A tough day for Indiana basketball fans


And could it have ended any worse than a banked 3-pointer with five seconds left to lose a game you had in your grasp?

Probably not. Only on a day like this.

But that’s where the Hoosiers stand. 9-2 in the Big Ten and tied with Wisconsin, who swept the season series with Indiana, for second place behind Purdue.

As I’m sure you read, Kelvin Sampson issued a brief statement regarding the NCAA allegations. He denied ever intentionally misleading NCAA investigators and said he was looking forward to working with them through this process. He refused several times to discuss any nature of the matter.

“You guys all do a great job,” he told reporters. “And I know you have a job to do. But I just can’t talk about this. I hope you understand my situation.”

What are all of your opinions on this, both the tough loss and Sampson’s situation with the NCAA?


  1. Is it just me being really biased towards IU, or do we never get calls in our favor. And also, is it just me, or does every team we play have a player(s) that have career nights in 3’s…i am fully aware I am whinning, but at this point i’m okay with that. Game after game after game an opposing player hits more 3’s than he would ever dream of. and now pat forde and every other analyst can continue on about how bad IU basketball is

  2. No, I feel the same way. Normally I don’t believe officiating determines the game but tonight was different. The missed double dribble at the end was a game changer.

  3. How important is winning to IU? When I was growing up in Wisconsin in the 70s and 80s, IU basketball was the model. Solid program, unbeatable, graduated players. IU hired Sampson with knowledge of his NCAA violations at OK. NCAA violations = cheating to win. Is that acceptable to IU fans? Now he’s done it again, lied to the university, and IU’s administration may keep him?IU doesn’t need this. Your university is better than this. Your basketball legacy is better than this. How sad and embarassing for a once proud university and basketball program. – a former fan.

  4. Knight wasn’t competitive for the last 10 years and Davis was not prepared to coach at a big time program. IU had lost a lot of luster by not maintaining relationships with in-state high school coaches, old and dated facilities, etc. IU took a chance with a proven winner and Sampson has done a lot of things right but the recruiting problems trump the good.

  5. I’ve put up with and to a large extent defended and supported Coach Sampson. I’m having a really hard time trying to continue that. Maybe it’ll change when things cool off, but right now I really lean towards thinking we should part ways.

    Additionally, cheating is bad enough. Then losing a home game that really hurts us in the league race….and with all this talent?….the Badgers are good, but I just think we’ve gotta win a game like the one tonight.

    I think Coach better pack his lunch the next few days, I wouldnt want to be in his shoes. Cheating AND losing. Poor guy.

    IU will live to fight another day….I’m just not sure whether it should be under Sampson.

  6. I understand the frustration out there.

    In all honesty, I didn’t find out until moments before the press conference that Butch’s 3-pointer was indeed a bank. From Doug and I’s view on press row (which is behind the basket Butch hit the three on) we thought it went straight in.

    So he got lucky. There’s no way around that. A little like Eric Gordon got lucky with his 3-pointer at Illinois last week. Karma, anyone?

    It’s just a tough break for Indiana after an even tougher day. Could they have lost any worse? Sure. It could have been a blowout. Then the fans really would have been pulling for Sampson’s head.

    IU still played a great game. A game they completely deserved to win. But they didn’t win. They caught an unlucky break. Really unlucky. I wonder how much different tonight would have been if Butch’s three doesn’t drop, and IU holds on to win. Would have been a huge win for the Hoosiers.

    But they’ll have to rebound because a good Michigan State team comes to town Saturday. They lost last night at Purdue, and they need this Big Ten win just as much as the Hoosiers do. Should be another great one.

  7. Here’s the sad truth: after a few years of Mike Davis’ complete incompetence [following, unfortunately, a few years of Bob’s inability to deal with “modern” players…] Greenspan’s choices were probably pretty damned limited when he had to hire a new coack—-if YOU were a really good D-1 coaching prospect would you want to come to IU and pick up the shattered pieces of a prestigious program (and demanding/desparate fans/alums) being left by the incompetent Davis? I wouldn’t…
    So his choices were limited—granted. But even then, why pick a guy who has already demonstrated that he has NO idea where the “line” is between right and wrong? Because he had a winning record at Oklahoma??? Rick, surely you can do better than that. Or…maybe not.
    Apparently you will soon get yet another opportunity to make that call—PLEASE hire someone we can believe in, and who can bring the program back to something resembling respectability.
    I’m glad I popped for the BTN–if only in order to watch DJ become the “man” we hoped he would be—BIG props to him. For the rest of the melt-down…not so much.

  8. “And I know you have a job to do. But I just can’t talk about this. I hope you understand my situation.”

    If only he had appreciated his situation a little better when he took this job! Maybe he would have seen to it the rules were followed, and the team wouldn’t have to put up with this crap now.

    What a pathetic shame.

  9. Not to blame the officials at all because we could have made a few more plays but there were two double dribbles in the last 2 minutes that weren’t called. Trevon crossing half court clearly hit the ball off both hands and then actually traveled and double dribbled within 3 seconds time and neither were called. Crappy day and night but hopefully we can get State on saturday.

  10. I have posted on almost all the articles and will try not to repeat myself. Officiating was HORRIBLE last night. It is a thankless, tough job, but 2 of 3 stripes last night were not on task. As to Sampson … I can only say that it appears that he is caught in a deep web of mistakes and now lies. He needs to fess up and IU needs to make a decision. Sooner than later would be better. Greenspan has spoken, but I am not so sure it is the best decision. McRobbie, Greenspan, and KS need to have a quick sit down and decide what to do. This no speak crap is killing the university. It is similar to continuing to bet on three of kind, when the guy next to you has a straight flush. Cut your losses and get out now. IU/Sampson is in a no win situation. And he says it is about him and not the kids or IU. Bull hookey!

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