the Insight Bowl. Too bad about the bowl game 🙁

    GO HOOSIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Are any games going to be televised on a big network like ESPN or CBS or anything? I live in Jacksonville (Kellen’s hometown =) but never get to see any games other than when I go out the Sportsbar. Can’t quite shell out the extra $150 for the Big 10 network here on a college budget. Thanks.

  28. my family got tickets for the game against michigan state i think that game is gonna be a must win in order for another bowl game
    go lewis!

  29. Your comments are all hilarious. I support IU
    athletics and if any of you think our football team is ever going to amount to anything, I can’t understand how any of you became associated with any institution like a college. We’ve got a great basketball team—and we’ve got a rotten football team. That’s life here, folks! But you know what? We’re all going to be out there cheering for these guys next year and the next year and hope for the best. Save the Huggies—your grandchildren s’ grandchildren will need them when they get bent out of shape expecting IU to come up with a serious football team. But, anyway, GO HOOSIERS!!!!

  30. man i know iu sucks and really cant beat purdue but i am a purdue fan and have to say that iu sucks and can olny win a few of these games then take a beating by the purdue boilermakers boiler’ up

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