A few quick post-game notes

D.J. White after he dunked over Kosta Koufos

Kelvin Sampson was obviously happy with how his team played today and thought it did a good job using its zone defense to prevent the Buckeyes from spreading the floor and getting the looks it wanted.

He was also happy with how his young guards played. He lauded Armon Bassett and Jordan Crawford for their toughness in fighting through screens to guard Jamar Butler, who had just four points and missed all five 3-pointers he took.

And, of course, he expressed his gratitude for a senior like D.J. White, who finished with 21 points, 13 rebounds and two blocks.

“We’re lucky to have a senior leader like D.J. White,” he said. “When you have a senior leader, he’s worth his weight in gold.”

Sampson did say that the reason Bassett and Ellis did not start was that they were “about three minutes late” for a meeting.

And he said that A.J. Ratliff is still dealing with his troubles. He hopes to meet with the senior soon.


  1. A great road win in a trough place to play. And that zone everyone complained about earlier in the week worked fairly well. I believe KS forced the zone when he realized we were in trouble against bigger inside teams and needed a way to help DJ out on defense. He stuck with enough at Ill. to teach the kids how to play it and we might just really need it come tournament time. I believe a lot of what he is doing with the team right now is teaching them certian things that will come in handy later. We should wait until the end of the season to see how well this team can play before we judge them and the coach too harshly.

  2. I think they played better in spurts today. I am really concerned about how few points the team is scoring. We need to get some contribution from Ellis, Lance, Basset, or someone.

    I feel bad for Mike White but I have come to the realization that we just can’t play him this year. We really struggle defensively whenever he is in the game and it is noticeable now that he isn’t playing much.

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